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Found 196 results

  1. Dear readers, I have been developing a game 'Cosmic Cargo' - it is nearing completion and I am hoping to get some feedback on the game. It's an arcadey 2D spaceship game, the aim of which is to fly as far along the cargo route as you can. The gravity fields of nearby planets are both a hazard and a useful resource for guiding the ship along your flight path. This was designed as a multiplayer game but I've recently added a single player version for those who would otherwise experience high latency in connecting to the London based server. The ship points at your mouse cursor, it's left click to use standard thrusters, right click to boost. The winner of the game is the player who makes it furthest along the route, or the player who completes that distance in the shortest time. Fuel conservation is crucial if you want to make a long journey. The game itself is drawn in the HTML Canvas, with the HUD area being HTML elements altered with JavaScript/CSS. The server is done with It is not mobile friendly and probably won't be - but should work on any up to date browser. Here's what it looks like. Feedback on any area of the game would be greatly appreciated - gameplay, graphics, UI, the code, any bugs, or any things surrounding HTML game production. I am an amateur coder and this was largely a learning exercise that I got a bit carried away with so please feel free to make your thoughts known! If you have any questions about the game I'm more than happy to answer them. Here's a link: Kind regards, -BuRrRrrRrRrrrRrrrRrrr
  2. Hey everyone, i am a game dev since a while now but i got into the html5 games few weeks ago, i wanted to show you guys some demos of my games and want to hear ur opinion about it : The first game is called "Paoro" , its an endless scoring type game, very easy to play and addictive, all the player needs is to press any button to jump , then he must climp the highest possible avoiding more than 40 possible obstacles: screenshot: link : The second game is called Tynoo, its an endless game too but lil bit more complicated and original in the same time, the player in this game must defend the moon from the falling asteroids by shooting the right color at the right asteroids, he will have to mix for example: red and blue to get the purple shoot..etc screenshot: link : the last is a project still in progress, it's called "kyo", its about a ninja with some special skill who solve puzzles , avoid traps, fighting enemies..etc, its a 2D platformer with a black/white art style like limbo, i've uploaded few levels so you guys tell me what you think of it, screenshot(taken from the mobile test verson): link: (use the arrow keys to move and numpad2 to shoot ) the first two games can be found for free in android (playstore) , the last is still in developpement like i said, we still have some other games but we didnt build the html versions of them, i want to know what you guys think of our games ? which parts are good and which are bad ? how much does this small games usually cost ? is it normal that we haven't got any revenue yet ( yeap 0$) , i tried to contact so many sponsors i've seen in this forum, only armorgames replied and they said they were not interested thanks for the feedback, enjoy
  3. I'd like to share a game that I just finished. The first version was released in 2013 and was just to show the mode 7 effect in HTML5, and from time to time I used to receive e-mails about this demo, and since I was in mood I decided to write a better demo. Game and more info New Features Faster game for Chrome on Android. Option for changing graphics settings: quality and screen size. Sorting racers according distance before draw. CPU and Player dispute laps. Grass/sand slow the player. Racers can collide against each other. Banana Peel causes a vehicle to spin-out. Better UI and controls, mainly the "Touch". New music from the original game.
  4. Looking for an experienced HTML5 phaser game developer in the New York city for a full time gig. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. I think on this board are a lot of developers but publishers will have a look to so, if someone is interested in buying gambling- or casualgames let me know. I created over 100 slotmachines (just a few in HTML5, the rest in Flash) and some little casualgames (Idle, Match-3, Find-Differences). The most of the casualgames would be experimental, but some of are played since month and bring me users to my sites and revenue sharing. Games are a nice way to catch users and bind them. Here are some Screenshots: If you're interested in buying a licence just send me an email or write in the thread. Some of my games are listed in my shop ( the sites language is german if you need informations in english I'll send you by request). Don't be shy, let me know what games you need.
  6. Hello everybody, It's been awhile since my last post in here, anyway I'm back to gamedev and I just finish my last game, It's a Solitaire clone: If you want to play and check other demos follow this Link to my website! PS: If you want to see the waterfall animation without playing the game, just click 3 times on the mazeware logo on top left. I tested the game using Chrome/Firefox on PC and Galaxy Tab 3 and the controls is the same as the old version for Windows. Mouse or Touch.
