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Found 52 results

  1. hi All GeometryBuilder Alpha version is Ready This Is Core Version We can make GeometryBuilder Template like face , Box , Sphere or ... geometryBuilder Has 2 part for any Template 1. the Builder 2. the Creator in part 1 we define how we make face with vertices and make uv and define what setting we need for make a instance of this Geometry template and in part 2 just fill the setting (this defined in part 1) and make a mesh simple Face part 1 var face = function (op) { // define a template builder var builder = function (setting /*setting of template */ , geo /*automatic generated in GB (current instance)*/) { /*make a face in the geo instance*/ GB.MakeFace(geo, [setting.p1, setting .p2, setting .p3, setting .p4] , { faceUVMap: "0123", // uv map draw side uvStart: { u: 0., v: 0. }, uvEnd: { u: 1., v: 1. } }); }; return new BABYLONX.Geometry(GB.GeometryBase(op, builder )); } part 2 : var mesh = face({ p1: { x: -1., y: 0.0, z: -1 }, p2: { x: -1., y: 0., z: 1 }, p3: { x: 1., y: 0., z: -1 }, p4: { x: 1., y: 0.0, z: 1 }, }).toMesh(scene); some template sample : box : Cylinder : Cone : something special : smooth version : *notice : this is preview version the final version in Test and refactor level cheers Nasimiasl
  2. editor and SVG Path under progress
  3. hi i starting work on Geometry Builder tools ( still work on translate ShaderBuilder Documentation : a few day to finish) benefit: very low resource help to generate wall - surface - stair ... you can use shape for make your 3d geometry ...
  4. hi all members. i have design pattern for make a new geometry builder in my mind and i make a some test but wanna do it in teamwork we can talk about all depended stuff of geometry and find a good way to do that
  5. hi i like share my words too i wanna change a main Question to who wanna use babylonjs ? 1. a starter web programmer but he/she have experience with web browsers limitations (if he dont it is soon for start working with webgl for him) so babylonjs 100% do all expectations he/she can be sure about that because this forum fully support that 2. a perfect web programmer need a 3d framework 2-a : he/she start learning first about how to use all part of BJS * he/she can be a good webgl programmer in 3 or 4 week if he practice a while or find a good solution for short requirement in 2 days 2-b : he/she try some example or try mix them by her/him old experience with other 3d system * he/she failed and try make new engine by copy and past and collect from others framework (i hope he/she success) 2-c : he/she use from BJS core and make all requirement by himself and use all benefit and new option every day appended to babylonjs * nobody care about what he do but he still working ( i don't see any she in this part yet ) 2-d: others * i don't know about them i need research more 3. others again that option added for support all visitors so after you choose that don't ask this questions [any framework] cant make big big project ? (why ???? a lot hidden parameters ) [framework a] render better than [framework b] ? (GPU render both maybe you use bad tools from framework or maybe you need some new tools just research before you ask) someone say babylonjs is better in shader management and support i don't know who but i am sure he accept all shader challenge ** oh and GeometryBuilder too (please use them plzzzzz )
  6. i use for texture and github for js ***[ url ] sample
  7. Alright, I took #168 for a fly on my 9.7 inch iPad4 tablet... and it works pretty good, touch-screen-wise and FPS-wise. Biggest problem... playground failed to enter full-screen mode, when chosen. Also, playground pull-down menu choices were quite small and barely finger-selectable. Perhaps a stylus/pen/q-tip/whatever... would be a handy tool for playground-ops on mobile devices. I think I was seeing 32 +/- FPS while simultaneously thrusting rotation and translation. Not too bad. Remember that this is a precision (slow) flyer, not a fighter craft. So, I got FPS headroom, so far. We'll see how that works with the particle sprayers. During any thrusting, 4 of 24 particle emitters go active... not too heavy. I'm thinkin'... when in cockpit view mode (dashboard)... the thruster-port particles are turned OFF. That gives me a little more FPS for dashboard readouts... such as radar and cave-wall proximity sensors (for delivering miners into deep mining caves, which are the most difficult heightMap terrain features to accomplish... OF ANY.) erf! I THINK it requires "stitching" a complete model of a cave/mine... onto a "hole" in a (physics-active) heightMap terrain. MeshImpostor-only on the cave model (oddly-shaped complex model), so... I need to surround the flyer with little physics-active spheres (many) (14, I predict)... to make flyer "bounce" or "scrape"-against cave walls. Only spheres can react against CannonJS meshImpostors. ERF! *sigh* Currently, flyer physics is only a boxImpostor, active on the white box master parent/handle, which COULD be sized same as entire flyer boundingBox. Remember that cool GeometryBuilder tunnel that @NasimiAsl made for me? Yum! A wise taxi pilot would never fly THAT fast... into a mining tunnel. But... you get the "drift" (drift - NOT something you want to happen to the flyer during a trip into a mine tunnel). Precision flying... 1 meter at a time... nice and gentle. The flyer will handle SOME scrapes and bumps, but if you injure a passenger... you're in "deep kimchee". The richer mines have a "fly-me-in" auto-landing system that makes life easier. But sometimes, the mining generators are shut-down, and you have to go-in "dark and manual", using only your outboard lights, external cams, radar, and prox-sensors. (pilot view/dashboard view) Coooool. Scary! Slow! Might use 3D GUI for dashboard... and thus... maybe... get renderTargetTextures mapped-onto GUI 3D panels... something that seems impossible for 2D GUI. (Used for on-dashboard monitor screens for external flyer cameras - with night-vision option!) Watch out for spinal compression and broken necks... on hard landings, too (mostly on gravity-ladened planets). Don't damage the reputation of Hey Taxi, Inc... or you'll get less calls/clients/fares. (I live in a giant fantasy land, don't I? Ain't it great?) Update: PG #176 is here, with seats and some texture adjustments. I have hidden the physics-active handle, too (the white box mentioned earlier). I tried to incorporate some yellow/black checkered material, in the tradition historical taxi-ness. I think it got uglier. Is having an ugly taxi... the objective, perhaps?
  8. i am prepare and test GeometryBuilder and ShaderBuilder (v2) for share that like service for public
  9. full design bu GeometryBuilder | size :GB model size = 50 kb with html - main .obj model size = 65 MB
  10. I will look into geometrybuilder and come back
  11. sure but you most know geometrybuilder struct first that is alpha version in alpha version we can a1.push Vertex a2.push uv a3. make Face a4. import obj a5. attach geometries for beta version i am work on 3 more stuff b1. curve base b2. new fast boolean operation ( that support shrink algorithm too ) b3. read GIS Data notice *** b2 - -- cpu side 1 - make mathematical helper function for face and edge(point + vector ) relations 2 - make 2 geometry buffering 3 - find Shared edge between 2 geometry ---- gpu side ( that make it so fast ) 4. discard shared or extra face 5. mix or union or sub geos we can make shrink use part 1 - 3 and attach some special part so in first step read about alpha version after that we can work on it
  12. hey @Johnny80 i write algorithm about that in geometryBuilder but for release that i need time it is not soon may be 2 mounth
  13. GeometryBuilder has SO MUCH mesh-plotting power, eh? Unreal! Love it. Certainly worthy of learning-time. Where is that "city buildings" demo? Oh yeah... Phew... too nice! (mega-drool) A bit off-topic, though. (Wingnut opens NasimiAsl's brain... to see if he can learn how it works.) I think there's a super-computer in his brain.
  14. i can make this surface with svg path parameters if that help i can make sample use with Babylon > Extension > GeometryBuilder
  15. that generated by GeometryBuilder & shaderBuilder i can make obj and shader too if anyone wanna use
  16. @NasimiAsl awesome talent.... again. Thank you for showing us how to make it in 3d. That math is pretty awesome. Understands just the simple parts. Nice trick to get GeometryBuilder. Http(s)I see what you mean... AdvancedTexture (gui) and noise. Is very nice. +Like the patterns. Wish i could understand them more... <stand-clapping/>
  17. GeometryBuilder(with tools ) is so close to release and i am on write documentation now for that
  18. I remember when "Naz" made a tunnel/cave for bobsled ride. Pretty fun and cool. NasimiAsl is a genius. He is geometryBuilder author and lead pilot. He will find a way. Me, I would model it in Blender or Max, but I am lazy and not very smart. heh
  19. use this and remove 'BABYLONX.ShaderBuilder.InitializeEngine();' i most check it tomorrow
  20. @NasimiAsl Well, I looked at the source code from CreateGroundFromHeightMap and I thought maybe its possible to take the same approach as this function and write a new function that does the same thing for a sphere. But currently this is my code: import BABYLONX from './plugins/GeometryBuilder.SGB.js'; BABYLONX.GeometryBuilder.InitializeEngine(); BABYLONX.ShaderBuilder.InitializeEngine(); export function createEarthMesh(heightMap) { var img = document.createElement('img'); var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); var GB = BABYLONX.GeometryBuilder; var CreatePlanet = function(op, GB) { var builder = function(s /*{seg:number}*/ , geo){ var seg = s.seg; var hseg = seg; var hmap = function(p){ p = norm(p); // read pixel from canvas var ns = 53.*canvas.getContext('2d').getImageData( (p.u*200), ( ((1.-(p.v+0.5))*200)), 1, 1).data[1]/255; p.x *=300+ ns; p.y *=300+ ns; p.z *=300+ ns; return p; } var norm = function(v){ var x = v.x, y = v.y, z = v.z; var n = Math.sqrt(x * x + y * y + z * z); if (n == 0) return { x: 0.1, y: 0.1, z: 0.1 }; var invN = 1 / n; v.x *= invN; v.y *= invN; v.z *= invN; return v; } var def = function(a, d){ if (a != undefined && a != null) return (d != undefined && d != null ? a : true); else if (d != _null) return (d != undefined && d != null ? d : false); return null; } // calculate sphere var f = function(i, j, y){ y = def(y, 0.); var a = i * 360. / seg; var v = { x: Math.sin((Math.PI / 180.) * a) * 3., y: j * 2. / seg, z: Math.cos((Math.PI / 180.) * a) * 3. }; var p = { x: v.x * Math.sin(v.y * Math.PI / 2. - Math.PI / 2.), y: Math.sin(v.y * Math.PI / 2.) * 3 + y, z: v.z * Math.sin(v.y * Math.PI / 2. + Math.PI / 2.) }; return p; }; // make sphere points for (var i = 0; i < seg + 1; i++) { for (var j = -hseg / 2.; j < hseg / 2.; j++) { var p = { x: 0, y: 0, z: 0, u: i / seg, v: j / seg }; if (j <= -hseg / 2. + 1.) { p = { x: 0., y: -3., z: 0., u: i / seg, v: j / seg }; p = hmap(p); } else if (j >= hseg / 2. - 1.) { p = { x: 0., y: 3., z: 0., u: i / seg, v: j / seg }; p = hmap(p); } else { p = f(i * 1.0, j * 1., 0.); p.u = i / seg; p.v = j / seg; p = hmap(p); } // make vertex and uv GB.PushVertex(geo, p); geo.uvs.push(i / seg, (j / seg + 0.5)); } } // make face for (var j = 1.; j < hseg - 1; j++) { for (var i = 1; i < seg + 1; i++) { GB.MakeFace(geo, [(i - 1) * hseg + j, (i - 1) * hseg + j + 1, (i) * hseg + j, (i) * hseg + j + 1], { flip: 0, faceUVMap: "0123" }); } } }; return new BABYLONX.Geometry(GB.GeometryBase(op, builder, op.custom)); } img.onload = function(){ canvas.width = img.width; canvas.height = img.height; canvas.getContext('2d').drawImage(img, 0, 0, img.width, img.height); var mesh = CreatePlanet({ seg:200. },GB).toMesh(window.Scene); console.log(mesh); } img.src = heightMap; } and this is the error I get: Uncaught ReferenceError: i is not defined at Function.BABYLONX.GeometryBuilder.BuildBabylonMesh (eval at GeometryBuilder.InitializeEngine
  21. @Tim_Rosskamp tell me what is problem i fix it @Sebavan that depend to BABYLON Extension ( geometryBuilder ) you wanna make in-depended version for CreateGroundFromHeightMap ?
  22. i work on GeometryBuilder editor that help you to make everything ( i care about optimizing too ) that have a lot work and i most write documentation so may be the complete version is ready after 3 month * notice this tools is mathematical base
  23. It works to force https, but you can also use schemaless ie: var url = "//" to match page. Really cool geometries by the way. I can see some things I've done in blender can be done with your library!!
  24. Hi P. Slow replies, huh? I think you are talking about geometry shaders (G), tessellation shaders (T), and compute shaders (C). Take a little tour of some links, there. Let's make sure we are all talking about the same thing. And we MUST ask @NasimiAsl to join us, too. His GeometryBuilder system MIGHT be closest-to G-T-C shaders... as we can currently get with webGL 2. A few interesting quotes: 28.04.2016 14:46, Kenneth Russell: "Incorporating compute shaders into WebGL is the working group's top priority after shipping WebGL 2.0." uegwqhugehoq asks: Does WebGL 2 have geometry shaders ? jsheard replies: Nope, and it doesn't have compute or tessellation shaders either. Web 3D has a way to go before it catches up with native APIs. *shrug*
  25. One reason I never took much interest in geometryBuilder is I thought it was just a code thing and did not realise there was an interface. This is really great. How about shaderBuilder is there an interface for that as well?