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Found 201 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm co-creating a website redesign and the client wants 3 games integrated into it. A pinball game, a darts type game, and an 'Aunt Sally' game. As art director I'l be producing the assets be we need the 3 online games created for the launch in October. If you're interested please get in touch for further details. Thanks, Steven
  2. Google and Mozilla disabled Adobe Flash... If you are interested in converting your games in HTML5 contact us! We have achieved a great experience in porting of games both casual and gambling. We have collaborated, among others, with SpilGames... but examples woth more than 1000 words, so... Take a look at some of our works! Desert Face Flash: HTML5: Receptionist’s Revenge Flash HTML5 Mahjong Alchemy Flash HTML5 For further information contact us at visit our website to know more about our company:
  3. Ready my thoughts on how to make money from the rising market of HTML5 games on our blog
  4. Hi Guys, I am new here and HTML apps. I want to create HTML games using phaser on my Android device. How can I do it ? Regards, Sankarshan
  5. HI EVERYONE! I am WebHeed and my new site has been doing well as I fill it with great, indie, reviews and awesome giveaways! Please, check it out! Also, Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get hold of some great FREE games such as GTA V and Mass Effect 2! Twitter: Facebook: Hope to be engaging with you all soon! Lub Lub, WebHeed
  6. Hey, Sorry if this is being considered as spam but I just wanted all devs on here to know that I am offering them space on my new website to showcase their games. - Your Games Section. It is a review site also so if you would like your game reviewed also then I can of course do that no problem. Contact me on Twitter: Contact me on Facebook: Regards and best of luck with your development. Kieran - (WebHeed)
  7. Hey everyone. We've just published a video montage of cool content made in PlayCanvas. Check it out: Hope you like it!
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Daniel Bruce, I'm an experienced composer & sound designer from a film, television and commercial background. My music ranges from contemporary classical to glitch and breaks. Examples of my work can be found at; Feel free to shoot me an email on if you'd like to have a chat. Cheers, Dan.
  9. Hi there everyone! We are currently looking to hire some fresh talent to work with us at Goodboy Digital. Specifically we are looking for games developers, so this is definitely the right place to be! We are looking for junior to middleweight developers with a passion for making world class HTML5 games. You will also get the chance to help out with the development of our little rendering engine Pixi.js. Working at Goodboy (if your a junior!) we will train you up to become a formidable game creator and teach you all the skills you will need to make games that will blow peoples brains! And if you already know all that? Well, we can give you the opportunity to work with some top class brands making games that you will be proud off! Here's the kind of work we make: Here's the full job spec: If you are interested or have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at and we can get talking!
  10. oomfr is a startup based in Laguna Hills, CA. At oomfr we are building a smart ecosystem where game developers can upload games, by using our custom APIs to embed discounts/coupon information within the games. The upload is free for game developers and developers can make money based on the amount of game plays, and percentage of discounts/coupons obtained through their games. Our aim is to provide a seamless integration of gaming and discount/coupon distribution. At oomfr, we want to feature html5 games on our website and phone application, as we launch. Let us know what you think about this offer. Best Regards,Ola FadiranFounder, oomfr
  11. Hello everyone, firstly I am new to Phaser, but I would really like to create a typing/educational game ! (like moon-type : I have already created a background and a caracter (the simplest stuff), but I have no idea how to create moving text blocks containing a dictionnary (although I have a .txt file with a list of all existing words), progressive difficulty and a scoring system.. I know, I'm asking a lot, but i really need help, I'm more on the actual look of the game. Please help me ! Thank you in advance.
  12. Hey! I have been working on a ton of mini phaser games, I would love for all of you to go and play them and let me know what ones you really like!! This game here is a flappy bird inspired game in which you must collect as many kiwis as possible! If you like that one go ahead and create some more games and let me know what you think of those. Thanks for playing
  13. I know GameSafe which works with Flash/AS3 games. Do you any similar scoring system which works with HTML5 games?
  14. I wanted to have a list of relevant game portals / distribution sites one game submit HTML5 games to. I am going to update this list as I come to new sites or people mention them. HTML5 gaming portals HTML5games.comhttp://m.zibbo.comhttp://m.spielaffe.dehttp://m.spele.nl Distribution Websites & Services
  15. Hey everyone! I have been making a bunch of mini games for a startup called and we are using phaser! So far it is just me and another person so the games are very simple, quick and of course fun. Another bonus is that you can see how well you did against everyone else in real time! Go to and check out the games. There is a game scheduled to be played every hour or if you want, create your own room and challenge your friends in real time! Let me know what you think of the games! I would love some feedback
  16. Hello. Flash is still the king of web games but HTML5 is gaining momentum. I still recall some of the flash games that left a good impression and which I would play again, mostly on Kongregate. For example Sonny/Sonny2, Morningstar, Don't touch my Gems, Doodle God, Kingdom Rush, I could go on and on... So are there already HTML5 web games that are good nearly as the mentioned above? What do yo think?