  7. Hey, Let me introduce myself first. We are a group of flash developers and we create Flash games. We've extended recently and now are capable of converting our games into html5. So we are ready to start a new portal that would be created specially for html5 games. Can you please guys tell me what are the requirements for such a website? I mean in technical requirements. The ideal example for us is (IMHO): gamesgames . com Website works very smooth and fast, has all the features we would like to have and it's also ideally tied with social networks and other trending aspects. So in one sentence: Where do we start to create similar website that would take high load without problems? All your suggestions are Highle appreciated! Thanks, Mike.
  8. Hi, I'm here to promote a new HTML5 games site, We are a two man team who plan to release and distribute HTML5 games for mobiles and tablets. The site is our free site with another site for premium games planned to go live in December/January. Playout games is a work in progress and is focused on browser games. With Playout games we hope to host open source and free games written in HTML5. At the moment we're working on a couple of arcade games we will have finished for Christmas but in the mean time we are looking for new HTML5 games that haven't been released. If your game is suitable for mobiles and we think it's worth investing in we are willing to offer a paid contract to promote and distribute your game on the Apple and Android stores. Any other game we accept will be hosted on Playout games for free so your game will still be out there. We also link back to the developer's page so it's another way to promote your own site too. Thanks, PoG
  9. I have been recruiting for games developers in Brimingham (UK) for a little while and finding the traditional job sites are not really attracting the best caliber candidates so was hoping that you guys night be able to help. I work with a large stable gaming company that produces a range of games for 3rd parties to host and use on their websites and due to substantial investment are looking to develop and grow the development team. I would love to speak with Games Developers with strong JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 skills. I am able to consider junior/graduate level candidates up to Seniors!!! This company has recently hired a new development director from a very well known gaming company that has created a really successful environment and wants ambitious developers to join the business and are excited to join his creative path. I appreciate not everybody is looking for work but if you know an unhappy colleague, an old friend or even a member here that isnt 100% happy in their current work place can you please share?? My contact details are: KHB(at)GSATECHSOURCE.COM (Linkedin)
  10. Hi Guys Just want to introduce our company. We started a few years ago as a publishing company for sheet music but we broke into the gaming seen a couple of years ago, already made music and sounds for AAA titles We have set up a new site dedicated to game assets (music for now) Please check it out It is at this moment still small, but in a couple of weeks we will have tons of stuff uploaded Please stay tuned and support us! For custom made sounds and music, please contact me and we can help you, and our prices are very competitve Stay in touch! Marius Idicus Entertainment Group
  11. Part I. Before Release Just a while ago Renatus celebrated its 3rd anniversary in the industry of games. Our team managed to release over 30 titles to key platforms, boost our audience up to 50 mln users and become the organizer of DevGAMM, the largest conference in CIS countries.Three years later, we still remember how hard it can be to make first steps, so we decided to share some tips that may be of use to the beginners. Young developer? Start-up founder? A talented guy dreaming of making his own game? This post will reveal some secrets of casual games promotion that might save your time. Let’s start from what you must do BEFORE RELEASE.So, your game is in Beta, lots of work done and lots of sleepless nights are past now. This is exactly the point when you should start promoting your title. 1. Better soon, than later Today, news are spreading almost at the speed of light. Despite this, we recommend you to start your promo activities at least one month before the release date. This period depends greatly on the size of your team and your budget. 2. Content for application stores Placing your app into the application store is a long-awaited happening, because you can finally see the fruit of your team’s tedious work. There are a few main points in this whole procedure of creating a profile for your app. Game IconThis is basically the face of your game. We could write a whole book about designing icons for games, but we’d rather cut straight to the main rules you are to follow instead. 1) Icon should reflect the genre and essence of your game. 2) Icon should be eye-catching, distinguishable from other icons and perfectly match the store interface. Stick with these and remember - there are no established rules for creating a win-win game icon, you should invent your own perfect icon formula through experimenting, analysis and research. DescriptionIn this part you should tell about your game - its plot, mechanics, best features. Each application store has its own way of presenting a game description, but you may create one text that would fit naturally into all (i.e., Facebook, Appstore and Google Play).Main principle here: fewer words, more action. Or rather - more calling to action. Describe the best and most outstanding features of your game in 2-3 short sentences (150-200 characters with spaces). This part is what user will always see on your game’s