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  1. New update! Lot of changes and a video of the gameplay http://youtube.com/embed/r6PVZBStHME Play beta version online here: http://w84death.itch.io/bit-wars Home page: http://p1x.in/g/bitwars Dev blog:https://twitter.com/w84death
  2. There was a problem witch Chrome because I forgot to add .ogg files for music. Everything was patched and working fine now. I spent yesterday evening tweaking AI. It's much smarter now. But it's not ready for public release yet. This weekend will be all about making beta version and start packing for diferent platforms.
  3. Your right and not. It's still alpha release. Now I must make a solid gameplay. The touch (and for that mouse) is in the pipeline (think iPad). But overall yes, it is designed for a gamepad in mind OUYA is the first (after www of course) that will get this game on.
  4. I have made a playable alpha version. You can play with other (offline) player at one computer. Play here: w84death.itch.io/bit-wars
  5. I'mworking on a new game, Bit Wars. It's a strategic game where player move terrain instead of units. The core mechanics are tree units like paper-stone-scissors and a tree terrain types. Sprite test: Test latest version: latest alpha builds at: w84death.itch.io/bit-wars Source code: https://github.com/w84death/BitWars/
  6. Game for the Global Game Jam hackhaton made in less than 48h. Hack'n'Slash in Monty Python theme about the Brave Sir Robin on his jurney to protect the Holy Grail (and himself). More info: http://p1x.in/p1g/brave_sir_robin
  7. PooM is a simple and fast platform game for up to four players. Challange Your friends! Age 4+, no violence. No download requied. Gamepads recommended (but not implemented jet). You controll one of the four character: blue, green, orange and pink. The goal is to collect as many block that match color of the character. There are many power-ups that affect the gameplay. Each player can put bomb that can destroy oponents and some items on maps (like wooden bridges). Music made by rezoner (rezoner.net) More info: http://p1x.in/p1g/poom
  8. The blank screen is a problem I must fix. I don't know what is causing it. When I run the game from URL it works ok so it's something with packaged app. It looks like the game is running twice or something like this. I will ask some mozilla developers for help. The game play is not finished. I experiment a lot with different things to make game fun to play So hint me with anything that is frustrating or don't work as expected.
  9. I have the Alcatel and I'm happy with it. Here are some post about: http://p1x.in/fos#alcatel. As Bob Thulfram says it's very easy to develop and the fun too. I see we have the same opinion abut the platform I'm making a game exclusively for Firefox OS (with future port for iOS) called Office People.
  10. I made a game dedicated for Firefox OS. It plays well on any HTML5 device but it will be published on Mozilla Marketplace first. Office People is humorious and irrational game about working in IT. On each level You have to turn on all the computers and don't get smashed by other employees. Thankfully You can throw items on them too. The fastest You complete the task the better. Game have old school pixel art graphics. All done in 16 colors pallete and 16x16 sprites. It's mainly developer for Firefox OS but works on all HTML5 capable devices. Current version is 0.5 alpha! More info ab
  11. Piradice is another story. I feel bad that I put this project one the shelf for a while. I need to publish it to the App Store. And for this Office People I chance some ideas and I'm making it a Firefox OS game. And from boring simulator to some sort of casual arcade runner/platformer. There is a public alpha to install on FOS phone http://p1x.in/fos/office_people and some more info about the game. I'm really excited about this new platform and want to have a game there as fast as I could. Then I will back to the multiplayer.
  12. This is why I post it here - to get more ideas. First I will make the backend code to enable multiplayer and frontend to use different items. Then I will imolement the ideas and test them. First thing anyone want to do is to throw water container on other players I have some crazy idea that the game will cost You $1 and Your goal is to work (not get fired) by 30 game days. And if You do you will be rewarded this $1 back. So then the game will be free to You. If You failed you lose this one dollar. The main problem is how to handle the payments. This is just my crazy thinking. I will not do t
  13. Yes! this is the ironic idea of the game. You can play the most boring game ever and win or.. you can smash the place, loose the game but have a lot of fun It's a sort of a experiment to check what will people do. They will destroy everything for sure but in the long run they may be some insane players that will beat the game
  14. Your are a programmer at big, boring company. Your mission is to go to work, spend 8h in it, do work and get back to home. Every mission is another day in work. If you can do this for full month: You get paid and thus win the game. But You can be fired also. Or die. Like in real corporation. There is all the others employees controlled by real players. They have the same mission - be a good employee. The only NPCs are the managment. They always feel like they makes decision randomely after all. More info (and some pre-alpha build) at http://p1x.in/blg/office_people
  15. I made some changes and bug fixes. The project is now called: :LITEROJ and have its dedicated page at http://p1x.in/literoj Literoj is a word in Esperanto that means letters. + added some visual effects (animations, indicator which letter are your) + support for iPad (all touch devices probably); tap on top/bottom/left/right side of screen to move; two fingers to change letter; three fingers to leave letter on board - fixed removing "zombie" players (that disconnected) I will make checking of the words when player puts new letter. And I'm thinking of some destroying abilities
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