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Found 439 results

  1. The fps of the game is very low in mobile, but in my pc is 54-60 fps, I don't know why, I am using intel XDK and here is my game code:
  2. How to be part of the GIANT Chinese Mobile Market Research Data shows that the Chinese Mobile Game’s Market will break its scale to 3 Billion USD in the year 2014($3.2B US & $21.6B worldwide)! This marks the milestone difference that China will make in the global mobile market. The ARPPU and conversion rate of the Chinese users have both increased by 20% from January to March. What the foreign advertisers, app developers and even the networks need now is to get a good channel, a great platform, and a brand new start to develop their business in the Chinese Market. Where to find? FurtherMobi should be the best choice. We are working with many 3rd Party App Stores (like 91Help, Tencent Mobile Master) which have became the main channels to get traffic in China! So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance and be part of the Giant Chinese Mobile Market. We are right here, waiting for you! Skype (angel.furthermobi)
  3. symof


    A mobile only game(Chrome only), and the second that I made so far (mostly it's just me experimenting stuff xD ). It uses javascript api to detect motion and move a ball through a maze. The maze is re-generated on every run. I use p2js for physics and on the devices that I tried out works pretty well.
  4. Tested my project on android device and found that my application don't react on any touches. Started to debug and found that function written in this way never fires: = function(e) { console.log("click!!"); } So I have to work it correctly to dublicate it in this manner: = function(e) { console.log("click!!"); } sprite.on('touchend', function(e) { console.log("touch!!"); }); So I wonder is there any way to avoid code dublication?
  5. Hello. I'm from tiny indie studio and today I'll show you our new project. Quady is a puzzle-game in minimalistic style. You take control under few squares at same time and the main task is to merge them together. Use walls or arrows but beware of spikes. More than 40 levels with various obstacles. Game running on html5, made with Phaser. Game available on Play Market for free All feedback welcome ^__^ Watch trailer:
  6. I know this will pretty vague but "What the Deal With Mobile And BabylonJS". 1... Is mobile in web browser 'performant' enough now to get good play fps 2... Has anyone use the newer IOS WKWebView to package a BJS game and get good fps When i first started playing with BabylonJS a few months ago, using just raw javascript (before i made the toolkit)... I put a few basic boxes and cube and simple rotation with some 1 or two lights... I was getting horrible frame rate (15-18 fps) with just a few static items when i ran on I'm old iPad 2 Air. I searched around the internet and found things like CocoonJS that was supposed to provide and IOS/Android 'native' WebGL emulation layer (or something like that). There file thing was that the state of webgl on IOS and Android devices very poor and required some kinda of native port. So i just forgot about mobile platform and concentrated on the toolkit. But today after talking to @MrVR who is making mobile type VR projects (and gets fair frame rate some of his scenes ... around 30+ fps I think) i decided to re-visit that how mobile thing and just for shits and giggles pointed my IPAD 2 AIR and iPhone 7 at: Test Shooter Scene just to see what frame rate i would get on my test space shooter scene... Keep in mind i am doing all kind of COMPLEX model prefab instantiation for the waves of asteroids... got particles system, physics collisions and movement, detail meshes, collision meshes, tracking dynamic mesh intersections, playing background audio, shot audio, explosion audio in particle system explosion controller start function... All kinda stuff... PLEASE CHECK OUT on your mobile device and tell me what kind of frame rate you get (I having a problem with hand.js on that version so you can't move the ship... but just let it sit there and see the ship and its particle system before it get hit... then just let the waves of asteroids come down the screen and monitor frame rate). Because i am getting a VERY GOOD fps in just the mobile browser (have not checked out in WKWebView yet)... I mean like 56-60 fps (once initial FOS drown when starting scene...down to about 45ps at FIRST FRAME scene show) with all that stuff mentioned above going... How can that be... A few months ago i could get a simple static game to yield good FPS... But now with my toolkit produced game (which ALOT more stuff and apis packed in there) is getting so good fps... or am i tripping Has there been some kind of update (either with IOS WEBGL support or the new BabylonJS 2.6 updates like webgl 2.0 and vertex array object) that explains this... or is my one scene just a fluke and every body get much lower fps... PLEASE... Help a brotha out yo and check out the link on your mobile