page, to read the rest of the description he’ll need to click the Read More button, which means that you should give the cream of your app in the first lines. Even if you feel like the next Hemingway, don’t write too much. Be brief, informative and adopt a casual writing style without giving too many details about mechanics or gameplay. Try to evoke a certain mood in your future reader. Here’s a description of an award-winning game about cookies that provokes appetite as you read it: Always remember about the keywords. If properly used, a couple of words can become a ‘shortcut’ that will drive traffic massively to your game. To avoid app banning, make sure your keywords are relevant to the content of game and don’t contain names of other companies or apps. ScreenshotsTake screenshots depicting the gameplay, map and boosters in your game. Keep in mind that Apple Appstore allows using graphics editors to add visual effects to your pics, but Facebook team will not tolerate screenshots which depict something that can’t actually be found in the game. 3. Promotional video The ever-increasing competition forces us to go looking for tools and means that might put the game in a favorable light. Most games have trailers (videos) that give you a general idea of what the game is about and how to play it.Important! There’s no need in making long game videos: keep its length within 30 seconds. Cram your video with visual effects and animations rather than text and subtitles. We truly believe that a video is worth a thousand pictures.Check out the video for our game Ice Cream Splash: In case you have enough time and sufficient resource for several videos, we recommend you to come up with a teaser. A couple of short attention-arousing teasers would be perfect for a pre-lease campaign. You can learn how to make a promo video on your own from this post: of useful tips in! 4. Building a game community No campaign would be complete or efficient without social network profiles. It won’t take long to create such profiles for your game and will bring you lots of benefits instead. With it you can gather a community of loyal fans even before release - they will be your target audience and focus group for testing content and various engaging activities (contests/offers/etc.). It will be much easier to control your target audience with these people, who have been in touch for weeks or months by the time of release. They will help other players and give support within the group - all these would mean that you’ve created an active long-lasting community of fans. Among the currently available social networks and Facebook remain the best for launching games. Their advantages include: quick access to the app (click “play” and you’re in the game), the option of uploading photos and videos, discussions, detailed statistics, user-friendly page timeline and - the most important - a vast audience to reach. Twitter, Youtube and Instagram can become an additional space to create the hype and engage more players. Unfortunately, they are no good for being used as main networks to build a target audience. Except for, maybe, Twitter - it works perfectly well with any mobile app. Instagram has been on the rise for a long time. The average growth rate for brand page subscribers on Instagram makes 237%.FYI. Facebook has 400 mln registered users, while Instagram has only 300 mln. The gap is huge, unless you take into account that Facebook was created far in advance of Instagram. But Instagram is good for promoting brands that offer some material goods or services, not the social apps. Few top-level game developers have an Instagram account; even if they have one, it’s mostly used for building the hype and not as the main source of target players. On top of this, you are always welcome to use your team members’ accounts for spreading the news. Even if your team consists of 2-3 men, sharing always means additional coverage and a few more players for your game. 5. Website Content Your company’s website must be found easily on the web, and you should try to make browsing enjoyable for your target audience (players and business partners). If you’re not creating website from scratch, add a separate page for each released game with all the links, description, screeenshots, promo videos, FAQ, etc. Some game developers come up with a separate website for their game. Example by King: 6. Media List It’s important to decide on media outlets where you’d like to have your game review published and prepare the necessary content for journalists (article, banner ad, screenshots, video, etc.). It’s recommended to create your own list of review websites, social network groups, bloggers or websites with wide reach of your target audience. Make sure to establish contact with journalists ahead of time - you can tell them about the scheduled release date, or even share link to your game in Beta. Tip: try to talk them into publishing announcement on the day of your game’s release. 7. Press releases Before game release you can publish a so-called game preview. There are media outlets that write previews for games which they find interesting. Author describes the plot, gameplay and announces the release date. One way or another, it’s a great opportunity to boost players and media’s interest to your game. But remember, you must always provide journalists with high-quality flawless promo materials and a ready-made video. In this post we only managed to tell about the key stages of promotional activity. It would probably take us to write a three-volume edition to cover them all. However, if you’re interested in some particular point and want more details, please write at pr@renatus and we’ll get it covered in our next post. Sharing your own experience and tips in the field of game making is also encouraged!
