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Found 231 results

  1. Hey peeps! Thought this would be a good place to show the Pixi.js roadmap. It should give you an idea of where we plan on taking pixi.js.. Create a Typescript definition file for Pixi.jsImplement Custom Render Item (currently being worked on by @GoodBoyDigital)Implement MaskingImplement Primative DrawingImplement Filters (currently being worked on by @GoodBoyDigital)Add Spine supportImplement Flash animation to pixiUpdate Loader so that it support XHR2 if it is availableImprove the Documentation of the ProjectCreate an Asset Loader TutorialCreate a MovieClip TutorialCreate a small game TutorialIf anyone has any more feature requests that dont fall into the list above then we are keen to hear them! Also If anyone wants to help out with anything in the list then by all means feel free to get in touch.
  2. Hey all! I am pleased to announce that I have just updated pixi.js over on github! More detail can be found on our blog: Enjoy!
  3. EDIT: NOTE - The performance issue does not seem to be a problem with Pixi.js. It more seems to be a browser/hardware related problem. Hi, today I finally wanted to give Pixi.js a try. Since I am most concerned about mobile devices I started with example 01 to see how it performs on mobiles. Unfortunately the performance seems not smooth at all. Is there anything wrong with my modified example ? Working example: I tested it on my Nexus4 (chrome) and I got around ~28fps. Any help appreciated. Best, benny!
  4. Theres a storm brewin' around pixi.js! Check out our new tech demo that showcases some of pixi.js new upcoming features! What new features I hear you ask? You can find out on our blog here. But if ya want the top line, we got: RenderTextureFiltersBlendModesTriangle MeshCome on in the water's lovely!
  5. Hello HTML5ers! We Just finished our our game "Fight for Everyone" and I really want to share it with you all. It was made it to complement this rocking tune Fight for Everyone by the Leisure Society. The basic gist is that you have to protect a deer from evil fox's by flinging them away! Its built using our open source engine pixi.js, so should hopefully work on all devices It uses multitouch too so its extra fun on an iPad! Hope you enjoy it!
  6. rich

    Pixi.js has landed

    "For the last few months we’ve been hard at work, deep in the Goodboy code mines digging up a little treat for you all. So without further ado (insert drumroll here), it gives me great pleasure to introduce pixi.js! The aim of this project is to provide a fast, lightweight 2D library that works across all devices, both mobile and desktop. The pixi renderer allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of webGL. It’s also fast Another javascript engine, eh?!“Why should we care?” I hear you ask “Theres loads of these engines out there!” To that I say, good question! Read on… Although I fully intended pixi.js to be used to make wonderful, juicy HTML5 games, it is not a game engine – it is a rendering engine. It puts things on your screen and thats it, although I think it does that quite well though This means you can use pixi.js in conjunction with all the other great libraries out there in javascript land without having to choose ‘A’ over ‘B’. I like to think of pixi.js as more like a 2D version of three.js so it will enable people to build all kinds of great 2D web experiences that we’ve all been building for years in Flash. Of course, games are definitely high on that list of potential applications! Another important goal of pixi.js is to tap into the raw power of webGL for its rendering speed. WebGL is an increasingly important web tech and many browsers are now supporting it by default (Gold stars for youChrome and Firefox!) and crucially mobile browsers are beginning to use it too. Firefox and Chrome beta both support webGL in their Android iterations, and I would bet my left leg that it won’t be long until safari iOS will support it too (its supported in thier iAds already)! Pixi.js does a great job of abstracting away all that crazy webGL shader hoohaa unlocking all that speed for everyone to play with. Its worth noting that it automatically handles sprite batching behind the scenes allowing for incredibly fast rendering without any extra hassle. Of course pixi.js also has a renderer that comes in canvas flavour that is optimised to the nuts too. This means that pixi.js stuff will also run on pretty much every mobile and modern browser (ie9 included!) I guess it’s also worth mentioning that I didn’t want there to be any visual differences between the two renderers… so there aren’t any Lovely for a bit of graceful degradation, or progressive enhancement depending on which side your bread’s buttered!?" Lots more details here: