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Found 112 results

  1. Hi all, Another weirdo cross-browser problem I am desperate to fix. A tester running Safari 6.03 (not the most current, but not ancient either), keeps having the game freeze with a strange error: "TypeError: type error" -- it traces back to phaser.min.js line 11 but I'm unable to see what in my code is causing the issue. Is this a known thing? Any advice at all would be appreciated - You guys are the best! Nick
  2. Hey guys, I just started with panda.js and have some problems using spine. My code causes a loading error, but as far as I know 'game.addAsset' is preloading, right? I would be glad if someone could help me out, maybe I just cant see it... Error: Uncaught Error: Spine data must be preloaded using PIXI.SpineLoader or PIXI.AssetLoader: spine/papapino_spine.json My code: game.module( 'panda.animation').require( 'engine.core').body(function() { // Load assets game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spine.json'); game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spritesheet.png'); game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spritesheet.json'); Panda = game.Class.extend({ init: function(x, y) { this.sprite = new PIXI.Spine('spine/papapino_spine.json'); // Loading Error here // ... and so on } )}};
  3. Hi, I've been making my first game in Phaser (using Phaser 2.0.3) and have been looking to ensure that some sounds are garbage collected when they are no longer in use. I was hoping to use Sound.destroy to do so (which I think is a new feature to Phaser 2.0.3)/ However, when I call Sound.destroy, I am getting the following error (as pasted below from Chrome's console): I get the same error in all browsers tested (Chrome and Firefox). Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thanks!
  4. Hipst3rKiwi


    hello, i was making a flappy bird clone for school and i keep on getting this error whenever i try to make my pipe functions work Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'apply' of undefined phaser.js:39346 Phaser.Timer.updatephaser.js:39346 Phaser.Time.updatephaser.js:38796 Phaser.Game.updatephaser.js:19712 Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAFphaser.js:34769 _onLoopphaser.js:34755 code: function start() { birdSprite.body.allowGravity = true; // spawn pipes // Create our Timer pipeT = game.time.create(false); // Set a TimerEvent to occur after 2 seconds pipeT.loop(2000, pipeS, pipeS); // Start the timer pipeT.start();} function pipeS() { //pipeT.stop(); var pipeY = ((game.height - 16 - OPENING / 2) / 2) + (Math.random() > 0.5 ? -1 : 1) * Math.random() * game.height / 6; // Bottom Pipe var botPipe = makePipe(pipeY); // Top Pipe (flipped) var topPipe = makePipe(pipeY, true); // Add invisible space thingy var inv = invs.create(topPipe.x + topPipe.width, 0); inv.width = 2; inv.height =; inv.velocity = -SPEED; //pipeT.start(); pipeT.add(1 / SPAWN_RATE);} function makePipe(pipeY, flipped) { var pipes = create( game.width, pipeY + (flipped ? -OPENING : OPENING) / 2, 'pipe' ); // Flip pipe pipe.scale.setTo(2, flipped ? -2 : 2); pipe.offset = flipped ? -pipe.body.height * 2 : 0; // Move to the left pipe.body.velocity.x = -SPEED; also for some reason im getting a problem with this return pipe;} can anyone help?
  5. I started playing with the pandajs library only yesterday so maybe it is some really small problem. But i would like some help. I create a scene, and 2 objects of class Bubble I created on it. The init function of these object gets called but not the update function as shown by the console.log lines I put on the 2 functions. Anyway here is the code. game.module('game.main').require('engine.core').body(function(){ game.addAsset('media/Background1.png','Background');game.addAsset('media/Menu/Menu2.png','Menu');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0001.png','Bubble1');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0002.png','Bubble2');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0003.png','Bubble3');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0004.png','Bubble4');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0005.png','Bubble5');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0006.png','Bubble6');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0007.png','Bubble7');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0008.png','Bubble8');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0009.png','Bubble9');game.addAsset('media/Player/Bubblo0010.png','Bubble10');game.System.orientation = game.System.LANDSCAPE;Bubble= game.Class.extend({ anima: new Array(), cont: 0, con: 0, sprite: null, init: function( x,y,cont, scale ){ this.cont=cont; this.anima.push('Bubble1'); this.anima.push('Bubble2'); this.anima.push('Bubble3'); this.anima.push('Bubble4'); this.anima.push('Bubble5'); this.anima.push('Bubble6'); this.anima.push('Bubble7'); this.anima.push('Bubble8'); this.anima.push('Bubble9'); this.anima.push('Bubble10'); this.sprite=new game.Sprite(this.anima[this.cont-1]); this.sprite.anchor.x=0.5; this.sprite.anchor.y=0.5; this.sprite.position.x=x; this.sprite.position.y=y; this.sprite.scale.x=scale; this.sprite.scale.y=scale; game.scene.stage.addChild(this.sprite); game.scene.addObject(this); console.log('BUT'); }, update: function(){ console.log('WHYYYYYY'); }}); SceneGame = game.Scene.extend({con: 0,spriteMenu: null,scx: 0,bub1: null,bub2: null,init: function() {this.scx=game.system.width/800; var spriteBackground = new game.Sprite('Background');this.stage.addChild(spriteBackground);spriteBackground.anchor.x=0;spriteBackground.anchor.y=0;spriteBackground.position.x=0;spriteBackground.position.y=0;spriteBackground.scale.x=this.scx;spriteBackground.scale.y=game.system.height/480;this.spriteMenu = new game.Sprite('Menu');this.stage.addChild(this.spriteMenu);this.spriteMenu.anchor.x=0.5;this.spriteMenu.anchor.y=0.5;// Tween sprite positionthis.spriteMenu.position.x=game.system.width/2;this.spriteMenu.position.y=game.system.height/2;this.spriteMenu.scale.x=0.1*this.scx;this.spriteMenu.scale.y=0.1*this.scx;},click:function(event){ },update: function(){ if(this.con<9){ this.con+=1; this.spriteMenu.scale.x+=0.1*this.scx; this.spriteMenu.scale.y+=0.1*this.scx; if(this.con==9){ this.bub1=new Bubble(238*this.scx,352*this.scx,9,1.2*this.scx); this.bub2=new Bubble(399*this.scx,347*this.scx,9,1.6*this.scx); } }}}); game.start(SceneGame); });Hope to solve it. Really like this engine. Keep up the good work to the creator and contributors.
