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  1. I loved it! Have you thought of creating a never ending level instead of having many different levels? Leo
  2. Thanks again! Personally I had problems with the different desktop browsers. They say it is solved with GMS ver. 1.2.1279 and GMS early access. Also, there seems to be with Safari. According to some user in the gmc forums: " (Apple people) They don't allow programmatic playback of audio to be played through the web browser on their mobile devices. They do allow sound, but typically it must be initiated by the user, like if the user pressed a button. No audio data is instantiated until a user permits it." Apparently that's also solved with "GMS early access". I'll update my software and try
  3. Thanks. Game Maker supports mp3 and ogg I guess. I will research further about sounds in html5 and report back. Leo
  4. Hi there! I've been working on some small html5 games projects for mobile. I used Game Maker to develop them. I've been testing them on different platforms and browsers and, besides scaling problems, I have noticed the sound performance is quite erratic... it works fine in some cases, but works partially or not at all depending on the platform and/or browser. Is this a problem related to Game Maker or the HTML5 technology? Thanks, Leo
  5. Hi there! I am in the process of finishing my first two HTML5 games oriented to mobile. I have developed them with GameMaker. It was hard as it was one of my first coding experiences. Now I am trying to make the games resizable. In order to do that, I have implemented a GM project called "mhtml5 optimized". So far the results were mixed. I think it's making my FPS drop. Is that possible? Is it possible to do the scaling without coding inside Gamemaker. Can I do that with JS? And also: is there a way to get rid of the IOS navigation bar at the bottom? Thanks for your help. Leo
  6. The Chrome emulator didn't suit me. I think it's aimed to have a dynamic display of the mobile version of the webpage. I doesn't emulate browsers. More info: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/mobile-emulation Browserstack: I was pretty interesting. Didn't work well on my chrome browser and didn't render any sounds, but I could come up with some interesting conclusions (regarding dimensions, and navigation bars, etc.). The free trial last 30 minutes.
  7. Thanks, I will try those today. Browserstack has got a free trial deal apparently. Leo
  8. Hi there! Can anyone recommend me a mobile emulator to test HTML5 games? I've tried some free website services but the results were mixed. They didn't quite behave like the real thing, and results varied depending on the browsers I used. Thanks! Leo
  9. Hey, Nixeldev, I'm giving my first steps in html5 development. I am also using a 320x480 resolution, but I don't figure out yet how to scale up on mobile browsers. Any tips? I am using Gamemaker to create my games, my knowledge is pretty basic so far. Thanks, Leo
  10. Agree, I've tried GraphicRiver and it's pretty decent and affordable.
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