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Found 160 results

  1. Artist : Gonçalo Sousa Site : Email: My name is Gonçalo Sousa. I'm a professional illustrator and concept artist, and I have experience with digital mediums, in several categories. Being it 2D areas like Digital Painting, MattePainting, Pixel Art, Concept Art, or 3D areas like Moddeling, UV creation, Texturing, Rigging, and Animation. Price vary based on client needs. Feel free to contact me, and i´ll answer as fast as possible. Unfortunately I´m not accepting at the moment work only by royalties. Here are a few samples of my work, they represent several categories like characters, outfits, creatures, animals and structures\environments. You can see more on my site: thanks! Looking forward to hearing form you! Gonçalo Sousa 2D & 3D Art Generalist Website: E-mail:
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Matiss Sola I'm 3D Modeller/Texture artist. Please,visit my portfolio : My focus : * Create game-friendly assets by building complex lighting and shading set-ups. * Create production-quality meshes with animation-ready topology. * Produce a visually richer in-game experience by using high end tools to bake complex surface and lighting details onto texture maps or vertices. * Simulate natural lighting effects for enhanced visual quality and a more compelling game experience. Get in touch : Looking forward to talk to you and help on your project.
  3. dgoemans

    Online Game Jam

    Hi all, On the weekend of 9-11 October, there's going to be a game jam focused on Html5 gaming! There will be some small prizes, and we want to turn this into a growing annual event. Anyone is welcome to participate, and we're looking forward to getting some amazing entries out of this! You can find more details here: Cheers, David Goemans
  4. RATS COOKING Mamma Mia! Mutant rats are trying to get a delicious pizza from the chef! Throw knifes, slash with ladle, upgrade your weapons and use power-ups to knock off enemies from the restaurant territory. LINK: Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: 3D action game in your browser with WebGL Tons of bonuses, weapons and enemies 16 levels with achievements to complete and extra survival mode Quality sound and voice-over from the chef Bon Appetit! Please contact me at if any offer.
  5. Slots as you’ve never seen them... Is there anything new in slots? Is there ANYTHING that hasn’t been done? Here at Gamevy we build innovative, thrilling games that combine skill, luck and huge jackpots. And we have an idea for a completely new slots. We’re looking for a really talented designer – someone who has a deep understanding of the psychology of slots – the celebration, excitement and sense of agency, as well as having all stand-out skills in layout, animation and illustration. BUT – and this is the important bit – we’re looking for a designer who embraces new ideas, who’s maybe even a bit bored by churning out the same old thing in a different skin, no matter how pretty... How would it work? You. We’d love to see what you’ve done. Send us a link to your portfolio. If there are games you think could have been improved – tell us what they are and why.Us. Have a look at our games – that should give you an idea of our style and design expectations. We’re looking for someone to work on this slots idea as a one-off project to begin with – but we also have design roles in-house so if we like each other then there are options to become permanent.Home. We have teams in London, Spain and Poland – so if you’re based anywhere in Europe, that should be fine! If this sounds interesting, get in touch - connect with me on LinkedIn here: or tweet at me here: (Ooo - one more thing, please, no agencies - we're a start up; we can't afford you. If you read this, ignore it and still call me ask yourself how it will look. How much confidence will I have that if I were to work with you, you'd pay any attention to the requirements I do have...)
