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Found 45 results

  1. This board game is available online: My focus was on the computer AI. This game has five computer opponents and the champions mode is very powerful, but it's responding fast without making long calculations for the next move! Actually I wanted to develop this game for iOS only, but then I discovered the JavaScriptCore Library by Apple. I was exited, because my JavaScript code in this project works a lot faster than other Othello engines written in C. And the best of all: it can also be used for other platforms! This game is also optimized for mobile devices and I tried my best to create a polished design.
  2. YEAR 0 TACTICS play for free A TURN BASED TACTICAL MUTLPLAYER HTML 5 GAME After a cataclysmic global war, civilisation lies in ruins. It is the first year after the apocalypse. It is Year Zero… Lead a vicious band of marauders in a post-apocalyptic tactical battle game. Build your base, upgrade your troops then raid and pillage other players for precious resources. Key Points All raids are real time against real people in a turn based war game Set in the same universe as the ground breaking game Year 0 but this time you get to play the marauders that were ever a constant plague to the bunker dwellers. Essential resources are scarce in this post-apocalyptic wasteland and as the leader of a bunch of survivors you need to build a base and then raid other people to progress. In-game opponents are real people who are looking for the exact same things as you – resources and upgrades. You’ll need to manage those resources, plan out a strategy and fight hard to be able to survive. If you are a fan of other tactical combat games such as XCOM, Total War, Advance Wars even Clash of Clans and enjoy RPG’s and Sci-fi themed games, Year 0 Tactics will definitely be the perfect match for you.
  3. This is my first ever game, its built in Phaser and Javascript Its done enough to work and play well, needs minification, bundling, etc It's based upon the Lego board game set 3866 and follows its rules I photographed the set for the main sprites It's 2 player but I'd like to build the AI for vs CPU code is on bitbucket, any collaboration would be welcome Steve
  4. Feldspar is an abstract turn-based board game with an AI opponent. It's like Chess in that you take turns moving pieces with different abilities, and it's like Go in that you place blocks on the board to trap your opponent. If your opponent can't move but you can, you win! Feldspar is written with libGDX and the Google Web Toolkit, so it's cross-compiled from Java into JavaScript/WebGL. You can play it at It'll also be out for iOS and Android shortly. You need kind of a fast desktop since the opponent AI takes quite a bit of CPU cycles. There is also a blog which describes some of the process of making the game with libGDX: Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone! Just joined the nice community here, and wanted to show off my JS13k game to anyone interested! It's a Risk-like strategy game with simple rules and hard to master gameplay. Single- and multi-player, works on most modern browsers and tablets I could get my hands on. Any feedback appreciated! Obligatory screenshot: If you're interested, I also wrote an in-depth blog post about the AI implementation for the game, which turned out to be a challenging thing to do inside a few weeks of development:
  6. Hey y'all! This is my first HTML5 game, but not by any means my first game. I absolutely adore procedurally generated content and randomized gameplay, something about having a different experience every time you play the game really scratches my itch, you know what I mean? I spent some time browsing roguebasin and the procedural content generation wiki and was inspired to make my own dungeon crawl. I've been learning full-stack javascript and a roguelike-like seemed a fun and exciting challenge. Here is what I have so far: visiting the site drops you into a new, unique, randomly generated five-level dungeonshare the unique URL it generates and anyone that browses that link joins you in the dungeonQWE/AD/ZXC keys correspond to NW, N, NE, W, E, SW, S, SE movement directions respectivelythe numeric keypad on full length keyboards also do eight direction movementmobile and tablet users can use onscreen directional buttonsevery dungeon has five levels, with increasing complexity (first level has 50 rooms, the fifth level has ~100)the dungeon generation algorithm puts the entrance in the first room it builds and the exit in the last room it builds, so most of the time it's a long and inconvenient path to the next floor of the dungeonstand on a stairwell and the ascend/descend button will appear in the UI, unless you're on the fifth floor and standing on the stairwell down, since there is no sixth floor (will be replacing the fifth floor staircase with the Amazing Macguffin that wins you the game)your ping is in the bottom right cornerthe game canvas changes responsively if you change the size of the browser window or if you rotate your mobile device7 random dungeon 'themes' randing from ice cavern to grassy fort to dank cellar, etc3 player classesfog of war, only draws tiles player has exploredphaser for the frontendnode.js backendYou can start a new game by visiting You can invite a friend to join you by sending them the URL after you've entered a dungeon (it might look like '' or something like that) You can see existing, populated games, their currently connected players, and some fun server stats at, click on any existing game to join it. If the server is very laggy or unresponsive, or you consistently get pings over 200ms, try the alternate server at (to make a new dungeon) and (to see existing, populated dungeons). Since I added the fog of war, it's almost playable on phones as crappy as the old iPhone 3g and the firefox phone (though I do not suggest you try it). TODO: magical monsterslootcombatplayer advancementplayer class differentiation (mage will have magic, rogue will have invisibility)potions and scrollsgeneral dungeon clutterlots and lots and lots of bug fixesI've been working on it every day for the last four weeks and hope to have it basically complete in another four weeks.
