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Found 4 results

  1. Defold is a cross platform game engine with good support for HTML5 games. The Defold Foundation recently partnered with Game Distribution to simplify the process of developing and releasing games for Game Distribution using Defold. GameDistribution is the biggest broker of high quality, cross-platform games and their network serves over 300M users a month with top HTML5 content. In this blog post we’ll look at how to add the Game Distribution SDK to an existing game or how to create one from scratch. We will also look at how to submit your game for distribution through the Game Distributi
  2. The TIC-80, PICO-8 and similar fantasy systems are amazing pieces of software and they have introduced countless aspiring developers to world of game development. While it is possible to create all kinds of amazing games and tools using fantasy computers and consoles they also have their limitations and there are many examples of developers porting their creations over to other game engines to unlock new capabilities and platforms. One recent example is Slipways which was ported from PICO-8 (itch.io build) to Unity (Steam build) and another older example is Hook, Line and Thinker which was por
  3. Hi. I am indie dev and want present my game to you. This is simple arcade on Halloween theme. Please carefully read ingame tutorial before play. See HTML5 version at itch.io Download at Google Play Game done with DefoldEngine, other used software: Krita, Shoebox, Audacity. Also present builds for win, linux, android. Supported language: eng, ru, de, fr. More games come in 2 month. Thanks! Have a nice day.
  4. nicloay


    Hello everyone. here is my game made on defold. (hope webgl is ok for this section) I've made this game on game jam about 6 month ago. and right now want to polish (add proper tutorial + metagame) and release somewhere. Unfortunately defold has some limitations, i don't have access to javascript so i can't make proper integration to the portals. so i think to release it on the Facebook. and if retention will be ok - make proper release on android and iOS. I'm new in html games, I come here from unity3d, so I'll be very happy for your advices. online version: http://pipler.in/
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