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Found 92 results

  1. Cat vs Granny Small arcade game where cat eats as many tasty cakes as possible for 60 seconds. Instructions: Find two ore more cakes of one color and tap to eat them. When granny approaches you'll see big letters "RUN!" near you. tap them to escape. I made this game using Scirra Construct 2. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Most of my worries are about game performance on mobile and tablets: I was able only to test it on one device and it's relatively smooth but some lag is still notable... Also this is my first game that comes with ads and I hope that ad banners are placed well. Would be nice to hear your opinion about it too. Best regards, Tim
  2. Hi there! This week we want to show you our latest games, Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear (let's just call it MoA ) is a frantic, quick-reaction, rock-paper-scissors type of games where you must quickly defeat enemy by choosing the correct weapons. Wrong moves, and it will spell defeat for you. It contain 6 enemy types to beat, 18 levels to clear, and highscore for each level. Can you master your arms? Kudos to my partner Novpixel (for design) and Anto (for music) as always! Link: Hope you have fun playing it! Have problem or feedback? Don't hesitate to tell me!
  3. Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted here, but I thought you'd like to know that our game, Polycraft has now had a big revamp and is now featured on the new Google Chrome App Store! Here's the gameplay You can play it here! (no registration required) We’re starting to see the line between web and native games blur. We used bleeding edge web technology to develop Polycraft, and now we’re able to deliver it as a download. This is a huge opportunity for indies and big studios — we’re thrilled to be in on day-one. Thanks for checking out Polycraft, All the best, Adam @ajlangridge
  4. Marty the Martian Maintenance Man is an HTL5 keyboard or touch based browser game that works on any device. A word of warning to those IPad and IPhone users, as the game works fine the music doesn't play because as far as I can gather Apple is a bugger about browser games that play music. I am a bit new to the Game Development HTML5 arena, so any advice is welcome. I have developed a couple of games over the course of about six months and the latest I am especially fond of. Marty tMM is a game that I have been wanting to make since I first played Mario Brothers in 1989. It is in a bit of Beta as the five levels currently will expand to many more in the next couple of days. However those five levels are a real pain in the ass to get through unscathed. I was going to go with the 3 lives and you have to start over, but decided it is not the days of Ghost 'n Goblins anymore and made it a little more forgiving with unlimited level restarts. So, thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think, or if you find something that needs a fix'in. Two versions of the same game exist, one in its native 800x500 and the other fullscreen version at
  5. Hi, Here is my complete game in Phaser. Link: Check it out and give feedback. Regards update: Game updated with following changes. 1. It uses Phaser 2 now. 2. Three difficulty levels removed. Instead, now difficulty is automatically increased after each 5000 score interval. 3. Now game directly starts into fast action mode.
  6. The title refers to the mad-scientist based contraption in the game, not the game itself which is silly bordering on inane. :-) Hey. This is a non-violent high-score action game about shearing sheep. I created it mainly as an exercise to learn Phaser and to see if Phaser and I would get along (we do—Phaser is awesome). I haven't spent any time optimizing it for mobile at all yet but it runs well enough on the desktop. I'll optimize and add leaderboards and CocoonJs-ify it later. Anyway, I'm putting this away for now while I work on #cyberpunkjam and #7drl. The best score I've been able to get is about 120,000. Feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  7. Crazy Grandpa with a Chainsaw Game Jolt (with leaderboards) (with leaderboards) You're old, crazy, and you have a chainsaw! Can you survive the insanity? This is an action-arcade game where you use your chainsaw as a tool for survival against up to five different types of enemies. The more you kill and survive, the higher your score. With online leaderboards on both Game Jolt and you can compare your scores to those of other players. Features music by Dalin Anderson. My personal highscore is 411 with a survival time of 83 seconds. Screenshots:
  8. Hi, I started looking for sponsors for our first html5 game. Previously I did a couple of sponsored flash games: "zombie home run" and "twtichpack". This one is called "Sidetracks", its about a train that needs to deliver cargo to many cities in a level in order to win. You have to click on the red rails in order to set their direction. It's an action game in the sense that you have to be quick to decide where you want your train to go. If you deliver enough cargo to a city, you will gain a new wagon. If you grow too much you will need to think more carefully about what paths to take, because you can crash with yourself and loose the level. I hope you enjoy it, and if you are sponsor you can contact me at cibarra223 at
  9. Hello there fellas, I recently started making a new little game, which I thought I'd share with you. The game is a remake of the popular iCopter, which was released some years ago. In the game you play as a small, yellow helicopter, and you'll have to avoid the walls and stones coming your way. The game still needs some debugging, so any help is appreciated. Also a mobile version will soon be avalible. Play: Screenshots:
  10. Hello, I've been working on this unlimited jumping game, where you fight enemies and collect power ups. Here is a short gameplay video: Or you can try the demo here, it should work in your browser and on mobile devices:
  11. Hey guys! I just came up with this awesome, retro, space action game! It's simple: Shoot all incoming aliens, and don't get hit. Controls: Space: shoot. Left and Right Arrow: Move left and Right. Play this game now! Space action Please leave a comment if you liked it, or if you have any changes Screenshots:
  12. Hey everybody, A while ago I created this game. It's hard and requires some super ninja powers to beat it. The object is to jump blue and black squares. Why both? Because the black squares are only dangerous from the sides and from underneath, which means you can walk on it. The levels are randomly generated, so that it's impossible to practice on curtain levels. You win the game when you reach the green square. But as I said before, it requires some super ninja powers to get there. Only people with those exact powers will be able to do it. ( Also I'm not responsible for various rage-actions ) Play the game: Screenshots:
  13. Hello guys, just a bit of backstory before I begin, I'm 17 and trying to prove to my parents that a career in game development is a real profession so I hope this goes well! Anyway, here is Killer Freaks. KILLER FREAKS Killer Freaks is a fun action arcade game whereby the protagonist uses a slingshot to keep themselves safe from the Freaks! The game features in-game achievements and in-game statistics. It has a fun game mechanic and I believe it's worth your time to try it out. I believe the game should do most of the talking though. I understand that the game is in need of some polishing but I'm hoping to strike a deal with a HTML5 sponsor two in order to buy a desktop PC. Please give me your honest opinion and criticize me as hard as you can. I have to improve in order to make a living out of this. Thank you for your time, Samuel. Direct Link: MarketJS Link: Hope you enjoy the game
  14. Mailas