  12. Hi all I am a music composer and a sound designer and I would like to offer my music to be used for free in your games, as long credits is given. I can also compose something exclusive if needed. My stuff can be listen at Feel free to email me Thanks !
  13. Initial SetupUsing last version from GitHubgit clone -b develop Install a local web server. Create a folder on your server, with the name of the project. Copy the content of the src folder of the cloned repository. Open projectfolder/game/main.js in your favorite code editor and start coding!New ProjectSetup config.js ( updated for V. 2 ?) (updated for v.2 ?) Multiresolution Workflow (Updated for V. 2 ?) Useful Tools2DSHOEBOX: YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
  14. Hello HTML5 Game Devs, I started a website ( where developers can publish their HTML5 games and apps. Users can then add the game/app to their WebPlay homescreen and be able to enjoy the game on every platform. WebPlay offeres extra services to make these apps feel more like native apps, such as notifications and data syncing and storage. I'm looking for some developers wanting to put their games on WebPlay or want to collaborate and help work on WebPlay with ideas or something else. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me here below or on
  15. WordPress Arcade Theme Powerful WordPress Arcade Theme compatible with myarcadeplugin Features:- - MyArcadePlugin Compatible - Fully Responsive - High speed - Easy to add banners and links - Free installation service - Bootstrap - Optimized design - Google font Only $19 (Unlimited installation licence) Feel free to PM. Skype: arshidkv12 arshidkv12 @ Demo :
  16. Hi devs! Finally after sweat and fun (I fear the blood will come trying to make it mobile-friendly...), the demo of Interstellar Quest project is up and running! Lost in the deep space, can you find the way home? Collect credits, avoid dangers and find wormholes to reach the safety of your planet, but beware! Your fickle ship will not be easy to pilot, and something other than asteroids would endanger your journey. Interstellar Quest is a side-scrolling avoid&collect game. The objective is reach the home planet. The peculiar feature is that the ship will never hold the position: it will always go up or down, and the player can just invert hit. He can hold the position for a limited time, but after the ability will need time to recharge. In the full version, wormholes will separate different areas with different difficult and income levels, and act as checkpoint with the proper upgrade. You can try it at Feel free, in fact please share comments and tips. I'm interested especially about the art (that I've done myself) and the audio (that I've take from My primary concern is that the game feels good as a whole, and that the various assets stick well together. EDIT: I choosed to improve this little demo with your best tips, alongside the main develop of IQ. Here a list of the small changes: 1) Difficult lowered. Cause also demo have the right to be enjoyed! 2) Small graphical edits, down you can found the new screeshots 3) Improved tutorial Now stop loafing around and let's collect some credits!
