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  1. Hey Everyone, Im looking for someone to help me and a friend make a game! We need a experienced JS coder who can use Phaser! Thanks All contact me if you want to help skype: michael.cuccaro5
  2. Okay so, I am trying to make a game, Like a serious one. And I was looking on help to get started. I am the biggest noob in game design the earth has ever seen, I can script a tiny bit but not enough to even brush upon game design. I have tried and tried but never found a good way to get started, And being a noob Im not really sure to spend tons of money on unity and stuff like that, Really I just want to make a game weather it be text based, or a platformer, I just want to get started on something with someone and weather it be serious or just learning. I would love to get something done. add me on Skype if you would like to team up with me, It would be awesome, Thank you! -Reap