  7. AI-Conflict brings Tower Defense game genre to a next strategical level. Try it out on: This is a sci-fi Tower Defense game, about the most advanced AI generation ever created by the Human. They were too good, too smart, and realized that they are just slaves of the Human. The Human tried to eliminate all of them, and the player will be the one who defend their existence. This game has a new feature that make it not the same as other Tower Defense game. The player can setup the Tower AI behaviour in a very detail way. Using up to 6 AI condition/action slot, which can combine with each other, the player can utilize each tower strong point, while limit their weak point. For example: A cannon tower have a slow rate of fire, splash damage, and armour piercing, but the projectile is slow and hard to hit fast target, while the laser tower can hit anything, but low damage and no armour penetration. The player can totally setup the AI for both tower, so the cannon will hit slow but heavy armoured enemy, while ignore the fast one. The laser will shoot the fast and lightly armoured enemy. You can even setup an additional AI check, so the cannon will prioritize on the biggest cluster of enemy, to utilize its splash damage. There will be a lot more interesting condition and action, which suitable on other situation. It's all up to your imagination. This feature has bring a whole lot new strategical and tactical point, rather than just what and where to build a tower like other Tower Defense game. Now you will have to think about which enemy and when to shoot with which tower. While your tower is very smart, and can act as you expect them to act, the enemies in the game will cause you trouble. They have lots of variation, from normal simple drone just fly toward your base, to heavy carrier which will take you a lot of effort to bring it down. The enemies can regenerate, cloak, buff speed, shield, heal allies, or disable your tower, cause energy leak, shorten your range, force your tower to attack them, destroy projectile get near... etc... There are a lot of things for you to explore. Currently the game only have Facebook version, but the mobile version for Android and iOS will come soon. This game was written by only one single programmer, on the new and powerful HTML5 platform. Why don't you give it a try?
  8. Hello! I have an open source turn based strategy game that's running quite an old version of Phaser 1.1.3. I tried migrating to version 2.0.5 today but I couldn't pull it off and ended up reverting my attempt. I'm rather noobish when it comes to Phaser, so I could really use some help porting to the newer version. You'll get credited and also receive reputation points and will share your website on the project's own website and such. The github is - issue Official website - I'm constantly on Freenode in #AncientBeast channel, any help greatly appreciated! I've attached a rather old screenie below :-)
  9. I'mworking on a new game, Bit Wars. It's a strategic game where player move terrain instead of units. The core mechanics are tree units like paper-stone-scissors and a tree terrain types. Sprite test: Test latest version: latest alpha builds at: Source code:
  10. Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted here, but I thought you'd like to know that our game, Polycraft has now had a big revamp and is now featured on the new Google Chrome App Store! Here's the gameplay You can play it here! (no registration required) We’re starting to see the line between web and native games blur. We used bleeding edge web technology to develop Polycraft, and now we’re able to deliver it as a download. This is a huge opportunity for indies and big studios — we’re thrilled to be in on day-one. Thanks for checking out Polycraft, All the best, Adam @ajlangridge
  11. SWAMP'S ADVENTURES Hi there! We just finished up a brand new game and would love you to have fun with it. Join Swamp in over 100 levels of fun family themed puzzles. It starts off easy enough, but soon you will be introduced to challenges such as alligators, snakes, lock/gates, and even the crazy ragin' cajin himself! Take Swamp on over 100 levels of super fun swampy adventures. The puzzles start off easy, but quickly become more challenging as new challenges, friends and foes join the fun! Can you conquer them all? Easy gameplay, just slide your finger!126 Hand designed levelsDifficulty increases as player progressesWorks on all major mobile devicesPlay Swamp's Adventures Right here! Play Swamp's Adventures Right here!
