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  1. Hey guys, just updating with some new screenshots! Boss fight and the Shop screen with three new items. The game is almost done!
  2. Hey guys! After receiving some feedbacks and checking the game's performance, I decided to go back to game design concept. There will be a lot of new features: - At least 4 bosses - 3 characters with unique super powers - A level-up system - 3 new shop items - More polishing to the game Here's my work in progress pic. Stay tuned, I'll keep updating the progress here!
  3. Oh thanks for the warning! I didn't notice that problem I'll put it in my TO DO list. Thank you for your time testing my game!
  4. Hi marcgfx, Yeah, you're right I should implement a keyboard input. I was so focused in developing for mobile devices that I forgot it.
  5. We are proudly announcing our newest game, Combat Squad! It's a fun shooter game with a lot of achievements, upgrades, items and enemies. Game Link - temporarily offline (working on a much improved version, check posts below) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Combat Squad! When terrible monsters threaten the peace of the world they come to protect us! Fly and shoot these monsters and destroy as many as possible for as long as you can.
  6. Hi Kaisergames, are you still looking for HTML5 games? I have some games that may interest you.