  17. Good morning game makers! One of our goodboys (@Hooray_For_Matt) just finished a neat write up on the state of playing html5 games on consoles. There are more places for people to play our games than we thought it seems!
  18. Hello all! I work for a digital agency called Blonde Digital, we recently developed 2 games for IRN-BRU. The games were build using Phaser and work on both desktop and mobile. Pumping-Irn: There is 30 seconds on the clock, mash the keys to get as many reps as possible! Be sure to hit the bonus button as soon as possible when it appears! Toss the Girder: Launch the girder as far as possible, picking up cans along the way to get boost yourself further! Touch the ground and your finished! you can PLAY THE GAMES HERE! Feedback appreciated! Cheers.
  19. Dear forum members, some of you already know Famobi and know what we’re doing, but nevertheless it would be impolite to not introduce ourselves properly We’ve been participating in this forum for a while now and first of all we would love to take the opportunity to tell you, that it’s a pleasure to be among so many awesome people able and willing to push our industry further and further. It’s a lot of fun to see how HTML5 games have improved in quality over a rather short period of time. So, what do we do? Basically, Famobi is an HTML5 games affiliate service. We aggregate the best HTML5 games from developers and offer them to publishers worldwide. Developers and publishers both can earn lifetime revenue with Famobi through ads and in-game purchases. Furthermore, Famobi's aim is to connect companies worldwide that haven't got in touch with HTML5 games yet, independently from the sector or size. If needed, we even build complete whitelabel portals for publishers. We only started in November 2014 (of course with a team of very experienced casual- and online games industry professionals). In these few months we already managed to generate a monthly reach of over 30 million gameplays and more than 7 million unique users (February 2015, Source: Google Analytics). Our catalogue of free HTML5 games has grown to over 100 games as of now and is steadily increasing. As it is very important for us to have a well-balanced portfolio, we don’t focus on a specific genre but rather look for games that fit our catalogue well. At the moment we are in need of action, sports, casino and classic games. We also experience that our players like to play HTML5 versions of "trend games" that are popular in the app stores (Flappy Bird hype, for example). Just as a general guideline, quality is most important for us. That means high-quality graphics, a fun game play and sufficient game depth. The games should run smoothly cross-platform on PCs and mobile devices. For localization we prefer all text in sprite fonts. That’s the short version, since we didn’t want to write a whole novel here We’re happy to answer your questions if you want to know more about us. We’re looking forward to a great 2015 and hope that together we all can shape the HTML5 games industry in a good way. All the best, the Famobi team
  20. Hey everyone! This is my first post in these forums. I'm partially new to HTML5. Now you can start spamming me with recommendations on how to learn and operate! I have made mini Flash games in the past, together they sum more than 2 million views worldwide, which is a fair figure, although not very high. I have been waiting for HTML5 to catch up and now I feel that this technology mix known as HTML5 is starting to take off. People can finally play free games on their mobile phones!! I know AS very well, I also know HTML, CSS, because I've been creating websites since I started working, and I know a little Javascript, and I'm fluent in Java and PHP. I'd like to make one button funny games based on my animated characters to make a holistic approach to entertainment and my active products. NOW IT'S THE TIME YOU CAN SPAN ME WITH HTML5 COURSES, JS LIBRARIES, PROCEDURES, METHODS, BEST PRACTICES AND OPERATIONAL BEHAVIORS. And if this post can help other people who are in the same situation as me, it would be great. Thanks a lot in advance!