  17. Hy, I'm making a apps for a museum and sometimes rooms have game. Most of game are puzzle (some of them have different behaviors...) and each one have : a back button / help button / state win/loose, a background image .... things like that..... This is what i have made : 1 - i have a global object : "figamemusee" it's contain all the function using pixi. (loader / animate / drag / on...) (function($){$.fn.figamemusee = function(params){var requestIdAnimation; .....} 2 - i have a "config.js" : it's return for each game a jsObject with: background image, help texte, images to load, array of position "win" ...... (this one is call before the loader inside "figamemusee", it should be a json.... in next version ;-) ) 3 - Index.html, to make test, with button to load game : (each button got a "game parameter" aka "name of the game"...) function figamestdgo(game){PIXI.loader.reset();$('#figame').html("");$('#figame').figamemusee(game);} 4 - During my test, i made different version like this, with the back button : //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function onDownBack(eventData) {//retour au musée PIXI.loader.reset(); stage.destroy(true);//true kill child renderer.destroy(true); window.cancelAnimationFrame(requestIdAnimation); $('#figame').html(""); } So, i know that renderer.destroy(true); doesn't exist... but when i don't use it : i've got a lot of error in firebug as a animate function doesn't stop talking about children...When i use it, i'va got only one error : TypeError: displayObject is undefined if(!displayObject.visible) //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So how can i kill a instance of game using "good practice" ?..... 'cause : actually, when i play at second, or third game : i can see some lage in introduction or it's the same.... thanks
  18. HTML5 Game Developers Needed for a 2 Month Home Based Contract Thanks for taking the time check my post out. I'm currently recruiting for an excellent Games company who are based in New York, however they are looking to recruit an excellent HTML 5 Developers for a new operation they're looking to launch in the UK/Europe. This would be a remote / Home based Contract on a 6 month basis that is paying £340 per day. Skills: HTML5 / Javascript / Create.JS / Phaser / Node.js / GRUNT / GIT / Porting / Wireframing / Frameworks They're looking to recruit someone ideally with previous experience in gaming, and if possible specific exposure to casino, slots and betting based games. The role will involve extensive development of their current and pipeline projects/games to move them from Flash and Java based applications, to a HTML5 offering. If you are interested, then please drop me a line or advise a number to contact you on and I'll go through it in more detail with you. If you know anyone that might be interested in this please let me know. Please email me on : Many Thanks Jonathan 07583-640641
  19. Hi there, I work at Gamevy, a company that is bringing Television Gameshows to market. We're the recent winners of best startup at the ICE Conference (See here for announcement: Since winning the competition, we've seen significant interest in our products and we're looking to expand. We've got some ideas that we've worked up internally which we really want to progress, but with all the demand we're seeing elsewhere we don't have the capacity. I'd really like to speak with companies that have experience in delivering games, preferably in the real money space, who offer development services. I'm on LinkedIn here: please connect and message me there. Thanks, Dan.
  20. Hi All, We are a new start up and are looking for games developers to provide us with multi-touch table top games. You would need to integrate our API which will be provided at a later stage. The games shall be played by 8 players on a 42”,48” table top multi-touch screen. We are looking for very simple yet challenging games for the players to play against each other. The graphics need to be good(cartoonish and rich in colour) Below are some examples of the games that we are looking for (not exactly but to give you an idea): 1 don't crash 2 bunny hitting game 3 slingshot racing 4 Bloop table top finger frenzy 5 spinwars 6 Lux Ahoy 7 Fingle 8 Wrestle Jump 9 ice cream please There will be upfront payment and as mentioned it is a long term working partnership there will be recurring payment as well. If you are interested please PM me with the following information: Company Name: Contact person: Contact person’s contact(email or skype): Example of past finished games:
  21. Hi folks, I'm co-creating a website redesign and the client wants 3 games integrated into it. A pinball game, a darts type game, and an 'Aunt Sally' game. As art director I'l be producing the assets be we need the 3 online games created for the launch in October. If you're interested please get in touch for further details. Thanks, Steven
  22. Google and Mozilla disabled Adobe Flash... If you are interested in converting your games in HTML5 contact us! We have achieved a great experience in porting of games both casual and gambling. We have collaborated, among others, with SpilGames... but examples woth more than 1000 words, so... Take a look at some of our works! Desert Face Flash: HTML5: Receptionist’s Revenge Flash HTML5 Mahjong Alchemy Flash HTML5 For further information contact us at visit our website to know more about our company:
  23. Ready my thoughts on how to make money from the rising market of HTML5 games on our blog
  24. Hi Guys, I am new here and HTML apps. I want to create HTML games using phaser on my Android device. How can I do it ? Regards, Sankarshan
  25. HI EVERYONE! I am WebHeed and my new site has been doing well as I fill it with great, indie, reviews and awesome giveaways! Please, check it out! Also, Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get hold of some great FREE games such as GTA V and Mass Effect 2! Twitter: Facebook: Hope to be engaging with you all soon! Lub Lub, WebHeed