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  1. Thank you for answer!
  2. I developed an HTML5 app and i used as compiler and webview as renderer, when i launch the app from my phone XHR doesn't wotk, looking at console i have a message "404 not found", but url exist and if i launch app from a browser it wotks!!!! Is It possibile cocoon compiler disable Ajax request?
  3. What do you think?
  4. I created 3 animation, an intro, a wheel and a chemical bottle! I'm sorry for my english! This is the link
  5. Thank you! I realized an animation, when i scale the stage it works, but is there a way for move the stage? This is an example! I'm sorry for my english!
  6. Is it possible scale the content of the stage?
  7. Hi to everybody, could you post an example? Please!
  8. Could you tell me something about PixiParticles?
  9. Thank you for answer. Is it possible using two batch ( a spritesheet for each batch) ?
  10. Is it possible use two SripeSheet into PIXI.SpriteBatch ???
  11. Hi to everybody. I have two containers, how can i sort all object into the two system? I have a particle system ( a PIXI.SpriteBatch ) and some sprite into the stage. Every spriteBatch object and every stage sprite have the "z" attribute. I would sort the sprite ( into the stage ) and the objects ( into the sproteBatch ) based on the "z" attribute.
  12. Thank you for answer! Have i to use assetLoader? Or is there other way?
  13. Hi to every body and Thanks for Answer!!!! I looked this [ ], i create an animation with about 2000 sprite. I expected to find something like this [ ] but i have a very very slow animation !!!! This is part of my code var MotionCup = { stage : null,renderer : null, // some code}; MotionCup.init = function( setObj ){// some code }; = function(setObj){ if( !this.ready ){MotionCup.init(setObj);setTimeout(, 1);} else{ MotionCup.stoped = false; // settings stage// create an new instance of a pixi stagethis.stage = new PIXI.Stage( this.background ); // create a renderer instancethis.renderer = new PIXI.WebGLRenderer(this.canvasSize.w, this.canvasSize.h); // add the renderer view element to the DOMtargetDiv.appendChild(this.renderer.view); // creating spritebatchthis.particlesSystem = new PIXI.SpriteBatch();this.stage.addChild(this.particlesSystem); // setting particlesfor( var i=0; i<; i++ ){ var textureIndex = Math.floor( ( this.textures.length ) * Math.random() );this.particles[i] = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage( this.texturePath +[textureIndex] ); this.particles[i].position.x = config.startPoint[i].x;this.particles[i].position.y = config.startPoint[i].y;this.particles[i].anchor.x = 0.5;this.particles[i].anchor.y = 0.5; this.particles[i].rotationSpeed = this.rotationSpeed.min + ( ( this.rotationSpeed.max - this.rotationSpeed.min ) * Math.random() );this.particles[i].life = 0; this.particlesSystem.addChild(this.particles[i]); } requestAnimFrame( this.motion );} }; MotionCup.stop = function(){this.stoped = true;this.ready = false;this.frame = 0;} MotionCup.motion = function(){ if(!MotionCup.stoped) requestAnimFrame( MotionCup.motion ); // operations sui particlesfor( var i=0; i<MotionCup.particles.length; i++ ){ MotionCup.particles[i].rotation += MotionCup.particles[i].rotationSpeed; // positionMotionCup.particles[i].position.x += 1; MotionCup.particles[i].position.y += 1; MotionCup.particles[i].life++;} // render the stage MotionCup.renderer.render(MotionCup.stage); MotionCup.frame++;} I'm sorry for long code and for my english!!!