  6. Hello. I want to use the physic arcade with objects that have physic p2. I get an error console. Uncaught TypeError: Can not call method 'setTo' of undefined Any help with that?
  7. Hi all, I'm having a few issues with Phaser 2.0, typescript and physics and hope that someone can point me in the right direction. Not sure if my error is because the phaser.d.ts might be incomplete or I'm just missing something. I'm simply trying to init Arcade physics by calling...;This compile error I receive is... The property 'startSystem' does not exist on value of type 'Phaser.Physics.Arcade.World'.If I try and use.. new Phaser.Physics.Arcade(;... I don't get the compile error. Pretty much any other calls to a sprite's body or other physics functions cause an error too. Thanks for the help. -- Mark
  8. When scrollFactor is set to != 0 the collision are affected by the offset. this.layer.scrollFactor = 1.2;, this.front);Is there a correction that can be set on the layer? Thanks
  9. EDIT: For those still interested in this issue I have revived it with updated code and such here. Heya, this is my first post so I apologize if this has already been covered in another relevant topic. Essentially I am setting up a HUD prototype. I pass the game object to the HUD initially then prototype all of the relevant functions afterword. I am trying to get a timer setup to essentially display a 1 minute countdown. Each time I try to run the game though I get the error... Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'loop' of undefined Here is the code I am using... ~~~ HUD = function(game) { = game;this.score = 0;this.text = null;//this.timer = null;}; var countDown = 60; HUD.prototype = {create: function() {this.text =, 16, 'Score: 0\nTimer: 01:00', { fontSize: '32px', fill: '#000' });, updateText,;}, update: function() { }}; function updateText() {countDown--; if (countDown < 10) {this.text.content = 'Score: 0\nTimer: 00:0' + countDown;} else {this.text.content = 'Score: 0\nTimer: 00:' + countDown;} if (countDown == 0) {endGame();}} function endGame() {game.state.start('GameOver');}~~~Any thoughts?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to go through the Textscript advance tutorial, but the methods in the Easing "namespace" cannot be found. If I try to use Intellisense to complete the function name typing, Phaser.Easing is found but the only options are apply, arguments, bind, call, caller, length, and prototype. I checked inside phaser.d.ts and under the class easing they all appear to be here, class Easing { Linear: { None: (k: number) => number; }; Quadratic: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Cubic: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Quartic: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Quintic: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Sinusoidal: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Exponential: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Circular: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Elastic: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Back: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; Bounce: { In: (k: number) => number; Out: (k: number) => number; InOut: (k: number) => number; }; }I have no idea what the issue is, any help is appreciated.
  11. Hello, I've looked all over for an explanation as to why I'm getting this error: "Texture Error: frame does not fit inside the base Texture dimensions [object Object]". I believe it is happening from loading in my sprite for my game, but I'm not sure. I used Flash to create a JSON and a PNG file for the sprite, and they both look valid. I'm using this code to load in the sprite: "game.load.atlasJSONHash("chef", "assets/sprites/chef-spritesheet.png", "assets/sprites/chef-spritesheet.json");" Thanks!
  12. I wanted to get a first project running in Phaser and it was an extremely difficult process. I managed to find clues about configuring the csproj file to support the correct output and ecmascript level and that got me most of the way but, when it tried to compile the Phaser Typescript code, it found two error groups. 1) It said optional parameters were not allowed with default values. SO, everywhere in the project that there was "varname?: type = value" there was an error. I had to remove the question mark from each of those locations. 2) The QuadTree inheritance from Rectangle was rejected because _halfwidth and _halfheight were marked as private. Is this typical or a known issue? I couldn't find anything in the forums or documentation (such as it is). What versions of TypeScript have been tested? Are there compatibility flags that need to be set? Thank you.