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  1. I was looking into this exact same topic. The generateTexture() worked for me. However, could Mat maybe explain why the cacheAsBitmap does not support antialiasing? Couldn't it use the generateTexture under the hood? - Rick
  2. Hey Feiss, Really awesome game, can really appreciate the cleverness behind your 'top player winst 30EUR/40USD. It shows you have thought about more than just the technicalities of creating a game but also think about how to motivate and engage users to play. The game itself is working very well and I was immediately hooked, wanted to stop playing because I had to do things but what do you know it 20 minutes past by and I'm struggling at level 11. Can only praise the effort! - Rick
  3. Hi Pixel Pathos, A very very very good looking game. I'm also a fan of the Bokeh effect in photography so maybe I'm biased. Although as mentioned above, it lacks game mechanics that entice you to play the game for a longer period of time. It's a hard balance to get right indeed but what I would suggest is taking a basic game mechanic and creating a slight variation that matches the Bokeh style. Lets hope there will be another game because you sure have the ability to create good looking and professional games. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Fun game, feels like a prototype but that doesn't make it bad. The controls are a bit icky as mentioned above with the problem of losing focus getting the arrow 'stuck'. I also noticed the birds sometime fly out of screen while passing you. You only briefly catch them in top right or bottom right corner. Anyway, score: 29!!! +1 keep it up
  5. Hi Danny, The game is quite fun to play. However a couple of feedback points from my point of view: Collision detection seems a bit off, maybe reduce collision area to avoid seemingly incorrect collisionsTo me there's not much sense of progress while playing a level, as mentoined before a scrolling background could help or perhaps a progress bar?I would avoid objects disappearing out of the blue. To get a sense of 'realism' I would have them fly out of the screen compeletely before removing them from the screen.UI is quite good imo, it's snappy and pretty straight forward. However, the looks could be improved but as you mentioned, you're not a designer so I think you actually did a fine job yourself. Don't be discouraged, you'll get better when you do it more. In my experience, analyzing UIs from very popular games works well. Just see how others do it, and try to analyze the details of the UI. What do they use? Common patterns? Take it into account in your next project and you'll definitely improve.As to the question whether to continue on this project or do a new one, I agree with rich. This feels 'complete' as a game so I would try out a new game, perhaps a different type of game to further expand your skills. Early games are foremost a learning experience if you ask me, not so much creating a game that many people will play for hours on end, even though that's something you probably strife for, in the beginning it's a lot of building and experimenting to hone your skills. And in time, you'll be able to create those nice games that will be enjoyed by many. Keep up the great work!
  6. Thank you WhiteSoul, good to hear it's working and your kind words are much appreciated!
  7. I created this WebGL version of Casino Slots to test iOS8's newly added WebGL capabilities. There's still some issue with textures and audio but it works fine on Chrome/Safari (WebGL enabled) en Firefox on Desktop. (Haven't tested Android tablets). Enjoy = D Link: http://omba.nl/slots/