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Found 83 results

  1. Here are my animations baddie.animations.add('fly',[0,1],5,true);baddie.animations.add('hit',[2,0,2],10,false);'fly');When the baddie is hit:'hit');It plays the hit animation once, then stays on the last frame. Is there a way I can get it to fire an event, or process a function after the animation is done? I can see there is a killOnComplete option, but no onComplete function option. The only real way I can see this working is having a timer or counter, then going back to the fly animation, but that's a bit sloppy and could get annoying with multiple baddies.
  2. Hi All, Is there any built-in method to register swipe(right,left) event for sprite in PIXI.js. There is no such method listed in PIXI.js documentation ( or am i missing something? if there is no built-in method to register swipe event, Can i use "Sprite.touchend" event and write some logic to find swipe left and swipe write event. I have tried this approach by using "mouseData.getLocalPosition(mySprite)" but could not figure out how to find swipe( left and right). I am a newbie in Javascript any code snippet will be really helpful. Thanks
  3. Is anybody going to be there? (would love to chat about how awesome it is to make html5 games over a beer or something;)
  4. Mouse click event is not working on Mozilla FireFox. It is not picking any mesh. But if I click on empty area it raises the event. It's working fine on Chrome and Internet explorer 11. Code: renderCanvas.addEventListener("click", function (evt) {// We try to pick an objectvar pickResult = newScene.pick(evt.offsetX, evt.offsetY);// if the click hits the ground object, we change the impact positionif (pickResult.hit) {document.getElementById('status').innerHTML =;}elsedocument.getElementById('status').innerHTML = 'Nothing Selected';});You can check it here
  5. I would like to be able to refer to cursor.position.x and cursor.position.y the way I refer to sprite.position.x, etc., and be able to handle mousewheel events the way mousedown, mouseover, and the other built-in Pixi functions do. Basically I am trying to achieve a sprite which rotates to point at the cursor, and can be moved with WASD. I know jQuery can do things like this, but would using it (or another library) be overkill if it were just for this purpose, and only saved a few lines of code? If someone could give me some advice and/or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. For point-and-click game, or another one, that suggests to use only clicks, is it better to use standard 'onmousedown' event, or do touch events have smaller/bigger response time? Or it depends only on framerate and the best one is to put one of them in RAF call? Will RAF calls go faster, if framerate will be low, for example, <15?
  7. Hello! I'm founder of - we're indie game developers working on an open source browser based TBS www.AncientBeast.comWe're considering adopting a game/rendering engine in order to make the game more playable on tablets and phones The gameplay coder has a question: Also, what's the state of documentation? Would rather see that instead of almost daily change log xD So far Phaser looks awesome, I really dig the website :-)
  8. Guys (and gals;) - the most awesome HTML5 gaming conference is coming! onGameStart will take place from 19th to 20th September in Warsaw, Poland - the agenda & speakers will be announced soon, but if that would be the same level as last year (Jordan Mechner!) that would be super cool. Check the event site at (btw. I'll be doing a workshop 'Making game graphics & animations for the "ungifted"' on the workshop day - the super fast graphics and animation course specially for the developers;)