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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, this is my first try in making an isometric game. It's more a graphic test playground than a game, but who knows? If i am happy how everything works out, maybe i will turn it into a full game... You can try the demo here (move character with mouse):
  2. Peeti’s Kingdom is an adventure platform game created by my friend and I as a school project. As you can probably guess, there are no school projects without a survey. We would be very grateful if you could try the game and fill out the survey! Direct Link To The Game: or read the information at the survey page first (not really necessary though!) tried batch resizing our screenshots but there were some visual artifacts, if you want to look at the screenshots without those artifacts we have a mirror to the screenshots on imgur! Details The game is still in progress, so you’ll probably notice the lack of details like fancy animations or background art, you can comment about this in the survey or in the comments! Many thanks to the community of and Additional details: - This is our first ever time creating a game. - We use the magnificent Phaser framework. - It took us about 15 weeks of passive work to come this far, as is visible our GitHub repository. - All content was created by ourselves, except the sound effects, the music played when facing the very mean ornithologist (that’s right, there’s a very mean ornithologist), which can be found here: and some of the textures, which were based on the works of Andrew Gleeson: *
  3. Hello, i want to introduce you to a new game i am working on. Labyrinth - Quest for Gold is a maze game, where you play a little adventurer, who searches for treasures in a large labyrinth of caves full of enemies (like snakes) and dangerous traps. Try it out here: Play with cursor keys, press 'R' to reload level. On Mobile you play with the buttons at the bottom (until now not optimized/tested). ToDo: - adding more levels (finished game will have 50 - 100) - adding more types of enemies - adding music and sfx - title screen - menu screen . optimizing for mobile devices Tell me what you think! All Coding and Graphic Art by Chupup Games
  4. We have adapted our html5 game Key & Shield for mobile and created the Android version using CocoonJS. We have published a stable release and the result is very good, i like the Android version even more than the Keyboard only one. Try it out, it's for Android 4.0+. Play Store It's free and without ads, of course. Enjoy it!
  5. Hi guys, this is our contribution to the html5 game community. A little fun and beautiful platformer . Enjoy it! Key & Shield A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage. You’ve been granted the key and shield, which you’ll use to traverse the island and unlock all your friends. Play the game (Kongregate) Follow Gorliks on Facebook Screenshots
  6. Hello fellow HTML5 devs! I'd like to present you my first canvas game. It is a fantasy Action-Adventure called 'Ridane'. The project is still work in progress and in a very eary development state, but I think it's never to early to gather some feedback. Currently there is only one level available but it is filled with zombies only waiting to get beaten up . I know that the gameplay isn't that exciting by now, but I want to finish the first level, do some polishing and get rid of any remaining bugs before I continue with the next level and more features. In the following levels the player will be able to choose between a melee, ranged or magic equipment and they will also get some active skills depending on their class choice. I will also work on a 'block' feature for melee fighters, an 'aim' feature for ranged fighters and some kind of 'focus/channel mana' feature for mages. Thus the gameplay will be more diverse and the three classes will differ a little more. Preview of some unit graphics: I'm looking forward to your feedback and I very much appreciate every suggestion, found bug or criticism . But enough talking, you try out the game here. Don't forget to turn on the ingame sound! You can also take a look at the code on GitHub. One additional note: Unfortunately the game does not support mobile devices. The features I have planned and the therefore needed controls are not possible on mobile. I'll be supported by a frontend colleague very soon (I'm also a frontend dev), so the game should make some good progress in the next weeks and I will update you guys if there is interest for that. Cheers! Nico
  7. Marty the Martian Maintenance Man is an HTL5 keyboard or touch based browser game that works on any device. A word of warning to those IPad and IPhone users, as the game works fine the music doesn't play because as far as I can gather Apple is a bugger about browser games that play music. I am a bit new to the Game Development HTML5 arena, so any advice is welcome. I have developed a couple of games over the course of about six months and the latest I am especially fond of. Marty tMM is a game that I have been wanting to make since I first played Mario Brothers in 1989. It is in a bit of Beta as the five levels currently will expand to many more in the next couple of days. However those five levels are a real pain in the ass to get through unscathed. I was going to go with the 3 lives and you have to start over, but decided it is not the days of Ghost 'n Goblins anymore and made it a little more forgiving with unlimited level restarts. So, thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think, or if you find something that needs a fix'in. Two versions of the same game exist, one in its native 800x500 and the other fullscreen version at
  8. Courier is a non-combat RPG where you play as a mail-carrier trying to unravel a plot to enslave the land of Veilend. Courier is placed in a fantasy setting, but you don't play as the sword-weilding hero out to save the world. You are a mail-carrier who stumbles into circumstances that set you off on a grand adventure.After a lot of data, metrics, and testing, Courier has moved to node-webkit to deliver a better experience for users. With that, I've pushed the game further graphically and have decided to release it as a completed game later instead of progressively. Click for full size By the way, you can play as either a male or a female. Click for full size After a brief introduction, you start the game with your first assignment of delivering a package to the mayor of a forest town, but the entrance to the town is blocked off by a mysterious rock slide soon after you arrive. Once it is cleared and you can get out to explore the rest of the world, you'll discover many similar events have happened all around. Bridges have been knocked out, town entrances have been blocked, lifts have been shut down, and travel routes have been disrupted. Someone or something wants to hold back communication throughout the Kingdom, and it can't be for a good reason. Uncovering these paths lets you gain access to more deliveries to build up your career, and open communication can slowly be restored. But there still must be a sinister plot underlying these events, and that is your task to uncover. Courier features a large world, nice visuals, and a fully interactive and high-quality soundtrack. It will release via Node-webkit on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  9. Made a game called "Cedarville" for the 48-hour Ludum Dare competition. summary: You are about to decide the fate of 6 people from the town of Cedarville. You will be shown 6 scenarios of which you will have no prior understanding. It is your job to pick one of TWO possible solutions. Both solutions will have DIRE consequences on the life of the individual in question. If you do not reach a decision in ten seconds, a random decision will be made for you (unless otherwise specified). _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's the LD link for those of you in the competition (I always vote back): and here's the direct link to the game on my site: Hope you enjoy! Feedback always welcome!
  10. Mailas

