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Found 1 result

  1. I should have realized that going on the assumption that babylonFileLoader.js was static when building the to_javascript() methods of each of my python classes(World, Mesh, SubMesh, Node, Bone, Skeleton, MultiMaterial, Camera, Light, ShadowGenerator, Texture, Material, Animation & its subclass VectorAnimation) was incorrect. I am now diffing all changes since June 1st, & changes too. Found light animation was added to babylonFileLoader, but had not been updated to send it. I had actually wondered about adding this myself, but quickly put it out of my mind, as I thought it would have just been ignored in the .babylon. Might be kind of cool for like a POW camp game with search lights. Guess I should add it, though I am not going to maintain I am going to ignore any changes to babylonFileLoader.js related to working with an alternatively loaded file, as it has no meaning on the Blender side. Will try sync up TOB with all else, and use this thread to ask questions. Gryff, are you up to working in another animation type to one of the testing .blends, please? Jeff