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  1. Thanks for your reply! In the meanwhile I did some proper research on many wrappers, but CocoonJS doesn't seem to be the best fit since they only offer this kind of freemium service. We want to add AdLayers and stuff like that without paying for this. PhaserJS looks really good, I will focus on this framwork. Does anyone has some experience with PhaserJS and Ejecta in combination for iOS devices? I rarely found good info on the web.
  2. Hey guys, we are JS/HTML5 developers with a focus on webapplications for SME. We are well experienced in frameworks like jQuery or Bootstrapp, but we do have limited knowledge about frameworks for mobile applications running on smart devices. Here is our case: We want to code a 2D game which needs to support swipe events (no multi touch needed) and in first instance we will run the game on iOS devices. The performance needs to be fast, because we want to implement a timer running down (comparable to "Timberman"). We do have experience with PhoneGap and IntelXDK, but both solutions seemed to be very slow while testing our first draft. We found ejecta and pixi.js on the internet as possible alternatives. What we bascially need is an easy game engine for 2D games, something that supports touch / swipe events and a wrapper for our HMTL/JS files to include them into xcode. I hope you guys can help us Cheers from Germany! Michael