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  1. Hi, I'm games artist, have a client who wants TD game (it will be themed adult game xxx). Have few questions about lagging. We can reskin your existing game and add some features. It will be collaboration between you and me. Better send me email hellogudo (eta) Julius
  2. Nice and colorful Hawaii themed solitaire game. Similar to very popular mobile game. 4 boosters 5 different backgrounds
  3. I've made assets for 4 racing games. PM'ed you.
  4. Hi, Anybody interested in converting point'n'click flash game to mobile? 50/50 revenue share. It was popular online, don't know real statistics (because mochibot), but before mochi shut down it was 3-4M without Chinese traffic. later youtubers caught it, their videos have lot of views. game should look well on tablet. Contact me: hellogudo{eta} Cheerz Julius
  5. Hey guys, Could you tell me, for how much non-exclusives are sold these days in average? All are saying that prices decreased (I know earlier it was 500-550 in average).