  7. Hi guys, i'm starting with phaser and i'm reading a couple of tutorials. I create an app with one of these tutorials and I'm using Intel XDK to test on my smartphone. I'd like to ask you, what I need to use at the script to recognize the touchscreen to walk. On web I can use the keyboard (up down left right) to walk. If you can link me any tutorial that helps with this, or a link from a question on this forum too, i'll be thanks. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, this is Crazy Racers. It's my first personal project [Play the Game] The game is an fast-pacing racing game. Features: 12 Different tracks 6 Different Cars (each car has it's own style) Different Obstacles 3 different game modes Leaderboard Game modes: Grand Prix: You race a number of tracks, the racer with more points win a trophy Quick Race: Race one track with 5 other opponents Time Trial: Race alone to try to get to the leaderboard Feedback are welcome, I hope you like this game Game is Available for Non-exclusive License and Re-skins, contact me for me details and for the full version of the game Cheers,
  9. I'm facing some kind of issues, when the player moving or in the air or falling in the air, the game will lag in mobile (not on desktop) Code: if(cursors.left) { player.body.velocity.x = -200; if(player.facing != 'left') { player.scale.x = 1;'walk'); player.facing = 'left'; } } else if(cursors.right) { player.body.velocity.x = 200; if(player.facing != 'right') { player.scale.x = -1;'walk'); player.facing = 'right'; } } else { player.body.velocity.x = 0; if(player.facing != 'idle') { player.animations.stop(); if(player.facing == 'left') { if(player.holding != 'nothing' && player.holding != 'powerUp_2x') { player.scale.x = 1; player.animations.stop(); player.frame = 10; } else { //Jump animation: if(this.jumping == true) { player.frame = 13; player.scale.x = 1; //break; } else { //Player idle left player.scale.x = 1; player.animations.stop(null, true); //break; } } } else { if(player.holding != 'nothing' && player.holding != 'powerUp_2x') { player.scale.x = -1; player.animations.stop(); player.frame = 10; } else { //Jump animation: if(this.jumping == true) { player.frame = 13; player.scale.x = -1; //break; } else { //Player idle left player.scale.x = -1; player.animations.stop(null, true); //break; } } } player.facing = player.facing; } } if(player.body.onFloor()) { this.jumps = 0; this.jumping = false; } if(cursors.up && this.jumps < 5) { player.body.velocity.y = -1000; this.jumps++; this.jumping = true; } if(cursors.down) { if(player.facing == 'left') { player.scale.x = 1; } else { player.scale.x = -1; } player.frame = 4; player.body.velocity.x = 0; }
  10. The Grim Panda Design team is currently accepting new art and design projects. We have a team of experienced and seasoned 2D & 3D artists and animators who have provided assets for many of the best-selling mobile game companies on the market today. We work with any budget, large or small, and can quote prices on a project level, per-diem, or hourly. With the ability to work in vector, concept, and realistic styles, our team is dedicated to making your project come to life. The quality of your assets will be precise, clean, and look brilliant in your mobile IP. We pride ourselves on bringing your player into the world you have envisioned. Due to legal obligations with many of our clients, we cannot publicly post our complete portfolio. Please contact me at for samples. Thank you, and we look forward to bringing your creative design to the next level.
  11. Hi I have viarbox vr Which camera sould I use "Web VR Free Camera" or "VR Device Orientation Free Camera" ? Is there any example(s) or tutorial(s) or playgound(s)? How can we have touch events on phone screen for navigation (moving roration) in scene? Can anybody help me to try this with babylonjs? Is there any blog or documentation how to do that. Especially how to move/rotate with touch events on mobile screen? Greetings Ian
  12. Hi, I'm an artist and art director with over 10 years experience in different areas of game development (art generation, UI, game design)-- I'm developing my own studio and i want to collaborate. I'm looking for first coders who have a passion for simple game mechanics. Quick iteration (rapid deployment) and development in a presentable way for promotional and publishable content. Currently the goal is to make awesome visual experiences in HTML5 from known simple widely enjoyed game mechanics-- ultimately moving in to marketing commercially. Please send examples of you work. All revenue generated will be split in a mutually agreeable way and all work will be credited.
