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Found 426 results

  1. Hello. I use cordova to pack my phaser game to a mobile app, which looks like as following in my android phone: To make my game full screen in mobile phones, I want to hide both top status bar and bottom control bar. Is it possible? How can I make this? Thanks for any replies
  2. Hello. I made a small test game that I would like to test on mobile. I would like to make the game available for ios and android. I am not sure on how to do this ... Can someone help me out? Will the phaser-in-game-code be the same for both apps? I have heard of PhoneGap / Cordova. What about ios?
  3. Hello. I am trying to convert my html5 game to ios/android using intel xdk + cordova. However I get really low fps ( not playable). I get around 60 fps on desktop. I need that type of phyiscs because I have sprite rotation collision; cant be restricted to AABB collision. Are there any other solutions for mobile?
  4. Hi All; I'm trying to revive an game I used to run back in 2010 on facebook, back then we used flash/AS. it's a simple dice game, would like to start with single player, but might want to add mulitplayer in the future, but that's not a priority now. I'm looking for someone who's committed as i have other web projects that might require attention, please mail me at tamerokail -at-gmail with some example work and hourly rate. thank you!
  5. Hello world, First post here in html5gamedevs, but longtime reader, i just set up a new website and uploaded couple of games in there: If you have spare time, please check the stuff out, any feedback is welcomed :). My games are also available for non-exclusive and exclusive licensing. Zombies are rising from their graves and are hungry, save yourself by shooting them with your shotgun by...TYPING. PLAY NOW
  6. Hi, we have released our new awesome html5 game, i will be very happy to get feedback from you! Also i can tell you about development! Newgrounds : Kongregate : Rate us please, that's very important fo us!
  7. Hi, I'm currently developing a game where in the preload phase I load a few images and a shader : this.load.image('title', 'assets/images/title.png'); this.load.image('subtitle', 'assets/images/subtitle.png'); this.load.image('particle', 'assets/images/particle.png'); this.load.bitmapFont('belleza', 'assets/fonts/belleza.png', 'assets/fonts/belleza.xml'); this.load.shader('sphere', 'assets/shaders/sphere.frag'); Unfortunately it seems that on mobile (tested chrome + safari on iphone5s running iOS 10), the page requires a reload for the filter to work. Any idea what I should be looking for? Desktop browser version works fine. Thanks.
  8. Hello, here's my new game ready for playing. This game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Visit Scratch photos of famous hollywood stars and quess who they are. Answer fast and receive speed bonus. Use coins to buy more time. PLAY NOW
  9. hi i'm using 3.x now.. I'm wondering how fast... do you kwow about this? if migrate 4.x from 3.x, tell me about good thing and bad thing thx
  10. Loonride

    Loon Ride

    Loon Ride is now available on Google Play, and in your browser! Check out our website at to learn more! Our very first tutorial on Phaser is available here for beginners. Loon Ride is an arcade game that requires navigating a balloon to avoid and collide with obstacles in the air. The objective is to travel as far as possible. Obstacles include cacti, which pop your balloon, and clouds, which protect you from cacti. Play a variety of unique levels, or get a new high score on endless mode. Latest update information: New levels, new buttons, and bug fixes! Technical details: Phaser, Cordova, and Crosswalk were used to create the app
  11. Hello there. I'm making a simple game to understand phaser better. I have made a simple game using this resolution: phaserGame = new Phaser.Game(480, 720, Phaser.AUTO, ''); So, i can center this on screen etc. However, if i wish the game to be resized to fit the screen in desktop and mobile devices, what would be the best way to do ? Thanks again for any attention
  12. Hi everybody, i would like any info regarding tools that can package HTML5 web apps to native (preferably) and hybrid mobile apps (Android and iOS are the two platforms i would like to target). My main concern is to find which tools can render canvas (WebGL also would be great) contents on a native OpenGL stage, in order to get the best mobile performance. Now, from my research i found that only - (formerly known as CocoonJS) can build and package a HTML5 Canvas (and WebGL) app to a native mobile (Both Android and iOS). If you want to target iOS only you can also use - Ejecta I also realize that, - PhoneGap, - The Crosswalk Project and - Apache Cordova(?) use WebView, which means that they package your app with a browser window, so performance wise, they are pretty similar with how your app looks when run in a mobile browser. Some other tools, for which i haven't figured out on how they handle canvas/webgl objects include : - Game Closure - The Electron framework - Intel XDK - Appcelerator So i would like any extra info, on other tools, or experiences using the aforementioned tools. Since i have never used any of it, i might have misundestood some things, so feel free to correct me, and expand the list if you will. It would be a nice reference for everyone. Thanks and have a good one! p.s. Literally any insight on the process of porting a web app to mobile is useful, especially anything about canvas performance on mobile.
