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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all, I'm new to Babylon and this forum (first post) but wanted to share a project I've been working on in case anyone is interested. I'm attaching a few screen shots of a data visualization authoring tool that provides views for planar and spherical maps, graphs, trees, and most conventional charts (cartesian and polar). The platform is based on Electron.js (to enable file system support), Vue.js (for property management), Polymer (to componentize the interface), and D3.js which is used for the data manipulation, e.g. parsing, scales, layouts, geo projections, etc. Of course Babylon is used for all the rendering. Once I clean up all the code I'll share the work on github with hopes others will be interested and possibly contribute. My goal is to have a blender-like authoring tool for data visualization. As you can see from the screen shots, I'm trying to expose all the properties needed to configure a custom view with all the benefits of Babylon. As part of my learning process I've tried to implement just about every feature available from materials, textures, post processing, geometry, etc. Eventually I have a few questions on some challenges I've faced. One of the key features we need is to be able to export a scene for use in an authoring tool such as Blender or Maya. This is to develop camera fly-throughs and other data oriented storyboards. I've been trying to use the GLB serializer but it appears there are some issues with lines, etc. I also struggle a lot with text rendering. Looking forward to posting some questions and benefitting from all the expertise of the community. Although this is my first post, I've consulted the forum for support at least a thousand times! Anyway, hope some find this interesting and eager to hear your feedback. Cheers, JB
  2. Hi pixy people, My challenge is to optimize in term of speed the following plot: My plot is a mix of D3 and pixi. Because SVG (D3.js) is very very very greedy for the browser when you have a lot of points to plot, I used pixi with the hope to improve the performance. The final version of my plot will contain colors and a html5 slider to change these colors. The source of data is a big JSON with possibly up to 300 000 rows. As you can see, I used a loop but it's very slow. I'm a total newbie in pixi.js and I look for a possible "rastering" pixi solution like image() on Matlab or R. I hope I'm sufficiently clear. Guillaume