    Blow Away

    Blow Away SCREENSHOTS --------------- VIDEO --------------- DESCRIPTION --------------- Help the little baby get out of his nightmares. Guide him through dozens of obstacles by creating a fan to blow him to safety with your finger! The game features 44 hand crafted levels full of deadly traps and obstacles! Simple controls also make this game easy to play for kids! CONTROLS --------------- Simply move the baby with a wind propeller by tapping and holding down on the screen around him to blow him in the opposite direction. Be sure to avoid obstacles such as spikes!
  15. wizardstudioz


    Hello Friends!!! Here is my New Autorunner game for Mobile Browser.this game can be played in all mobiles and all resolutions and browsers.I have tried to present this game as gameboy model lets see how this works Link to play on mobile device: Screenshots: yet to add tutorial but here i tell you the controls: Jump/Fly up Right button on top left of screen Bend/Fly down Left Buton top left of screen regards, Wizardstudioz
  16. First two of the four games that I've finished so far. Action game inspired by the youtube heroes and those people who always have the time to take the camera out and film the events in the most exceptional situations Here the link Overall feedback is appreciated! If you use a mobile device I would be happy to know how the game works on the device! Basketball game with 3 modes: - Time Trial - In the zone - Practice mode 2 differents playgrounds. Link If you use are using the 4+ Android Browser for this one I would really appreciate if you tell me if it works or not because it has an untested hack to override the clearRect Android Browser bug! Thank you!
  17. Hi all, My game - Pinata Pirates v2.0 is ready for the desktop and mobile portals. I originally entered the much rougher v1.0 version in Pokki's HTML5 game comp last year, and got a cool t-shirt and squishy Rubik's cube. Tyson