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Found 11 results

  1. I am currently learning Phaser by doing some examples. I am currently here: I am wondering, how can I set the height and width of `Phaser.Creature` object? The default `height` and `width` are set to undefined. Hence I need to set both height and width in order to set the `Phaser.Creature` dimension. Here are some codes.; // `true` is used for looping forever. dragon_character.scale.set(20); dragon_character.height = 100; dragon_character.width = 100; console.log(dragon_character.height); // 100. console.log(dragon_character.width); // 100. Here are another codes.; // `true` is used for looping forever. dragon_character.scale.set(20); dragon_character.height = 100; console.log(dragon_character.height); // 100. console.log(dragon_character.width); // Undefined. // Additionally the animation does not show up in the screen. If I only set either height or width, the `Phaser.Creature` will not show up in the screen. I don't know if there is no way to set height and let the width adjusted proportionally (vice-versa). Additionally, I could not found a way to get the height and width properties if the dimension is set with `Phaser.Creature.scale.set(25)`. To sum up, my questions: Is there any way to set either height or width and let the un-set properties to adjust in proportion? How can I know the `Phaser.Creature` height and width if it is set with `Phaser.Creature.scale.set()`?
  2. Hello everyone. I am new to both pixi and creature. I am trying just to add a character with animation but i need it as optimized as it can be and to play on canvas. That is why i am trying to use the creaturePack instead of the json, and to use the js runtime instead of webassembly. I have been able to load the data but not render them. I am missing something about CreaturePixiJSRenderer.js. Any help would be appreciated I am posting the code and i will upload it in a repo in about an hour. Edit Could not share the repo so if anyone wants to take a look, the code is here (PS. A server is needed in order to run) Edit var loader = PIXI.loader; var texture = null; var creature_pack = null; var creature_rend; var stage = new PIXI.Container(); var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight); document.body.appendChild(renderer.view); renderer.backgroundColor = 0xffffaa; loader.add({name:"anim_data", url:"p3_setup_character_data.creature_pack", xhrType:"arraybuffer"}); texture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage("p3_setup_character_img.png"); loader.load((loader,resources)=>{ console.log(resources.anim_data); // Data exists creature_pack = new CreaturePackLoader(; console.log(creature_pack); // Data exists creature_rend = new CreaturePackRenderer(creature_pack, texture); console.log(creature_rend); // Data exists creature_rend.pack_renderer.setActiveAnimation("default"); creature_rend.scale.set(100.0); creature_rend.timeDelta = 1; creature_rend.pack_renderer.syncRenderData(); stage.addChild(creature_rend); }); renderer.render(stage);
  3. Hello all, Just wanted to let you know the Creature Animation Runtimes have been updated for Pixi.js: The new updates also involve support for the latest features, including Skin/Item Swapping, Anchor Points etc : Here is a short trailer of what Creature Animation Results look like: Cheers
  4. Hello all, Just wanted to let you know the Creature Animation Runtimes have been updated to work with Phaser 2.8 CE: The new updates also involve support for the latest features, including Skin/Item Swapping, Anchor Points etc : Here is a short trailer of what Creature Animation Results look like: Cheers
  5. I can't seem to follow the example code for Creature animations. I'm getting this error: c.Creature is not a constructor Are there any other things I need to setup?
  6. Noticed Creature class doesn't extend Physics Body component. Any idea how to use creature objects on gameplay? I'm thinking of using Groups or parenting it to any object with body, just want to know if there are recommended ways to do it.
  7. Hey everybody, I need a little help with using the Creature game object from Kestrel Moon Studios. What I've got so far: My html page: The code: What I'm trying to do: Get the bunny sprite (that you see in the top left corner) to follow a bone I've retrieved from the creature object. I use the "bone.getWorldStartPt()" function in Creature to get the position of the bone but the problem is that the position I get is the character’s world space (local-position). I therefore somehow need to inverse the transformation of the position gotten from getWorldStartPt() so I that have the world position that will be used to position my bunny texture. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? Cheers, Elvar
  8. While attempting to hand-transpile some Phaser examples to Typescript, Creature Phoenix example in Animation section failed to build. The creature() method does not exist on GameObjectFactory. I am using VS2015 with an advanced Typescript template and Phaser 2.4.8. I have finished transpiling over 20 examples (randomly selected) with success so far.