  13. My Phaser (v2.6.2) game runs great at 60fps on my iPhone 6S. But then I tested it on a regular 6 and was shocked to see 20fps. I took everything out until nothing was left but an empty scene and it is still just 30fps on iPhone 6 and 10fps on iPad Mini 1. The code below outputs: In Safari on iPad Mini 1 iOS 8.2 -> webgl: true fps: 20 In Safari on iPhone 6 iOS 9.3 -> webgl: true fps: 30 (I even checked this on two different iPhone 6 because I couldn't believe my eyes) In Safari on iPhone 6S iOS 10 -> webgl: true fps: 60 The performance cannot possibly be this bad can it? iPhone 6 is still a modern device. But what could be wrong with my code below? For comparison I also quickly googled html5 game engine and set up a basic scene with Panda JS that just sets the renderer to WebGL and prints out fps and it was running at 60 on all 3 devices listed above. So I think I can rule out device and it must be something down to the Phaser engine, or the way that I am using the Phaser engine. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <script src="./build/phaser.js"></script> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> </head> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(360, 640, Phaser.AUTO, '', { init: init, render: render }); function init() { game.time.advancedTiming = true; } function render() { game.debug.text("webgl: " + (game.renderType === Phaser.WEBGL) + " fps: " + game.time.fps, 32, 32); } }; </script> </body> </html>
  14. Hey guys! Today I'm super excited to announce the live release of our first Phaser game, ROBO! You can get it for free on the Apple and Play stores! Link to the game in the Play store : Link to the game in the App store : Also we wouldn't mind if you gave us some likes / follows ^^ Facebook : Twitter : It's been really challenging building this game from the ground up, all the more as it was our first time being on our own. The game was built with Phaser 2.4.6, and exported to the mobile platform with Cordova. I'd also like to use this post to thank all the loyal members of the forum who have greatly helped us over the last past months! You guys make this place rock! If you have any questions, whether it's about the gameplay or the code, don't hesitate! I'd be glad to answer them! Have a nice day guys, and have fun coding the awesome with Phaser!
  15. Hello gamedevs community, After watching so many of you publish games I can finally post my first game in this showcase as well: Kung Fu Clicker ! "Can you climb the mysterious tower to the top and prove yourself to be the most worthy Kung Fu master? Defeat the elementals, collect their essences and keep climbing. Complete quests along the way to upgrade your character in the shop and finally reach the highest floor of the tower!" Game link: Kung Fu Clicker is a browser game optimized for mobile by solely using touch (or click) inputs. On a desktop browser however, you can also use the arrow keys. The game controls are simple: Tap left / right to attack, block and jump in the desired direction. Collect the essences in the order displayed on the screen (from left to right) by blocking the attacks of the corresponding elemental. You block an attack by attacking an elemental that is already charging towards you. Punch the other elementals before they start charging at you! After each successful collection of essences, you climb to the next level by jumping up the ledges. Beware however, as the ledges fall down shortly after you touched them! I don't want to give too much away because that's part of the game: to learn and improve as you play along. There is a short and simple tutorial in the game, however, to get you started. You can come back and continue playing anytime by the way, the game uses local storage to save your quests' progress and all purchases in the shop. I've had a lot of fun creating this small game and I'm already working on a new title, which I am excited to post here again in the coming weeks. Have fun playing and let me know what you think! Don't hold back on the critics, I know this is an amateur game but any feedback is appreciated so I can improve P.S.: A couple side notes / questions: - I would love to licence this game to a publisher but since this is my first game and I'm a newcomer, I am scared Kung Fu Clicker has still written amateur all over it. Also, I'd assume I need to approach a publisher with a package of games instead of just one simple one like this. With this said, if you are a publisher or know someone where I could legitimately make a good impression with this, let me know! Meanwhile the game is also playable on gamejolt (desktop only): - I am a terrible artist. The characters, elementals, objects and interface have been designed by me. The backgrounds have been designed by my girlfriend. Thanks to her help the game looks a lot better than it would just drawn by myself. I am looking for an artist who doesn't charge too much for future games, though. I'm not trying to rip-off talented artists by being cheap but I just can't afford a top notch reputable designer at this point. Maybe a student out there who would like to get in touch with me? Hit me up on twitter @thejamespierce . - Lastly, thank you for reading this post and checking out my game
  16. Hi, just wondering what the typical length audio people use for HTML5 mobile games? I seem to be leaning towards the 90 second mark for background music, then looping the sound but obviously adding sound effects on top. I'm also experimenting with something my brother made be realise: in games like Street Fighter 2 when you got towards the end of your time limit, the music sped up to subconsciously to add tension. That's definitely something I'll have to incorporate in my games.
