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Found 126 results

  1. Hello. The question is: how to make a window appears when you press the button? P.S. Strongly do not throw slippers, English I have a bad :)
  2. Still working on the Phaser, making your first Phaser game tutorial. I am not familiar with js so the question might be easy. I added 5 baddies as a group after the tutorial and I was trying to make it move and change direction every 1 sec. I used a Direction function to determine the direction for 1 baddie. However, I tried to put the time.event.loop function in my loop of creating baddies, only 1 baddie will move around. Others had a velocity of 0. There's my code.
  3. I am new to Phase and js, I had some problems when doing some additional works after finishing the Making your first Phaser game tutorial. I tried to add 5 baddies in the game, I did it using the same way adding stars in the tutorial. However, I failed to Collide the baddies with the platforms the debugger shows that TypeError: game.physics.arcade is undefined. The player is not collide with the baddies as well I was confused that if I did anything wrong when adding the baddies. The physics system seems doesn't work correctly. Thank you for ur help!
  4. I was developing a phaser game that is remade from the Zenva Phaser Tutorial. I did some work on it last night, checked it was working and went to bed. Now this morning it isn't working! Instead of me having to explain, my game is no input is working and he no longer collides with floor, in the way I set it up! Please help me. Code is here: Any help appreciated!
  5. Hello. I was looking for someone to work with me in creating a web-game. I am not that experienced but I am a fast learner. My favourite engine is phaser. I have tryed some others... Well it is a way to get some experience and still meet some cool game developers I guess. Anyone?
  6. I am an experienced developer with 10 years of experience. Now I have to develop system based on graph theory and category theory, allowing use in any environment any application complex semantic/semantic legal interaction. With this system i can spread rights as properties on graph structures and to maintain the integrity of any changes. It has now reached the state when I want to use it somewhere. Now we are working on using the system for fast and dynamic management of crm/cms/lms systems. The work is free for me and my friends. Ultimately, we hope to launch many services, games and apps and provide more than half of the functionality in the OpenSource. I want to create a game which would qualify the statement: Strategic (civ, eu4...) Tactic (construction, mining, buttle, minecraft, heroes of the storm...) Open world Generated in real-time environment map and combinations of elements (aka technology) Cross-platform and cross-browser Online Embedded systems to organize tasks and communications, management of teams and hierarchies of subordinates. and more... I know a huge amount of development. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in. I'm looking for those who would like to make the perfect modern, minimalist, material design of map generation, units.. I'm looking for those who would like to develop ideas and to create the mechanics. We are looking for friends for this undertaking. It's free. However, the participation has to some bonuses. I am willing to share all the technology I possess. I am ready to teach if need be.
  7. Hi, what are the best frameworks, technologies for creating online multiplayer strategy games like Imperia online? What is better to use in backend part? js fw or php or something else? I am not familiar with js frameworks so I will be grateful for any advice.
  8. Hi fellow game-devs, here's my latest game DUBIDUH. It's a 2d-puzzler, inspired by Snakebird and the panels on The Witness. Since I do this for fun in my spare-time, I like to keep the scope small, so it's a short game. It should run in any modern browser and works for touch and keyboard/mouse-input. I did all the Code and GFX myself (except for Phaser of course); the sounds I licensed from Made with Phaser and Webpack. Feedback is very appreciated, thanks for playing! -antonio
  9. Hi all, I'm using Spine and for that matter I'm using spine-runtime, their own JS library (phaser plugins were clearly not as complete / up-to-date). To use this lib I had to create a custom object (a SpineObject), and to implement its _renderCanvas and _renderWebgl methods. For the canvas, I managed to properly render the animation. Works like a charm. For WebGL, however, I'm struggling a lot. I don't know WebGL, which doesn't help. What happens is that I can't manage to make both renderers (Phaser and Spine) coexist. I can display my SpineObject OR the Phaser scene. Do you guys have any tips for coding such features? Any good advice on how to use two WebGL renderers, what to do and what to avoid? Thanks a lot
  10. Hello! In begin I want to apologize for my English. I am using mesh.attachToBone for mount my pistol with character hand. All works fine. But when I am using bone.updateMatrix for rotate character torso var mat = this.torso.getLocalMatrix(); mat = mat.multiply(BABYLON.Matrix.RotationX(r)); this.torso.updateMatrix(mat); Torso rotates correctly, but my pistol still in place. On left screen you can see how work pistol.attachToBone, on right screen it is when I am changed torso rotation, but pistol did not move.
  11. Hi guys I am new here and so far i was using GUI game engines to create games.From all back-end testings so far that i done on various programming languages and scripting languages i realised that html5 is best solution for my game development.Now i decided to ditch game engines and learn actual coding in some of the frameworks so my code could be much more cleaner,run faster,have better optimization and quality of the games would overall be better.But this is not just for games,but also for personal reasons because i like to be properly educated instead of using most convenient tools. Now i am interested in learning some js framework that has good community support and tutorials,that is easy and fast on learning and performance and if possible to implement in Ubuntu SDK. Also i am mainly using GNU/linux and one of the reasons why i would like to use js is to be mobile and OS independent.but from all OS so far Ubuntu SDK seems like a decent solution for cordova runtime,i tried to use it with phaser but i did not succeed to render cordova runtime instead it was in plain web view. Now overall it does not have to be Ubuntu SDK,but i am interested in HTML5 framework that i can port(wrap) to desktop mainly(mobile would be good to). Any ideas what's the best and why,please write down below,it would help me a lot. Regards
  12. I've been reading a bunch on how to make Phaser games, and it looks like a fantastic framework for making 2D games. Is the future 3D games, and along with that - Babylon? I was wondering if I should be reading up on Babylon instead of Phaser. I believe WebGL became ubiquitous with iOS8, and now is supported on all the major platforms. Do these game portals that license games, license WebGL games - or is it too early? Or will 2D always be around, due to the minimal hardware requirements? For example, instead of making a Match3 game in Phaser, maybe I should be making a Match3-3D game in Babylon. Or am I jumping the gun while trying to get in early on something new?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm developing an AI-focused book for Phaser similar to this one, but a shorter (more like a Handbook, instead). However, some of the techniques and patterns that Phaser makes me use have given me the idea of probably expanding and improving these ideas and convert them into a Plug-in, or work directly on the Phaser repository in order to have a basic AI module similar to arcade physics in terms of scope (keep things really simple, yet functional and friendly to developers). Would you be interested in supporting this work via IndieGoGo? If so, would you rather have the book, the component, both? I was thinking in working on the Phaser AI module as a stretch goal from the book, so later the whole community can benefit from it. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  14. scriptkid

