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  1. Hi Guys, Finally I can encourage myself to post my WIP game here.. So, the game is called "Knight&Wizard The Runaway". It's a 2 lane running game which you control 2 character at once, the Knight and the Wizard. The knight can only attack mortal creature, whereas the wizard can only attack magical creature. They are actually twins that has been separated since they were born, being captive by the evil wizards organization and now the're trying to break free. You have to jump to avoid the obstacle along the way and switch lane to banish the enemies from their path Gameplay video: http:
  2. Description A casual, family friendly HTML5 game developed for mobile web. Match the food to the cat before their patience runs out and they leave! Click here or on the banner above to play the game or click here to navigate to our landing page for the game on our site to see more. We just put the finishing touches on yesterday, so let us know what you think and feel free to leave constructive criticism if you think there is room for improvement! Screenshots
  3. Lost Fish – A fast puzzle game for touch devices (designed for iOS from ground up)
  4. Description Play the game !Horizon Rush is a fresh and colorful running platform game. The game hasn't been licensed yet. Features16 levels and 3 achievements1 finger, intuitive gameplayResponsive UI and streamed sound About usThe game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms. More about the gameWe are looking for feedback to improve the game, so don't hesitate to give us critiques here and/or on social networks ! Find us @ResonantCraft, Facebook, and Google plus Our website
  5. Hey guys! Here's my first HTML5 game (created with Phaser!): Vacuum Guy. Tap, hold, or click to move the "Vacuum Guy" around the world. Collect particles of energy to bring the space around you to life. Also, don't hit the squares, those kill you You can play the game here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72677606/Vacuum%20Guy/index.html My game development blog (with more info and such): http://badbeargames.blogspot.com/ I'm a young developer and this is my first game in HTML5, so I welcome feedback and discussion. Thank you
  6. Hello Guys! This is my second HTML5 game here. This game is available to play in desktop and mobile browsers, just like my previous game Quacky McFly. Hope you guys like it! Game Link: http://cake-robot.alectora.com Description: A robot is finally able to eat and has a desire to eat! This one, however, loves cake a lot that he can't stop eating it as long as we keep giving the robot what he likes! How to: All you have to do is to rotate the given cake order before eaten by the Robot by tapping the screen and make sure that the middle cake is what he wants to eat at that time. Minim
  7. My first HTML5 game Rotate blocks, launch the rocket, hit the bull's eye! Can you complete all 20 levels? Play game: http://black-snowflake.org/rock-it/ Any feedback and tests are appericated The issuse with loading screen will be fixed.
  8. Hi guys! This is my first HTML5 game and my first post here, nice to meet you all. Quacky McFly is an endless casual game about a duck trying to climb buildings as high as he can. I'm pretty sure you've seen this game mechanic before in current mobile games when you play it. The game is currently available for both mobile and desktop browsers. So here's the link: http://quacky-mcfly.alectora.com I would love to hear your feedback guys or if you find any issues/bug. Thank you! If anyone interested in getting the license for this game (non-exclusive), please contact
  9. Hey guys, made myself a game. It's old though, but I'd love to share it for you. The game is about connecting the stars as fast as you can, as accurate as you can based on shown lines in the game. There will be a countdown time before the game is over. It's for iPad/iPhone only. Feedback and criticism are welcome. Enjoy! =) https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/rainbow-stars-free/id606269775
  10. Hi, here are some screenshots of my latest game. It's called Yummy Plate and it is a simple one-button casual arcade game. PLAY WEB VERSION Some technical notes (since it's a coder board) - I used the following libs: Pixi.JSTween.js (by sole)CocoonJS (for Android port) Have fun! Best, benny!
  11. Hi, Me and my friend made a simple match-3 game in html5 and we would like to ask you to lend us some help with testing as well as get to know your opinion on our little game. It's is called Lolipop Crush, you can play it here: Lolipop Crush Please tell us what device you played it on and how it performed. We're especially interested in how it performs on iPhones and Tablets (+iPad), but all feedback is valuable. We hope you like it.
  12. Casual shooter made with impactjs: Play Works on desktop, mobile and tablets. Enjoy!
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