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Found 79 results

  1. Introducing yoanimate online service for 3D animators and Game Artists. Example Participate to the yoanimate 3d animated character Contest and win prizes ranging from $50-$1000! Start uploading your fbx files now at and be among the first 50 talented animators to get $50 just for uploading your models! 2nd prize $250 1st prize $1000 Do you want to find out more? Go to Watch the video tutorials for our 3dpreview editor and for the material editor. 3d preview editor Material Editor Check out specifications to know what to do before uploading your files. Specifications Our site offers an enhanced interactive 3dpreview editor with many features such as: A variety of backgrounds and platforms Adjustment of animation speed Scaling of your characters Hue and saturation of the background Adjustments to materials with our online material editor Preferable lighting settings Save your settings Share your work with your colleagues and friends
  2. Hello, I am the author of Phaser Chains ( and now I want to present to you my last work: *Phaser Editor*. (it is a desktop editor) (This editor was announced in (by the Phaser authors) with the title "A complete Phaser editor with powerful features". ) General JavaScript editors are good for Phaser because the Phaser simplicity but I see the need of something more dedicated: - Project and file creation wizards. - Coding assistance (type inference, auto-completion of the API, doc hovers, preview). - Integrated and quick help. - Integrated web server for easy testing. - Assets manager (following the official Phaser Asset Pack format). - Assets packers (image and audio atlas). - Keep it simple enough that you can develop your big game but also test any other code snippet or example of the many Phaser tutorials in the internet. - Transparency: there is not any other layer, wrapper or plug-in on top of Phaser: I do not want to hide Phaser, I want you to learn it. - Tooling: with the time I would like to integrate common developing tasks into the editor, for example, right now it is implemented an Optimize PNG images, but I want more. - The name is Phaser Editor but my goal is a Phaser IDE ;-) How am I doing it? I am building Phaser Editor on top of one of the leaders platforms of the programming industry: the Eclipse platform, specially, the Eclipse Web Tools. If you know the Eclipse ecosystem you will feel very comfortable in Phaser Editor, if you don't know Eclipse yet, I think this is the moment for you to go with it ;-) Eclipse is very popular in the Java world, but it is also popular to develop with other programming language (javascript, python, php, C, etc...) because it can be extended and customized for a specific technology. The Eclipse workbench is full of features and a plenty of third plug-ins going from color themes and Git integration to cordova based tools for mobile development, and all of them can be installed (or integrated in a future) in Phaser Editor. The Eclipse Web Tools, specially the JavaScript Development Tools (, are a very good piece of software, the most I like is the type inference engine, that in the case of Phaser Editor it is customized to give a much better experience with the Phaser API. So take a look to a demo video. Download and try it yourself: To run it first you should install the Java runtime (JRE 8 64bits), then execute the PhaserEditor.exe file. In a future a I will give the option to bundle the JRE together with the product and make it available also for the others operating systems supported by Eclipse (linux, osx). Check the list of features What's next? This is only a preview, but in dependence of your very valuable feedback I will release it sooner or later. Right now I am working on complete some features introduced in Phaser 2.4.3 and writing the user guide. Suscribe to our mailing list and we notify you when the final product (or a major update) is ready (I am not going to explode your inbox) Thanks, Arian Update 2015/10/29: Phaser Editor RC release, read post.
  3. Hi, Some months ago (10 about) there was a very nice editor for the non-programmers at (see attached foto 1). However, the one currently in Github is much more complicate for the non-programmers (photo 2). What happened to the old one ? Can I find it somewhere? Is it discontinued ? Best Regards, Dimitrios Ververidis
  4. Hi, I am the author of Phaser Editor but today I want to present you the early version of Rayo. As the title says, it is a lightweight editor made specially to develop Phaser games. Why a new editor? Rayo is an "experiment" I started to test some great tools like ternjs with the hope to include them in Phaser Editor. Very soon I realized that the experiment was a good opportunity to release a complete text editor for those developers who dislike huge IDEs like VS and WebStorm but wants nice features like auto completion. So I did an extra effort and the preview version of Rayo is here, with some exciting features out of the box, like auto completion, jsdoc hovers, symbol rename, go to definition, quick outline, source reformatting, integrated linter, Phaser templates, buit-in http server, built-in Phaser Chains, and more... It is a very young project and there is not doubts that it lacks of lot of features that you will find in well known editors like brackets or sublime text, but we focused on provides a nice experience for Phaser games programmers. So go and download it! We also wrote a small tutorial. Please do not hesitate to report any bug or request a feature here or in our blog. Thanks, Arian
  5. Many link to this: on posts relating to obtaining p2 physics collision json. Is there any other software that can obtain the json that is free?
  6. Today we released the first version of Phaser Editor for Linux. In this version there are no new features, else some bug fixes, read the changes log for more details. The Windows binaries was updated too. The next stop is Mac OSX join us to be notified. We let you with a screenshot of this IDE running on Ubuntu Gnome:
  7. I wasn't sure where to report this issue so hopefully here is OK. My surface pro is cutting off the drop-down list. Can be replicated by shrinking the browser height. Quick fix - Change `max-height` to <= 500px for my little screen ul#scriptsList { ... max-height:600px}
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first posting. I am working on a Babylon JS editor, (v1.0 Alpha), so don't expect to much yet The editor can be tested at (INFO:double click on a mesh, camera or light, (or right click)) Looking forward to responses from you all.