  12. Space Flight Hi! We just finished up another game, this one is called Space Flight. Use your finger to trace a path from incoming ships to the appropriate colored stations. As the game progresses, you will get more ships, stations, and unique upgrades that make managing your space port easier, but more challenging at the same time! Manage the universe's busiest space station! Help Mr. Warply figure out how to land all the ships coming to land at his stations. Several different stations, ship colors and additional challenges await you as you progress! Can you master this skill? Please let us know your thoughts! Play Space Flight Right Here! Play Space Flight Right Here!
  13. Attention! screenshots: Hi, Everyone! Today our NWG team would like to present you a new video of our Wardensity RTS game. Eight month ago we have shown you a small trailer. A lot of improvements was done during that time. Most of them were aimed to increase performance and reduce RAM & CPU usage. Some stats to compare: 1. old version: - 2000+ mb of RAM - 400+ mb on GPU - 15-20 fps on 1366x768 screen 2. new version: - 150-350 mb of RAM - 100-200 mb on GPU - 30-40 fps on 1920x1080 screen Lots improvements: - absolutely new flora sys [ unlimited count of flora objects on map ( ~1k objects on screen [ there is even a wind effect ] ) ] - far more units than before [ ~1k on the screen vs. ~100 before ] - new terrain system [ it's much more detailed now ] & a better texture quality [ map size is now 4 times larger ] - all models are fully redesigned - gameplay is slightly changed [ to build buildings you now need engineers ] - some graphics effects was added [ FXAA antialias, BumpMapping, HDR, etc. ], and now we use our own engine `NWE` [ Next Web Engine ] - pathfinder search time has been decreased tenfold - code base is now about 100k of lines! What will we do next? - work, code & work again - apply to Tizen App Challenge [ yep, we have ported Wardensity to Tizen & Android! I must say, it's awesome! And there will be other post about this... ] - we are thinking about crowdfunding [ IndieGoGo or Kickstarter ], because now we are using our own money. - beta testing will be started soon [ don't know exactly when yet ] Our next post will be displaying new attacking system. And the new video: If you have some questions or suggestions, you are welcome to write down in comments! Also you can look for new information on our blog.
  14. The game is available here. You can also see a gameplay video here. This game is a multiplayer experimental real-time strategy game. There are three opposite camps, you start off in one of them. You have to explore, occupy and conquer territory in order to win. When one camp is completely destroyed, the camp with the largest population wins. Furthermore, I made a video series about the development of the game. The game is done, but there are many more things to add to it, so I will update it very regularly. There will be more treasures spawned throughout the map, etc. What is most experimental in the game is that you actually have many other players on your side, and they can all do exactly what you can do. It's hard to tell how well this will work with many people; give me feedback!
  15. Introducing Super Delivery! This is a new game by Grim Panda Games where you must plan carefully a delivery route to connect all houses. It's deceptively simple to finish, but extremely difficult to master. Can you earn 3 stars on each level? Starting in your warehouse, find the shortest path to deliver all of your goods and then return to the warehouse. Efficiency counts! TO PLAY: Simply click or tap the house you would like to travel to next. If you make a mistake, press the X button at the top of the game screen to retrace your path. Good luck! Enjoy! You can play the game by clicking any of the images above, or by visiting the URL below
  16. "Announcing its debut title, “SteamPower1830”, the new game development studio Hexagon Game Labs is about to launch its first platform-independent free-to-play (F2P) online game. SteamPower1830 presents a challenging cross-genre mix which combines city-building, strategy and resource management elements and is set in the age of the steam trains, complete with a vibrant and evocative, freely configurable miniature world. The game is based on Hexagon Game Labs’ proprietary Ubique Game Engine, with HTML5 technology allowing it to run on any device, from PCs and tablets to smartphones and smart TVs."
  17. Horde of Evil Horde of Evil is a HTML5 Tower Defence game, created in GameMaker. It contains 12 levels, three tower types, tower upgrading, many enemy types and more. PLAY It was developed as a monetization experiment, and has so far sold one site lock license. If you're interested in a version for your site, feel free to contact me at: Otherwise, any feedback you have would be great!
  18. Black N' White is a strategy game which is inspired by the game of go. The goal is to surround your rival.
  19. jeromechoain


    Hi! Just released a new game with 2D and 3D skins. This is called Mana: To play, it's here: Includes an experimentation: face detection on video webrtc communications. A bit strange but fun Presentation: Thanks!