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  1. Hi, new year, no chance to find solutions. Last year I paused /chanceled my game dev project with phaser. The main idea is to move a lot of sprites from right to left, like flappy bird or jetpack joyride. On the start of development, everything works fine, but after some phaser updates, I walked in great problems and could never find a solution... Sprites which moves via body.velocity are jizzle or hacking or not smooth. The moving sprites should be visible as a pattern. A lot of small tiles are drawn to show a symbol or something else. This pattern is a tilemap and every
  2. ​ Hi guys, i stopped the Development of my Game a few months ago, but now i want restart and bring the project to the end... I have a simple question. Is it possible to handle a huge amount of sprites (with Arcade Body for collision) with phaser? On my Design i have Maximum 8x16 tiles with a size of 48px. 128 sprites. All with a very small Image as Texture. I have tried different ways of generating. Create every Sprite directly in phaser and my prevered way use tiled. After generating, the Position is set out of the Screen and i want to Move all Sprites from Right to left. When they
  3. Hi, i've a quick question. Is it possible to move a group of sprites in a smooth way. Velocity of 300, for moving from right to left. Every few seconds i've created a group of sprites from 16 - 128. But in movement i can see a jittering. Tested on Chrome and Cocconjs. I've tried a lot of different thinks. - Not velocity. X and y of the sprite directly in the update function - this.game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true; - create one sprite with arcade physic and all other only as childs. - Super small image May be someone has an idea to move sprites in a smoother way. In the ga
  4. Hi, after a Long Break of Development, i've fixed the Problem. Thanks stauzs for the Tipp. V = d / t d = minFrequency * minSpeed V = (15000 * 50) / speed This give me a correct calculation for the frequency (V) Regards, Chris
  5. Hi stauzs, i have some problems with your calculation. What do you mean with time? Frequency, game.time.now? distance = time * velocity; base_velocity is the default start velocity? The velocity in game is from 50 to 300, based on the spawning time (15000 to 2500). What do you mean with X? base_dist_px = 300 frequency = 15000 base_velocity = 50 rate = 0 X = ? next_spawn_at = this.game.time.now + (base_dist_px / frequency) / (base_velocity + rate * X); Thanks for your help!!! Chris
  6. Hey, thanks for the hints. I've to Check if i can only change the Speed, or have to implement this Special calculation. Regards Chris
  7. Hi, is there someone who can help me or is it to bad explained? Regards
  8. Hi to all, i've tried and tested a lot the last days, but now I don't have any ideas... and may be someone can help me. I build a game with moving elements from right to left, like jetpack joyride. The "rate" value is my game level (it's the game difficulty). By changing this value, the game will be faster/slower. This means the velocity of each moving element depends on the "rate". Also the frequency on which seconds the next element will spawn. I've adjusted the space between two elements by view (not by px). Tested for "rate 0" and "rate 100". I've found a good frequency by 15000ms and 25
  9. This is a Great hint. After development and before compiling to cocoonjs, i'll change fonts to bitmap. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your replies. I think too, that Twen and interval more critical is than an Update in the game Loop. I'll try to reduce the Code to get a better Performance.
  11. Hi guys, do you know what's the best solution for a well performed game with automatically increasing game score and distance like other endless scroller? I've two different ways tested. In reality, the code looks something different. I do not know memorize everything. The important part is the function calling. In update game loop or with different timer parallel... 1. - Update distance every time in game loop (update()). 60 times, every second, the player moves a few px. This is a value between 0.3 and > 2, depending on the game speed. - Update score every time in game loop (update
  12. Hi vinod, sorry for this late post. I've tried a little bit, but without any success at the moment. Now i have to set the focus on other parts of the game. I'll try it again later. If you have found a solution, give me a response please. Regards, Chris
  13. Hi, is there anybody who can help me or give me some hints? I want to display my game on many devices, especially for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 in full screen. I don't want letterboxes. Cutting some game-width is ok for me, because important elements are on top and bottom. The width is dynamically with an animated tilesprite. This means, only the height is important for my game. This scaling solution is the best for my requirement, or do you know other great solutions? I can not set width=window.innerWidth * devicePixelRatio and the same for height, because i need the same game viewport/area/playg
  14. Hi Vinod777 or all other Members, first of all, great scaling solution. After update phaser from Version 2.1.3 to 2.2.2 there are some problems with the canvas size. Do you know what could be the problem here and how to fix it? On Version 2.1.3 everything is fine, but with a newer phaser version the canvas is not correct scaled. On Iphone 4 is all fine, but on the other, the sprites looks squeezed. They miss pixels. With Version 2.2.0 there are some changes with the scaleManager, may be this could be one of the problems?! Thanks for your help. Regards, Chris Version: 2.1.3 IPhon
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