  9. Hi, The last version of Phaser Editor is ready to download! This is a Release Candidate version (Phaser Editor RC 15.11). This time we are also releasing new great stuff: The website was reworked with a new look.We created a blog to keep you updated and write about the great features around Phaser Editor.In the blog you will find a quick start guide to help you with the main tasks. This guide includes 8 video demos.The subscription form was moved to a professional website so we can give you a better newsletter.This release is an evaluation product but with no expiration date, it just shows a warning message from time to time. For more details read the release notes. For the final release we are considering to open the source code under a MIT license. Enjoy Phaser Editor! Arian Fornaris
  10. Hello, Today I released the commercial version of Phaser Editor and opened the source code (MIT) in Bitbucket. Read more.. Best regards, Arian
  11. Hey guys I have designed a theme for Brackets code editor You can install it by searching for "Plasma Light Theme" in Brackets extension manager. Love any feedback
  12. Hi everyone, I've made an online Box2D editor in HTML5 and JS with Box2D and liquidfun JS versions. It's called Dynamo. You can edit your Box2D world with a graphical editor, save and load your work, reuse others' work and code specific behaviours with a javascript editor if needed. You can then embed your animations / game inside your webpage with a generated embed code ( like a video youtube ). You cant test it there : The about page explains a little more : It supports, for now : - Creation of simple bodies from shapes like box or circles - Creation of more complex bodies by adding simple shapes to selected body - Edition of vertices - Edition of physics parameters like gravity / timestep / friction / restitution / density / collision group ... - Import of images and texts with auto-generation of the physics geometry ( images must be png with opacity ) - Shape color edition - Joints creation ( for now : Revolute, Distance and Pulley ) - Multi-selection - Copy / Paste - Open several tabs for several worlds and Copy / Paste from one to another - Undo / Redo - Save / Load online ( sorry, but you have to be logged to use the editor, but it's less complex than the Box2D forum to register : mail - Facebook - Google - Twitter ) - A Search function to view other's work and reuse it - Javascript code editor to make specific behaviours or to communicate with your website - An Embed code to import your motion into your website or blog So, feel free to use it, make comments and report bugs. Here some links to see what kinf of stuffs you can make with Dynamo : Thank you everyone Enjoy
  13. Hi, and nice to meet you all. I am writing because i was triying to build the mightyeditor from source to test in on windows 8,1 64 bits, The installation goes cool and good so on, but when i open the browser and mark "Create New Account" and complete all the fields, always return "Sign in Failed". It can be a possible issue? Or the login and register module is not include at the source? In any case please would be awesome if you clarify me this. Thanks in advance Chevalsky
  14. Hi, we are launching a new free platform that could be very interesting for casual game developers. We also offer 10.000 guaranteed players for games created and published with WiMi5 if your game meets a minimum of quality. WiMi5 is the first video game development platform that lets you create, publish and monetise custom games in HTML5 without the need for programming. What makes WiMi5 unique among platforms is its drag-and-drop game editor that lets both beginner and advanced game developers create casual games, in less time, and with no programming necessary. Via one-click publishing, developers can also share their game across multiple platforms, and across any device. Our Free-to-Play business model also offers an opportunity to monetize games by offering virtual goods and incentives. It is targeted at independent video game studios, those learning how to make casual games, and digital marketers. More info and free signup at Bye
  15. Project-URL: Ceilfire Hi, I'd like to present you my current project. The idea is to make a Platform where you can play, create, comment, rate HTML5 games or export them to mobile platforms directly in your browser. And you should be able to upload game assets (images, sounds) and share them with the community (if you like). The project is already quite old (9 month I think) but I'm still in the early stage of development. Some days ago I kicked my own renderer and started to port to Phaser. I hope it will boost the progress. At the moment I'm trying to get what I had before Phaser. It's completely in JavaScript (twitter bootstrap, jquery, jquery ui and a lot of other libs) with NodeJS and MongoDB on the server side. Now I have: - registration, login - asset upload - editor to create maps, layers, sprite. Events to control the game objects Here are some screenshots - As soon as I port it to Phaser I will put it online, so you can test even in the early stage. The assets on the screenshots are from the game naev (GPL) and some from opengamesart. Here are two old youtube videos (without sound) I will try to post my progress here. Any feedback is welcome.
  16. I have this error by opening the console bamboo editor.
  17. Hello people, i want to extract a model from threejs object to obj-format with textures (mtl file and some jpg's). How can I do it? Thank you for any help.