    Blow Away

    Blow Away SCREENSHOTS --------------- VIDEO --------------- DESCRIPTION --------------- Help the little baby get out of his nightmares. Guide him through dozens of obstacles by creating a fan to blow him to safety with your finger! The game features 44 hand crafted levels full of deadly traps and obstacles! Simple controls also make this game easy to play for kids! CONTROLS --------------- Simply move the baby with a wind propeller by tapping and holding down on the screen around him to blow him in the opposite direction. Be sure to avoid obstacles such as spikes!
  11. wizardstudioz


    Hello Friends!!! Here is my New Autorunner game for Mobile Browser.this game can be played in all mobiles and all resolutions and browsers.I have tried to present this game as gameboy model lets see how this works Link to play on mobile device: Screenshots: yet to add tutorial but here i tell you the controls: Jump/Fly up Right button on top left of screen Bend/Fly down Left Buton top left of screen regards, Wizardstudioz
  12. Play ONLINE now! Stranger than Fiction is a word-puzzle game in which you will decipher the stories of the people who once lived on a now-desolate planet. Uncover the secrets of a once great alien people through their scriptures! Solve word puzzles to translate foreign passages into English! Learn of a staggering tower and the passions that built it! Credits:Music by wandshrank ( )Nova Square font by wmk69 ( )Inconsolata font by Raph Levien ( )Testing by Ursula Huxtable ( ) Play now!
  13. A very short text adventure style game running on HTML. In our small experiment we decided to spice things up a bit by trying to keep the player engaged, frequently throwing lots of small choices and decisions to be made. It lasts for a mere five minutes if you don't rush through it but we tried to keep it structured so that players are always encouraged to go back to try and discover previously unexplored nodes and edges in the story graph. Also, this game has Batman. Play Now!