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Found 13 results

  1. Is there any compelling reason for one move from gulp to webpack? As far as I know, using plug-ins, gulp is able to do everything webpack does.
  2. Hi babylonjs team, I am looking into contributing to babylonjs. So far, I have cloned the github repo and installed node & npm. I edited the ts files in question, and I can get them to compile, for example with "gulp typescript-all". But I ran into a problem trying to test my changes using "gulp run". This starts a webserver as expected: "Webserver started at http://localhost:1338", but this webserver serves a playground (http://localhost:1338/Playground) that does not use the local babylonjs: <!-- Babylon.js --> <script src="https://preview.babylo
  3. Hi, It's the first time I try to compile Babylon since I use a new computer so it's certainly linked. As always, I installed gulp as it's described here. Then I wanted to compile using gulp typescript command. But I get this error everytime: Without making any change, I still get the error. I can't compile BJS source anymore. Any idea why ? (And yes, it's really not compiled, I checked) Thanks in advance !
  4. I have made a basic gulp file following Techemon's code (he uses grunt though) here: https://github.com/Temechon/Babylon.js-FPS I notice he is using babylon.2.3.d.ts. (Not 2.5 or 2.6.) With my gulp build I am able to compile my project with babylon.2.3.d.ts and everything compiles successfully. With sublime text if I build (using the official typescript sublime text plugin) with babylon.2.5.d.ts, it compiles my game.ts file successfully, no errors. But if I try to use babylon.2.5.d.ts with gulp using gulp-typescript, I get the following compilation error: node_modules/t
  5. I have added a new file, ../../src/Tools/babylon.tools.pvr.js, to config.json in the extras section right after the dds entry. Gulp fails a test, but even if I made no changes, HolographicCamera (also in extras) causes the test to fail. I am really just a user of Gulp, but I imagine the messy death that follows is just a symptom. This is the output: C:\Babylon.js\Tools\Gulp (master) (BabylonJS@2.5.0) λ gulp
  6. Hi all, I'm starting a new Phaser project and I thought I'd take a look at the options for project generators out there. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of options and while I'm sure most of it is down to personal preference, I'd love to hear some opinions on the best way to go. I've worked on a couple of projects in the past that have used Codevinsky's generator, which was great and got me into using prefabs and the like, but that hasn't been updated in over 2 years. These days everyone's talking about ES6. I ran into some problems in the past with inheritance and thought being ab
  7. Hello everyone! I have kind of a complicated question. I'm currently doing my thesis at uni, the topic being web based games (specifically 3d ones). I'm going to create a small multiplayer Bomberman clone and reflect the process on the thesis itself; what problems I had, how does the development compare to for example Unity etc. I have used Unity kind of a lot and know the basics of threejs. However, after many hours I decided to make the game with Babylon, since it seems to be more suitable for the task at hand. I have a strong web-development background, so the thesis pretty much gives me so
  8. I fail on the latest DynamicFloatArray PR. CannonJS has been happening for a while. Is DynamicFloatArray is by framework, or is this just user stuff?
  9. Hi, I am checking out Babylon.js and wanted to pull it in as a dependency using everyone's favorite hipster tools gulp and bower Alas, I am only getting version 1.10.0 and the bower.json does not have dependencies and main property, making wiredep choke on it. This thread says there back in January, Meulta was working on something related to bower - anybody know how that's coming along? Cheers Ole
  10. Hi all, I created a Phaser generator for Yeoman (a scaffolding tool). The original idea was to have an easy way to set up a HTML 5 game project for game jams, prototypes, etc. It doesn't have a lot of features, but it provides: Latest version of Phaser, of course A starter project with an asset preloader scene, plus a main scene.A gulpfile with some basic tasks:Launch a local web serverLivereload (so the web browser does a reload automatically when a JS file changes)Deployment via rsyncBrowserify integration, so you have a nice way to create modules for your game (and/our use NPM packages)
  11. Hello guys, Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Geoffroy Warin, entreprise javascript developper by day and an html5 game development junkie at night. I really love phaser, I think it's fantastic work and as I kept experimenting with it, I realized I was always bootstrapping my projects the same way. Copy my gulp file then create the small phaser bootstrap classes in typescript. So I decided to create a yeoman generator : https://github.com/geowarin/generator-phaser-gulp-typescript It's really simple but you have nothing to do, just type 'gulp' on the command line and you will get : Live
  12. Hi phaser users, I think it's time to introduce it to the public since scene and prefab generation feature is just finished. Full features listed: Easy and efficient workflow powered by Node.js and Gulp.jsES6 module supportScene(state) and prefab generatorFast live reload with BrowserSyncDeploy with one line commandFor more details, please check the repo: https://github.com/pixelpicosean/slush-phaser-project NOTE: please always update to latest version before using, the project is under heavy development currently. Some screenshots: Why build ANOTHER generator? Phaser is designed wit
  13. I need to build babylon.js files. Am using Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I built close to the directions on thread: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/7747-contribute-to-bjs-in-javascript/ That thread assumes you are using Windows. The changes I made are that I just installed command-line git from the Ubuntu package repository. I built and installed Node from source (0.10.31). This is because there is a name conflict with the name 'node' in the Ubuntu repository & things are not in the directory tree Gulp expects on linux of '/usr/local'. I changed to the Gulp directory a
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