  18. Hello, I want to inform you about huge update for the MightyEditor. Most important feature is keyframes based animation editor. There are 2 different timelines - one big - for project in general. And second one seperate for the objects.If you want to create the game - you won't need main timeline as it meant more for a movie clip creation. here is a tutorial - how things works: * to use created movie in the code use something like this:var character = mt.create("character");mt.createTweens(character); // assuming you have animation named "run" in this case is special TweenCollection instance - bascially array of tweens that starts playing at the same timeatm. TweenCollection has only start / stop / pause / resume methods I'll look into Phaser 2.2 as tweens have been improved very much and has built-in support for timeline - if all turns out well next update will contain updated phaser * atm. editor uses 2.07 version and projects can use any 2.0 - 2.1 version - by default projects have same version as the editor another changes:all new projects will start with a demo state ( js/state/demo.js )added rotation and "move anchor" (actually it moves group while keeps children in a place) gizmos for a group objectnow it's possible to add children to the sprites in the objects paneladded grid opactiy optionadded keyboard shortcuts 1-5 for tools: 1 - select tool, 2 stamp tool.. etcadded cmd + S - as "save file" in source editor for osX users ( can somebody confirm that it works? ) * changes in mt.helper API:mt.create will now return phaser object - sprite / group / tilemap layer - depends what you have created in the map editornow all mighty editor data will be assigned to the created sprite as mt property. e.g. var character = mt.create("character"); // from now on all editor data will be heremt object structure:{self: // refernece to the Phaser objectdata: // data used to create the Phaser objectchildren: // cildren objects treemovies: // movies created}
  19. Do you want a new feature in MightyEditor? Write it down. We don't have much of time to fulfill all of your needs but it will help us to get the right direction.
  20. Hello everybody! Currently looking for a simple solution to aid level design for 2D top-down game. I just need to import images, move / scale / rotate them, distribute them to certain layers or containers (for example "static", "collision", "effects" and so on) and to export all their transforms as a single xml / json file with appropriate container hierarchies. I've tried some existing 2D editors (Tiled, Ogmo, etc) and it seems like none of them are meeting my expectations. I've also tapped into the area of Photoshop scripting, but reading transforms from smart objects is overcomplicated, and the whole thing seems to be a little bit of overkill. Same with JSFL. I'm really digging to use Unity 2D as the editor, but exporting scene to json will require a little bit of scripting too. Am I missing someting? There definitely should be a simplistic 2D level editor with xml/json export.
  21. Pom-Bear World Hi, we recently launched a jump and run with a community driven level editor on The user created levels are accecible for everyone. If you become a community member, you can create and share your own levels and post your score in the highscore table. Editor and Game were build using EaselJS. We use JSON as level exchange format. The level editor is confined to one plane with a 128x128 grid. We plan to extend the editor with future updates by adding new gameplay components and graphic sets. André Engelmann did the Illustrations ( ). Backend programming was done by Stefan Fruhen. Frontend programming for game and editor was done by me. Please let us know if you find any remaining issues or bugs. We are thankful for any feedback we can get. Cheers, David
  22. Hi all, Here is a new video tutorial about LREditor. This will teach you how to setup a project by presenting you its hierarchy. Here is the link : (there are subtitles ) You can try it here : And clone it from GitHub here : Or simply visit our website : Don't hesitate to give feedbacks. Soon a complete textual tutorial and some examples. Cheers
  23. Hi Guys, I've been asking around on twitter but as yet don't have an answer so I thought I'd ask here too Does anyone know of a particle editor I could use with the proton lib? ( If not does anyone know any good particle libs I can use with Pixi which also come with a visual editor? Cheers, Dean
  24. At Turbulenz we've worked on a collaborative project with a production company in Japan called Production I.G and Microsoft's IE team. Production I.G. are probably most famous for the Ghost in the Shell series. Their latest TV anime series is called "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet", and Microsoft approached us to create a WebGL powered mini game with them. The result is "Gargantia: Sky Courier". A mixture of storytelling linked to the series and a realtime arcade flying game. The game is available to try at: Microsoft's announcement is here. An article describing some of the more bespoke rendering techniques used in the game is here. The article is also available in Japanese. The source code for the game and game editor are also available in github repo and available under the MIT license. The game and editor depend upon the Turbulenz Engine.If you take a look at the source code hopefully it will give you some tips about how we build larger scale JavaScript games. Happy Hacking.
  25. Several months after we started working on HTML5 game editor, we have decided to open-source it – giving the community a tool that will help you in the game development process. We are thrilled to see the development of other open-source tools and frameworks, and we are hoping that letting people join us in the process of creating this awesome tool will give an additional boost to the future of MightyEditor. Our team is fully dedicated to continuing our work on improving the editor, adding additional features and fixing the bugs. MightyEditor started out as a simple tool for our own games, but seeing an increased interest from the community, we decided to improve it and develop it as a universal editor that can also be efficiently used by other developers. This strategy leads to money questions. Currently we are funding the editor from whatever we can spare while developing our own games so it takes a chunk of our resources, but in the future we are planing to launch a web service where you will be able to buy advanced plugins, hosting and other goodies for reasonable amount of money. We will be happy to see other developers creating their own free and paid plugins. Check out online version of the editor or fork it on github. Some updates that are coming in near future: Tileset support Texture atlas Simple physics support + ninja physics tilemap Tweens