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  1. It's fun! Sound doesn't turn off when i turn it off in options... Music toggle in options does nothing... otherwise, pretty trippy game!
  2. Thanks rich, I tried using the map from the repos before I tried the empty file. In the end, it was firefox being arse. After closing the original tab and opening the game client in a new tab it stopped requesting the map.
  3. And now I can't replicate the behavior and it does not make the request with or without dev tools open (this stackexchange thread implies that browsers should not request sourcemaps unless using the debug tools) so I'm going to chalk it up to firefox's dev tools being wacky. Thanks again.
  4. To answer my own question, no... it still makes the request. Only twice instead of dozens, but I still get the same performance degradation I get when I use the empty phaser.map file. I'll roll back for now and try to see what I changed that started this mess (previously it made no requests for phaser.map at all, which is what I want). Thanks for you help.
  5. All right, since I don't plan on debugging the phaser library, but only my own game client code, is it safe to remove the sourcemap snippet at the bottom of phaser.min.js? I'm developing primarily on firefox and since the beginning I've always seen http://$HOST/js/phaser.min.js is being assigned a //# sourceMappingURL, but already has onein the console and have ignored it since I started the project.
  6. I'm trying to refactor some of the code on my multiplayer dungeon game (working version here). Since I started making changes, the page makes requests to /js/phaser.map (I have phaser.min.js inside /js/), a file that doesn't exist. Phaser didn't do this before I started making changes. Now the game page requests /js/phaser.map at least a dozen times when the client initializes phaser, and about six times whenever the player pushes a directional control. Putting an empty file named phaser.map in /js/ stops confusing my server with the requests, but it affects performance... what is this fil
  7. I think your hosting died... I can't access net84.net
  8. I can only go forward a couple yards in the water version or the first link and then the craft won't go forward anymore. Doesn't matter if I use keyboard or mouse. It feels like it thinks I'm touching a wall but I'm sure I'm not (and I can't move anyway, so it's not like I can get away from the wall if I tried).
  9. Hey y'all! This is my first HTML5 game, but not by any means my first game. I absolutely adore procedurally generated content and randomized gameplay, something about having a different experience every time you play the game really scratches my itch, you know what I mean? I spent some time browsing roguebasin and the procedural content generation wiki and was inspired to make my own dungeon crawl. I've been learning full-stack javascript and a roguelike-like seemed a fun and exciting challenge. Here is what I have so far: visiting the site drops you into a new, unique, randomly generated
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