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Found 5 results

  1. Good afternoon Network, I'm new here! I'm looking to build my network of hands on, passionate HTML5 Game Developers! I would like to discuss an opportunity with a client of mine, a disruptive gaming company based in the US, on a mission to provide social gaming for platforms such as Facebook, and many more. The position is **FULLY REMOTE** from anywhere in the world. Backed by a global team of passionate engineers and game professionals, working on groundbreaking technology to engage the entertain millions of people on the world’s largest platforms. In this position you would join
  2. Hi all! I'm newbie to game development. I just complete my first game, a simple game using HTML5 canvas, socket.io and express. I have NodeJS npm installed and i run my game locally in my PC as npm game.js. The question is that now i want this game to upload to a server where different users from different devices play the game. Is it works like we upload normal sites to domains or different. Please help! Thanks.
  3. Webcam performer seeking for developer to create an app. Hi! I need a software (game) which could be compatible with the website that I'm using to broadcast. The idea is - objects falling down in the broadcast window are operated by visitors from my chat, for example, when they press key 1. I found varieties of web cam games in google, but they all have to be operated by player who has the camera. What I'm looking for is a software which could allow people from the chat to be involved in the game too. DM if interested.
  4. http://flashhawk.github.io/spp.js/examples/fruitNinja/
  5. Hey guys, just a quick note that O'Reilly released the 2nd edition of our HTML5 Canvas book today and is giving 50% off of the digital editions if you use the offer code DEAL. I know that most of you don't need this, but it does include A LOT of new game content. Tile-based scrolling, A*, Box2D, Pixel Perfect Collisions, etc. Every chapter has been re-written from the original edition to add in new content and remove older content. For example, we used to have a chapter on Phone Gap, but we removed it to focus on mobile canvas games using the full screen scaling that we learned from YOU GU
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