  17. I got surface friction working in my physics engine, so I tried gravity and simple rolling controls, and I think it's pretty fun. Desktop controls: left and right arrows, and SHIFT for turbo Mobile: swipe right and left
  18. Hello all, I'm looking to sell the source code to several of my GameMaker-studio based mobile-web HTML5 games. I won't be posting them publicly, but if you PM me I will answer promptly with the games, prices, and any other information you might need. Thank you
  19. Hello, I try to develop a game compatible desktop and mobile, but I am faced with a big problem. I managed to handle the scroll of the camera with this great plugin: Now I would like to handle the click, in addition to the scroll. I'm comparing pointers in the update function, but no way to differentiate the click pointer and the first pointer of the scroll (the following is good) I'm am already able to detect the first click of a scroll compared to the next with isClick param on : ((point, x, y, isClick) => {}) But nothing to differentiate a simple click of a first click on a scroll event I tried with a setTimeout but I not get a great result. Any other ideas ? Thank you PS: Sorry for my english (i'm french ^^")
  20. I've been playing around with Panda.js using the example endless runner game avaialble here: I've been having several issues trying to attempt to get the default scroll event working on mobile. I've modified the game in such a way as the user interacts with the game via DOM elements. As an example, I have a modal popup which they can click or tap to start the game, then when the game is over, enter their details via a similar modal with input fields etc. These modal boxes are rendered on top of the canvas element. The main issue comes as mentioned when I attempt to scroll on mobile, it seems I can't make any default browser action. Edit: I have the canvas rendered inside a div content container. I think this is primarily to do with pixi.js, and from doing some research into the issue have found some leads such as setting the autoPreventDefault attribute to false ( ) but this has not helped, and the issue has remained. Has anyone come across a similar problem, and might have a solution?
  21. Hi! We are working on a puzzle board game called Find the way . It is made for mobile devices. Release date is close so we wanted to give you a heads-up. You can see the intro video here : Feel free to comment and share Thank You!
  22. Hi guys, I just want to know what is the framework which is optimized for mobile, i've used Phaser to make a game but it is very slow in mobile, is there any other framework that work perfect for mobile ?
  23. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not sorry and send me to the right place My issue with the Phaser.CANVAS renderer is when I lock my device in landscape then unlock it then the screen jumps about and then turns into a black screen. You can still press all of the in game buttons even though you can't see what you're doing. The game works fine when rendered in WEBGL but the framerate takes a big hit so it needs to be in CANVAS ideally. This only happens on Android devices. Thanks
  24. Hey guys! I'm working on adding a new ability to a game I'm working on. And I want to be able to activate it on mobile by double tapping the screen and hold to keep it active, then de-activate it when finger is released. Has anyone else solved this problem or have any suggestions on the best approach? Thanks!
  25. Hi everyone, I'm making a platform game for mobile(crosswalk, cordova). Everything works great on my computer, but when I import my game on a smartphone and I move my player to scroll my map, it's really jerky... :/ I have like 3-4 parallax in the background who works really good with any movement of my player, but my principal tilemap with collision seems to be the problem here. I tried to resize everything, even with 32x32px tiles and 512px height (16 tiles of height), it's jerky again. Any ideas ?