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Found 1 result

  1. using Graphic.generateTexture() into a new TilingSprite instance yields gapping between the tiling. It isn't really a pressing issue for me though, because I don't really intend to tile a solid color (I'm not really sure anyone would).. At the same time. I haven't really explored all of what the graphic can be used for. the code went something like the following: Graphic.beginFill(..values..)Graphic.drawRect(..values..)Graphic.EndFill()new PIXI.TilingSprite(Graphic.generateTexture(true|false), ..values..)of course I tried a variety of values and set the true|false on the powers of two parameter - to no avail.. the gap seemed larger will smaller drawRect values.. reviewing and haphazardly modifying the properties of the TilingSprite didn't affect the gapping either. though.. it did seem like some of the properties I was setting were disregarded or overwritten within an instant..