  13. Hi everyone, We at Plow wanted to share with you our latest HTML5 game, “Build-A-Bear Adventures.” Developed using Phaser, it is primarily a board game, with multiple mini-games sprinkled throughout, and is available on YouTube Gameplay Video: Direct Game Link: Features: - Playable in desktop and mobile web browsers - Two game boards, with more to come - Unique characters and user-interface for each game board - Lots of animation and effects We hope everyone enjoys the game! - - Plow -
  14. Hello. I use cordova to pack my phaser game to a mobile app, which looks like as following in my android phone: To make my game full screen in mobile phones, I want to hide both top status bar and bottom control bar. Is it possible? How can I make this? Thanks for any replies
  15. Hello. I made a small test game that I would like to test on mobile. I would like to make the game available for ios and android. I am not sure on how to do this ... Can someone help me out? Will the phaser-in-game-code be the same for both apps? I have heard of PhoneGap / Cordova. What about ios?
  16. Hello. I am trying to convert my html5 game to ios/android using intel xdk + cordova. However I get really low fps ( not playable). I get around 60 fps on desktop. I need that type of phyiscs because I have sprite rotation collision; cant be restricted to AABB collision. Are there any other solutions for mobile?
  17. Hi All; I'm trying to revive an game I used to run back in 2010 on facebook, back then we used flash/AS. it's a simple dice game, would like to start with single player, but might want to add mulitplayer in the future, but that's not a priority now. I'm looking for someone who's committed as i have other web projects that might require attention, please mail me at tamerokail -at-gmail with some example work and hourly rate. thank you!
  18. Hello world, First post here in html5gamedevs, but longtime reader, i just set up a new website and uploaded couple of games in there: If you have spare time, please check the stuff out, any feedback is welcomed :). My games are also available for non-exclusive and exclusive licensing. Zombies are rising from their graves and are hungry, save yourself by shooting them with your shotgun by...TYPING. PLAY NOW
  19. Hi, we have released our new awesome html5 game, i will be very happy to get feedback from you! Also i can tell you about development! Newgrounds : Kongregate : Rate us please, that's very important fo us!
  20. Hi, I'm currently developing a game where in the preload phase I load a few images and a shader : this.load.image('title', 'assets/images/title.png'); this.load.image('subtitle', 'assets/images/subtitle.png'); this.load.image('particle', 'assets/images/particle.png'); this.load.bitmapFont('belleza', 'assets/fonts/belleza.png', 'assets/fonts/belleza.xml'); this.load.shader('sphere', 'assets/shaders/sphere.frag'); Unfortunately it seems that on mobile (tested chrome + safari on iphone5s running iOS 10), the page requires a reload for the filter to work. Any idea what I should be looking for? Desktop browser version works fine. Thanks.
  21. Hello, here's my new game ready for playing. This game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Visit Scratch photos of famous hollywood stars and quess who they are. Answer fast and receive speed bonus. Use coins to buy more time. PLAY NOW
  22. hi i'm using 3.x now.. I'm wondering how fast... do you kwow about this? if migrate 4.x from 3.x, tell me about good thing and bad thing thx
  23. Loonride

    Loon Ride

    Loon Ride is now available on Google Play, and in your browser! Check out our website at to learn more! Our very first tutorial on Phaser is available here for beginners. Loon Ride is an arcade game that requires navigating a balloon to avoid and collide with obstacles in the air. The objective is to travel as far as possible. Obstacles include cacti, which pop your balloon, and clouds, which protect you from cacti. Play a variety of unique levels, or get a new high score on endless mode. Latest update information: New levels, new buttons, and bug fixes! Technical details: Phaser, Cordova, and Crosswalk were used to create the app
  24. Hello there. I'm making a simple game to understand phaser better. I have made a simple game using this resolution: phaserGame = new Phaser.Game(480, 720, Phaser.AUTO, ''); So, i can center this on screen etc. However, if i wish the game to be resized to fit the screen in desktop and mobile devices, what would be the best way to do ? Thanks again for any attention