    Pause Button

    I am creating an HTML, JS ,CSS game for android. Can someone write an example for a pause button. PS:I have a timer and it need to be stoped when button is presst.
  15. scriptkid

    Multi Touch

    Soo... I am creating an android game for 2 players. Its made in JS , HTML5 , CSS Only thing that is mising is multi touch. Can someone type en exsample of a code for multi touch.
  16. Can anybody explain why is babylon.core.js and babylon.noworker.js for? Should I include it or is babylon.js, cannon.js and Oimo.js enough to include javascript in html file?
  17. I am attempting to develop a method of procedurally generating images for a game that I am making with Ga. The actual generation is not relevant here; my question is how do I turn an image on an HTML5 canvas into a Ga sprite? By default, Ga sprites accept a link to the source name, which is normally loaded in by ga.assets.load(), either at the start of the game or when called. However, I see no easy way to instead pass, say, a dataURL or other format easily obtainable from a (hidden) canvas. Or, alternatively, how can I develop an alternative to ga.sprite that acts exactly the same except for using my created images from a canvas instead of loading a source from disk? Link to Ga: Ga.Sprite: Ga.Assets:
  18. Hey. Was planning to do something big with babylon, but realized that chrome has got some problem with using all the computer's specifications, and may lag twice as much than a normal appliaction, so I wanted to kow how to (if you can) modify the render distance. thanks.
  19. How can I change levels? I am doing SceneLoader.Load. Which works, but it's not destroying everything that was already in it. So for example, I have 5 characters from the first level loaded, when I finish that level and go to level 2 (load level 2) well all of level 1 stuff is still in with level 2. Thanks guys.
  20. Ok, so I'm trying to set up an inventory system for a game of mine in Phaser 2.5.0 and there doesn't seem to be a way to have a scrollable view in for my inventory. I'm trying to make an inventory similar to that of Fallout's where part of the screen scrolls through the items, while the other part shows the item's description and picture (no fullscreen scroll please). Has someone found a work around to this? If I can't use a scroll view would the next best thing be a multi-page inventory? Maybe a grid based one? Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. Hello Everyone, I noticed that tiled allows to save the map file on .js files. I would like to know if it is posible to use them with phaser and if it has advantages over tmx or json files. I'm only going to use the object layers from tiled so Tilemaps are not important for me at the moment. An example of the file generated by tiled: (function(name,data){ if(typeof onTileMapLoaded === 'undefined') { if(typeof TileMaps === 'undefined') TileMaps = {}; TileMaps[name] = data; } else { onTileMapLoaded(name,data); }})("test", { "height":25, "layers":[ { "draworder":"topdown", "height":100, "name":"Object Layer 1", "objects":[ { "height":52.2466039707419, "id":3, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":827.949256794968, "x":104.493207941484, "y":353.187042842215 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":5, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":291.210031347962, "y":285.502612330199 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":6, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":362.619153674833, "y":289.714922048998 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":7, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":422.010393466964, "y":291.199703043801 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":8, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":496.249443207127, "y":271.897550111359 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":9, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":555.640682999258, "y":268.927988121752 }, { "gid":1, "height":36, "id":10, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":32, "x":613.547141796585, "y":309.01707498144 }, { "gid":2, "height":134, "id":11, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":128, "x":675.420935412027, "y":300.110616184113 }, { "gid":2, "height":134, "id":12, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":128, "x":151.293244246474, "y":306.049740163326 }, { "height":34.1499628804751, "id":13, "name":"", "rotation":0, "type":"", "visible":true, "width":498.886414253898, "x":1135.8574610245, "y":357.832219747587 }], "opacity":1, "type":"objectgroup", "visible":true, "width":100, "x":0, "y":0 }], "nextobjectid":14, "orientation":"orthogonal", "renderorder":"right-down", "tileheight":32, "tilesets":[ { "columns":0, "firstgid":1, "margin":0, "name":"Objects", "spacing":0, "tilecount":2, "tileheight":134, "tiles": { "0": { "image":"..\/images\/cassettes.png" }, "1": { "image":"..\/images\/Enemy.png" } }, "tilewidth":128 }], "tilewidth":32, "version":1, "width":100 });
  22. I can't fin a way to make this code work: namespace DeucesPhaser { export class ButFullScreen extends Phaser.Button { game: Phaser.Game; constructor(game: Phaser.Game, x: number, y: number) { super(game, x, y, 'butFullScreen'); this.anchor.setTo(0.5); this.scale.setTo(0.8);; this.onInputOver.add(() => { this.goFullScreen(); }); } goFullScreen() { if ( {; } else {; } } } } goFullScreen() should be triggered by mouseOver but it only gets triggered with a click. Normally, onInputOver works fine on JS. Have no idea why I can't make this work on TypeScript. Any help will be appreaciated..
  23. Hello! I am have a problem with understand physics in babylon. If I add new mesh under existing then existing mesh jump instead change it position of y-axis on height lower object. Example: What am I do wrong? P.S.: sorry for my English...
  24. Hi, I am new on javascript and I can't get my head wrapped on Objects. Is my way of creating objects correct? I am using this way along with require.js. I am having few comments from my colleague that this is somehow wrong. define( [ 'pixi' , 'howler' , 'tween' , 'tweenmax' , 'src/Random.js' , 'src/Giant' ], function(PIXI, Howl, TWEEN, TweenLite, Random, Giant) { var Direction = { Up : 0, Down : 1, Left : 2, Right : 3 }; function Spawner(stage , direction) { var mDirection = direction; var mStage = stage; var This = { get x(){ return mSprite.position.x; } , get y(){ return mSprite.position.y; } , set x(x){ mSprite.position.x = x; } , set y(y){ mSprite.position.y = y; } , function1 : function1 , function2 : function2 , function3 : function3 }; var mSprite = PIXI.Sprite.fromFrame('spawnarea.png'); mSprite.anchor.x = 0.5; mSprite.anchor.y = 0.5; function function1(stage) { } function function2() { } function function3() { } return This; } return { Direction : Direction , create : function(stage , direction) { return Spawner(stage , direction); } } }); The reason I chose this method because I don't have to use the 'this' keyword every time I refer to my variables for functions. When I first started JS I did the the prototypal way and my code was a mess. Using this approach, I also don't have to bind to 'this' every time I reference outer variables from a callback function. I also have some variables/functions that are private and make them public by augmenting them to 'This = {}'. Basically the Spawner function is just simple a method for constructing the '{}' object. What do you think? Is there something that I missed here? Caveats? Cons on this approach? I'll appreciate your input very much.
  25. Here is my simple code: <html> <head></head> <body> <canvas id="renderCanvas"></canvas> <script src="jquery-2.1.4.min.js"></script> <script src="babylon.2.2.max.js"></script> <script> var canvas = $("#renderCanvas"); var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("Camera", 1, 2, 10, new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0), scene); scene.activeCamera.attachControl(camera); engine.runRenderLoop(function () { scene.render(); }); </script> </body></html>When I open that with jQuery and BabylonJS in the same directory, I get this error in Firebug: It works in neither Firefox nor Chrome. WebGL does otherwise work. I can, for example, run and the Three.js examples. I get this same problem on both my Windows and my Mac. Anyone have any idea what's wrong? Here is my Firefox-configuration on Windows: