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Found 1 result

  1. Hey All, Another help request: I want ZOOM's steering controls to more closely resemble an airplane (or my idea of a space-ship). Currently Zoom turns left-right (yaw) by incrementing camera.rotation.y and up-down (pitch) by incrementing camera.rotation.x. Playground: It works, but yaw is not correct: when I pitch so view is up (world), and then attempt to turn left (yaw), I expect to turn away from world up. Instead, the view spins around a world vertical axis. I believe I could make it work if camera.rotation could apply to local space as is possible with meshes. But I can't find a camera.rotate(...) function like pilot1.rotate(axis, deltaTheta, BABYLON.Space.LOCAL) for meshes. I hope this is in BABYLONjs somewhere 'cause matrix orders and conventions will proly overload my elderly mental agility. 😧