  6. Hello all, As you surely know it, Babylon.js is a webgl game framework that you can use to create awesome games (and the official forum is right here!). I've been working on the very first Babylon.js ebook for several months, and today, this book is finished : I named it Learning Babylon.js. What is included in the book: - Getting started with Babylon.js (Hello world in 3D!) - Learn how to use primitives (box, spheres, torus,...), default cameras and lights - Detailed guide on materials and textures - Particles - Shadows - Collisions - Intersections - Physics engine (Oimo.js) - User inputs (keyboard/gamepad) - Animations - How to use exporters (3DSMax, Blender, Unity) - Shaders - Skeletons/bones - And more! The main goal of this book is to CREATE a whole game, chapter by chapter: start with the basics (cubes, spheres and torus), add materials, replace with custom 3D models exported from 3DSMax/Blender,... The game you will create is greatly inspired from the Super Monkey Ball serie. I tried to explain all concepts and notions a game developer can meet in a game creation: by the end of the book, you will have a complete game to play with, and (I hope!) enough knowledge to create your own. Sadly, I was not able to handle all Babylon.js features in this book alone (I would have spent a whole year on it, and Babylon.js creators are adding new features every day!), but I tried to cover as much as I can with one game. You can find some more information here :, as well as some screenshots of the book. I hope it will help you in your next Babylon.js projects. If you have any questions, remarks, I'm not far from this forum Julian
  7. TOP SHOOTOUT: THE PIRATE SHIP Ahoy! An old pirate ship full of golden treasures and beautiful hostages sails in the Caribbean Sea. Reload your cannon to defeat all pirates and get scores as much as you can in amazing Top Shootout! It's a social sequal of Top Shootout: The Saloon LINK: Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: Dip into pirates adventure!3D action game in your browser with WebGLPlay with friends via Facebook and share your pirate greatness!Quality sound by real pirates!No pirates were harmed Please contact me at to license the game or any other offer.
  8. Hi ! I'm a 2D / 3D Artist, Graphic Designer looking for freelance work. Experience: - Concept Art / 2D Illustration / Pixel Art- over 4 years Worked on various projects as Character / Enviroment Artist, did game-ready vector images, illustrations. - Interface / Logo / Promo Poster Designs - over 4 years Graduated with a Graphic Arts degree, continuing MFA education, focused on pixel art / in-game interface design. - 3D Modelling / Animation Have basic knowledge about modelling, experienced 3dsmax animator, mainly focused on CATRig animations. - Video editing / post processing Experienced Aftereffects, Premier user. You can; see some of my personal work on : My Behance Portfolio contact me via : Thanks!
  9. Throwing up a post about a game I'm working on, hopefully near an Alpha type release. Game has 2 different plays styles, a 2D isometric style, and 3D FPS style. There is a really short tutorial zone that describes the basics on how to play / fly. Looking for any feedback or suggestion on design, play style, and also places to promote this type of game. (New to html5 gaming) 2D basic controls, W/A/S/D->standard move / turn Q/E-> Strafe Space-> Guns Shift ->Afterburners 3D basic controls are a little more tricky, W/A/S/D->standard move / roll Q/E-> Strafe R/F-> Up / down L -> Lock mouse for pitch and turn. Space-> Guns Shift ->Afterburners Mouse wheel to zoom in for FPS mode, and right button to change the camera. Direct Link to game files Website link:
  10. How best to make 3D font in babylon.js? I saw a discussion on this post But these examples font tied to the texture. I would like to be more like the font on this example.
  11. To strengthen our team and in order to further develop our gaming portfolio we are currently seeking a Java Server Developer for our 3D games sector. Your responsibilities Programming of a backoffice system for our 3D area Programming and advancement of online games for the 3D area (server) Extentions in the existing framework Close collaboration and cooperation with the departments involved (DB, client development, frontend development, management) Your profile Experience with Java SE, especially multithreaded programming and server based technologies (Servlets, …) (min. 3 years) Experience with database programming, database design and optimization of queries (min. 2 years) Experience with the integration of web/frontend frameworks (e.g.: jQuery, Bootstrap,…) Very good command of both spoken and written English Selfdependent and precise work style Goal- and solution oriented behavior within the team and with other departments Experience with agile development Our offer Challenging tasks within an innovative and fast growing company Personal development opportunities due to the company’s sustained growth A welcoming working environment in a young and creative team located at the office in the heart of Vienna Refund of additional travel costs for an interview and support with any necessary relocation For applicants with 3 years of experience we offer a minimum gross salary of € 42.000,- per year; beyond that your salary depends on your professional experience and qualification Interested? If you are interested in this position and your qualifications meet our requirements, please send your application including CV to: Please enter “Java Server Developer in the subject line. We are looking forward to your application!
  12. Ironbane is a 3D Action Rpg MMO built using HTML5 Play Now! We've just released a new version 0.4 pre-alpha. Our technology stack is using [MeteorJS]( This allows us to use the concept of reactivity and apply it in a gaming context, which is very cool but experimental to say the least. In addition we're using AngularJS on top of MeteorJS ( This unique combination allows us to re-use a lot of components while still making good use of Meteor's concepts which are very helpful for us. We use THREE.js for the rendering engine, as well as a custom Component Entity System built around it. We're now fully utilising []( as our level editor of choice. Sam has been creating the Tower of Doom map ( in this editor, and we're very happy so far with the results. Our game can directly pull the levels from Clara, read entities and put them in our game. This allows our level editors to place enemies and other entities anywhere they want without the developers having to manually export/import them to the game. Please check out our game and our forums at !
