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Found 7 results

  1. atkman

    Drop Blocks

    The object of Drop Blocks is to position the falling pieces to get 3 of the same color in a row, column or diagonally. Use arrow keys to move and rotate. Each level adds a new color and will get progressively harder! Mobile users will have a touch arrow pad and wildcard button to play this HTML5 game! Here is the Link to the Game:
  2. Number 7 is a fun, and addictive new brain puzzle free download game. As a classic game Lines is popular at all over the world but this game have a new great features so it is even better! Both adult and kids can enjoy the game Number 7. Number 7 is a port of my game for Android and iOS HTML5 version have more visual effect. Play Features - Dynamic gameplay (this game isn’t boring!!) - Easy to learn - Hard to master - New and interesting way of playing classic game - Good sound effects
  3. Blocks Attack is short, simple puzzle game made with Phaser. Game Link
  4. CODE PEN: I have been trying to fix this problem for days any help will greatly be appreciated. The problems I am having is: A: The collisions between objects are in the Moveable group are falling on top of one another. By pressing The '1' key a few times you can see that collectable group collides and stack but they will sink to one another after 2-3 stacks. Looked around HTML5 and old post on the fourm but the solution wasn't found. B. The collisions between immovable objects are not colliding with each other and are occupying the same place. Using immovable objects by pressing 3 a few times creates the immovable white blocks but they won't stack. Again thanks for reading my post.
  5. Hi to all, This is my 4th Phaser game. I am still learning Phaser and ı am cloning block based games Here is the direct link to game
  6. Hello, I'm new here so I would like to greet everyone! I have a problem that is connected to collision detection. I'm trying to build my map out of squares and I have a problem with top/bottom collision. When I have two boxes placed one on another and the player can only jump as high as one box, it's still possible to jump of the edge of the bottom box. You can observe this behavior on this example: When you move the player left and you keep holding left key you can get "stuck" between those boxes. Do you have any solution for that? I know it's a collision thing, because the player is overlapping the box for a small per cent of 1 pixel and this percentage also triggers top/bottom collision with other blocks. Can you change the collision bottom and top line to be for example 99% of the width? Regards
  7. How to play: Touch the screen to jump. Take the crystals. Don't let the blocks falls on your head! Please. Give feedback! Test on your devices if possible! PLAY IT