  9. Hello all, I am the dev of the Creature Animation Tool ( ) Today I checked in a change to the Creature Phaser WebGL runtimes to enable the loading of our new FlatBuffer Binary File format. This allows you to pick between either current JSON format (which is useful for debugging) or the faster and more compact binary FlatBuffer representation. The docs on how to use the new file format have been updated: The new runtimes are here: The conversion toolchain to generate the binary file is also on github here: To see a Phaser WebGL demo of an authored Creature Animation, please take a look here: Here is another Phaser WebGL demo of a walking Pheasant: Here is the new 2016 trailer for Creature: Cheers
  10. Contact Information Portfolio: Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com About Me My name is Molly Heady-Carroll and I'm an artist living in Bussum, the Netherlands. I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and have a Masters Degree in Game Art, which I received in 2014. Since then, I have been freelancing on numerous projects long-distant all over the world. In that time I have worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of games and animation projects (including animated shorts and documentaries, RPGs, Serious Games, 2D Fighting Games, Smart Phone Games, Casual Games, Flash Games, Kickstarter Projects, Card Games and Point and Click Adventures among many others). Past roles I've taken on include 2D asset artist, character/creature concept artist, 2D animator, pixel sprite artist and promotional art illustrator. (For my CV and list of clients, go here: Skills My am highly experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator and GraphicsGale and also frequently work with traditional drawing/inking media and watercolour paint. I am, however, a flexible artist who enjoys tackling new materials, styles and projects and work comfortably with other artists. I also have experience with Premiere and video editing. I have much experience working over the internet and take great care to communicate frequently and clearly with clients to ensure a smooth and happy working relationship. For more information, a list of clients and my online portfolio, visit: Art Samples Pixel Art Character Sprites, Design and Animation My Peculiar Brother: Brock Crocodile ( Melancholy Republic ( Character Concept Art Creature/Character concept art, artist reference and turn sheets. Illustrations Character illustrations and promotional art What Am I Looking For? I am currently looking for mid/long-term commercial projects that I can work on part time (24-36 hours a week). Positions I am interested in are creature/character concept art for animation and games, Illustration and/or 2D videogame asset creation. Contact Information Portfolio: Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!
  11. Hello Phaser Devs, Creature is my new advanced 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation Tool designed for indie game devs in mind. It also supports Phaser as one of the export formats. Phaser Support (WebGL required) I just added in Phaser support for the Creature playback runtimes. Check out the Phaser playback demo here: The above demo shows a Phoenix character authored in Creature and exported out for Phaser. The whole animation sequence was automatically generated using a combination of wing flap motors, bone motors(for the floppy tails) and path motion transfer. Creature docs for Phaser are up: What makes it special - A tool that allows you to automatically generate complex motion: Walk Cycles, Hair + Cloth Dynamics, Floppy tails. This results in huge time and cost savings. Automated results can be further tweaked by hand for additional polish. - Designed for complex rigs and meshes from the ground up. Powerful tools for rigging, auto bone weight generation etc. Uses advanced Dual Quaternion skinning resulting in higher quality poses - High end VFX features in a 2D animation tool: Motion Capture, Path transfer, Rotoscoping, Soft Body Dynamics - Full control of animation spline curves over the entire timeiine - Export to Sprite Frames, Sprite Sheets, Gif, Movies, FBX and Game Engine Runtimes (Unity, Cocos2d-x, LibGDX, MonoGame and WebGL frameworks) More information about the Creature is here: Trailer: Windows Port is underway I have had many requests for a Windows port. I am hard at work right now on the port to make sure it runs on Windows. Right now about 2 / 3 of the core modules are already running in Windows. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading this post. Cheers!