  13. here you can find my mywebglflight html5 webgl flight sim (freeware 2014) =>
  14. Hello, Still in my quest to learn how to program video games, I released my first 3D demo ever. After developing several 2D games you can play here : I decided to develop a 3D engine from scratch using javascript and WebGL. Here is the demo : It's a shmup with few enemies and a boss to kill. I'm still working actively on the engine. The game itself is in a very early stage of development. Apparently there is a bug with controls on Safari. So please don't test it on Safari for now. Hope you enjoy Have fun!
  15. Take a look at CodeThisLab srl portfolio. We are skilled in HTML5 games development for promotional and fun purposes, and in 3D modeling for CG digital design and artwork. Here there is our entire portfolio: Take a look also at our 3D models portfolio:
  16. Hi guys, I am a mobile developer and I am currently working on a multiplatform game engine. In general the idea behind is: "One code, many platforms" The engine should be ready by the end of the year. It will allow users ultra fast coding for many platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows (PS4 in the future) with Python or C++. Meanwhile I have published a WebGL based web version on my engine working on Safari, Chrome & Mozilla (javascript). What do you think about this engine? What are you general expectations? What can I do better? How can I make coding faster, better experience for devs? Free engine downloadable here: Some examples here: It would be awesome to hear some feedback from you guys! Take care! PS: Use arrows to drive a Ferrari example:)
  17. Hello, I'm developing online games, at this moment I published my first game, and soon I about to release a few more and interested to show you my games The first game is called THREE CHICKS AND LOTS OF BATS, and it's a cute one. Link: Thanks, ITZIK
  18. Freelance 3d artist looking for work - Animation - 3d modeling - Architectural visualization (exterior, interior, real estate) - Compose and cleanup - Motion design - VFX (simulation of destructions, liquids, explosions, fire, particles, etc.) Showreel: My other videos on vimeo: Portfolio: Skype: yariss101
  19. Big news! Physically Based Rendering (PBR) has landed in the open source PlayCanvas Engine. The graphics capabilities of the engine really have taken a massive leap forwards. Check out the before (Phong shading model) versus the newly deployed version of the engine (PBR shading model): If you want to get a bit more hands on with Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, check out our blog post which goes into a bit more detail. Enjoy!
  20. Hello everyone, posted a demo and sign up on their blog today, for those of you interested in mixed mode (rendering to WebGL and DOM simultaneously). The blog post is here:
  21. Halloween is here again! We decided to have a bit of fun and build a little videogame for you. If you like zombies and you like Pac-Man, you're going to love: It's a spooky update to the 80s coin-op classic, made in 24 hours with PlayCanvas. PLAY NOW Or check out the project here. Have a spine chilling day! Will
  22. Hi everyone! My name is Karen Bennetzen, and I'm a Danish Cg artist and video game enthusiast looking for work as a freelance/full time game artist. I use mainly Photoshop to create assets, backgrounds and concept art, and I also have a lot of experience working with Unity3D and Maya. I can also make UI elements and visual effects. My full portfolio can be found at, along with my resume. Feel free to message me anytime, here on the forum and/or via my mail You can follow me and my work on tumblr at
  23. BLACKCELL.js - open-source project that provide modern, JS-friendly API for real-time 3D rendering over WebGL. The project's aim is to give an expressive tool for rapid prototyping and publishing complex rendering techniques. It also useful for 3D-projects which require low-level API features and commonly used implementation at the same time. The features:- Linear algebra (vectors, rotations, transformations) and geometry primitives- Staging graphics core (designed for custom rendering pipelines and shaders)- Common implementations (frustum culling, attributes & uniforms binding, context lost handling, etc)- WebGL Extensions supported / WebGL 2.0 oriented architecture
  24. There seem to few resources when it comes to getting started with the turbulenz framework. Any one who knows his/her way through the SDK? The documentation seems promising and it would be fun developing with the framewok.