  21. About SUNFOX Games SUNFOX Games is a leading supplier of high quality 3D games for the international online casino industry. Our games delight partners and players with state of the art 3D graphics, an increased level of interactivity and exciting, innovative game play. To reinforce our young and professional team on-site in Vienna, one of the most exciting cities in the world, we are looking to allocate the following position: HTML5/JavaScript Game Developer Job Description Development of high end interactive casino games for desktop computers, smartphones and tablet computersIntegration of high end casino games into existing online casino systemsEvaluation and implementation of state of the art multimedia web technologiesWorking closely with art direction and project management to fulfill high profile project requirements and company goalsEssential Skills Object Oriented game development in native JavaScript for desktop computers, smartphones and tabletsExperience with most widely used JavaScript libraries like jQuery and game development libraries like PixieJS, Phaser or similarProficient knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, XML and JSONIndependent, structured and solution oriented way of workingThe ability and willingness to work under pressure and meet deadlinesDesirable Skills Experience with other OOP languages like ActionScript3, JAVA, C++ or C#Background in computer graphicsWe Offer A full time position with a competitive salary, depending on experience and additional qualifications, starting at an annual gross salary of EUR 40.000,-Diverse and exciting projectsThe chance to grow together with a young, aspiring companyPossibilities to push boundaries and work with state of the art technologies25 days of paid holiday every year If you are interested in this job and want us to know more about you, please send your CV via email to - if you consider yourself a junior for the above role, please feel free to contact us anyway
  22. Hi all , I am new in this forum, so first of all I introduce my self: I'm an Italian developer (Flash/PHP mainly) and I made some game in past but mainly with Flash/Actionscript and mainly sport/soccer based. Considering that now I have some idea for different kind of games, and considering I'm not yet too "good at" on html5 / mobile, I'd like to "pass" this work to someone with previous experience on mobile platforms. In short terms, I'm looking for a developer to create some mobile game. Actualy I've 2 game in mind that I'd like you to "bring to life" , but if the collaboration will be okay I can also bring some more work (I already prepared design doc and presentation material for another game). These two games would be "physics based", so developers with previous expriencies (and possibly demos) with distance and physics game will have some more chance to be chosen xD First game is nothing so "new", a classic "block balance" game: for this, some exprience in level design, that's usually important in this kind of games - will be a "plus". Another one is a physics game but without complex physics, but I'll give full details to interested people: nothing revolutionary in game design, just to not make the thread too long I'd also plan to create a new version of a soccer/distance game and also a platform, but these would be projects to do in case first two collaborations will go fine 'cause they're more complex / long to develop, so I prefer to evaluate how we work toghether starting with something "small". I've no preferences on framework or language you would use but I'd like to have a good compatibility (iOs and Android) and - if possible - also a web working version: I know there's some platform that allow this sort of "multi-export" but I'm open to suggestions in case that those systems should not guarantee good results/performances, so if you suggest to focus "only" on mobile, you're welcome. I'm already in contact with an artist so I'll provide the artworks and animations, plus I can help you testing the game on some smartphone (galaxy Grand Neo and Galaxy S4) and tablet (Galaxy Tab 7 and 8"), so another preference will go to developers that can test at least the "iOS side" on their own. Ok, I think it's quite all...if you're a developer with mobile previous experience, especially in physics game, and search for some new work, feel free to contact me at , possibly with a link to one/some previous work. Capability to do game translations would be a plus, but isn't mandatory. I can provide the italian translations for menu and in-game texts, english as mothertongue language by the developer wouldb a plus to avoid some mistake xD The collaboration can be paid (we can speak about the budget and the payment splitting by email) or a revenue share. I think we can discuss the terms in a next step, also basing on your feedback on the game ideas: obviously it would also be possible to have one paid and one in revenue depends if you'll consider the ideas worth to "risk" or if you prefer the "immediate damn money" Feel free to ask more infos here in thread Thanks in advance for your time and your attention, feel free to ask more details. Just, please, if you are interested, send a little introduction and a link to some game you did! Cheers Davide
  23. Hello! I have just done a game jam over the last 2 days and I am looking to carry on creating games with someone. I feel that working in a team is vital these days and I really would like to work with some other people. If you know Phaser.js I would love to team up with you to make some games and possibly make some profit off I would probably be working with Git for managing code but don't feel that you need to be a pro Git expert to ask to team up! Contact me on skype for information: lucamarchal Website: Game Jam Game I just did: Thanks for looking at this! Luca
  24. I am jessylin, I am a game developer. All the games are intended for western mobile gamers, now I have met many problems. I don't know how to do the promotion, could you give me some advices? Or somebody who is familiar with games, please help me! You could tell me the forum and market or other promotion ways! I will be very appreciated about what you tell me! You can add me via Skype or email, and leave a message me here, thanks! Have a good day! We also accept part-time workers who are familiar with games and know how to promote games!! Skype:jessylin cook
  25. Hey there! So this is my first time posting on here! I'm making a game/interactive story with Phaser and I have put a couple of the elements together so I'm really excited. The story of the game deals with the fact that the worlds we build seem to fit a certain body and sometimes if you stray from that, well, then things can get difficult. Let me know what you think! Link is here: Thanks again!