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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, We released the 1st official Grumpy Cat mobile game about 2 months ago and has been downloaded over 3M times on iOS and Android! It has been made in our own game engine called Bento, which is based on HTML5/ JS. You can download it on: iOS Android Here's the trailer: https://youtu.be/7XMuyBoVQzs <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7XMuyBoVQzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Hi guys, After several months and tens of hours of work I released the v2 of my first game PAWs! Some of the new key features I’ve added: - Ten new cool characters that can be unlocked for FREE. Each character that you unlock comes with one or more extra lives. - I've replaced the numbers and signs with shapes for a better visibility and also because some people don't like numbers. - I’ve changed the rewards system to just hearts (that fill the health bar) and stars (which give x2 bonus for a limited time). I think it's less confusing this way. - I’ve replaced most of the sounds with coo
  3. Hi, so I'm working on a game and I'm wondering if there's an easy way to code the following. I have an animal sprite, with body, collision, gravity, animations etc all implemented and working like I want. But now I want to add a tail sprite to the animal. animal.addChild(tail) works like I want only it puts the tail in front and I can't seem to change that. So I'm wondering if there's a simple way like to do the same thing only put it behind the first sprite. I know you can do stuff with groups, maybe I have to here, but then I have to change how everything interacts with the animal don'
  4. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on our game, specifically how much do you think we can ask for an exclusive license and a non exclusive license?. This is a puzzle game, where you have to use magnets to guide a particle to its goal. As you advance in levels, you will find new obstacles and objects to use. Here is the url to it http://www.chrisibar...ificatmagchall/ thanks!
  5. My second attemp of making html5 game. Dream Symphony is a jumper with unique color and music system, that are changing with height. The game itself - http://wedoyouplay.com/html5 Settings button isn`t working, sorry.
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