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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I have just released an awesome bundle which contains 11 HTML5 Games at just $25. If you're interested, you can buy it from here : https://codecanyon.net/item/11-html5-games-bundle-construct-3-construct-2-c3p-capx/26764627 Thanks!
  2. Html5 Game Bundle | Sale >> Click Here 1 - ( MR. Ant ) >> Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 2 - ( MR. LONG LEG ) >> Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 3 - ( Turn Left ) >> Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 4 - ( Balloons Shooter ) Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 5 - ( 5-REX ) >> Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 6 - ( Spaghetti ) >> Click Here to Go to the Game Page and Play Demo 7 - ( Blue Pixel ) >> Click Here to Go to
  3. Hi ! I am currently running discount on my 7 HTML5 Games Bundle . You can purchase it for $25 or even less (Direct Paypal) from this link : https://codecanyon.net/item/7-html5-games-bundle-construct-2-capx/19187160 If you have any questions regarding any game or want to give feedback about any game you can reply to this thread. Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone!! I have created 10 HTML5 Games using Construct 2. Would like to have feedback about them. You can check them out here: https://th.techdynamics.org You can also buy them at a cheap price if you want to use them in your work from here: https://codecanyon.net/item/10-html5-games-bundle-construct-2-capx/21077727?_ga=2.152765817.1385359912.1560783561-1064054330.1560783561 Thanks!!
  5. Hi, Since the problem took me over a week to figure out, here is my solution to bundle your project using web-pack keeping Babylon as a dependency. NB: I am not certain what are the NECESSARY steps (ie what I could simplify) but those are SUFFICIENT steps. My constraints were : The final bundle can be imported both in the browser and in node using any kind of import method : require(), import/export, or <script src=...> tags It has to protect against errors in node due to access to window or document that will be undefined BABYLON has to l
  6. Caveat, I haven't tried this yet it's just a thought and am curious feasibility. Webpack 2 / Rollup Have build systems that tree shakes es6/typescript modules. Is it possible to build a BabylonJS project from BabylonJS src/ directory, and import modules individually to get the smallest bundle possible, or is it more problems than it's worth, or just not possible? Thanks!
  7. Hey people; I have been developing a framework. I want to publish it as an npm package. I bundle my code with webpack on framework project and I am using bundled js file inside the game project which is bundled via browserify. I wanted to test it with different bundlers. My case is; On framework; the folder hieararchy is; -src --index.js -release --index.js Webpack bundles ./src/index.js to ./release/indes.js in ./src/index.js I have simplest code snippet as follows; module.exports = 'tattaratatta'; on game project that I use framework, I hav
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