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Found 423 results

  1. An exciting stealth mobile game startup is looking for a highly talented game/app engineer to work out of our brand new Mountain View office. The successful candidate will be working on an exciting narrative-themed next gen learning product--with the goal to revolutionize education. The ability to work quickly and efficiently as part of a high octane startup team and kick butt under pressure is crucial. We are looking for an experienced mobile game/app developer to join our brand new learning games studio as a founding team member--with the opportunity to lead our mobile initiative across multiple platforms. Based in the exciting startup scene of Castro Street in Mountain View, we’re offering: Competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package Fun, passionate and creative studio on a mission to revolutionize education Challenging and rewarding work on the frontier of cross-platform HTML 5 game development QUALIFICATIONS Expertise in HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript is essential Experience working with javascript libraries like jQuery, Pixi, CreateJS, or similar. Experience with mobile game dev across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS (phones, tablets, and browser) Ability to develop dynamic, compelling gamified user experiences in mobile (that kids will absolutely love) Ability to ramp up quickly on new mobile languages Commercial mobile game dev experience with multiple titles shipped Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related discipline, or equivalent experience KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Act as the primary interface with mobile dev team from a technical perspective driving the delivery of compelling mobile game experiences Maintain robust code quality across multiple mobile game dev environments Bring passion, energy, and commitment to professional quality cross-platform mobile development REQUIREMENTS Awesome communication, collaboration, and management skills Strong coding, problem-solving, and debugging skills Passion for mobile games and an interest is disrupting education!
  2. Hi everybody, This is my first attempt to make an HTML5 game for mobile (portrait). The game play is very simple: avoid zombies. Tap on the screen to make Alice jump, Tap twice for a double jump. I would like to know if it is running ok on your devices and overall feedback about the mechanics. Thank you!
  3. I think this is probably the right subforum for this, but I thought it'd be useful to discuss various interface models for mobile games and ways of adapting traditional interface ideas from desktop to work in a mobile environment (for porting purposes, for example). - Let me start with an example. I've got a game right now that uses tooltips for all of its documentation. On mobile, this could mostly just be 'click on the text to get a popup describing it' but in a few cases at least, the tooltips pop up when you hover on buttons; obviously this won't work in mobile environments. The solution that we came up with was to have a 'help mode' toggle button that makes it so that a touch gets information rather than activating UI elements. I'm not incredibly satisfied with that solution though. - Another example: I've seen a number of vertical shooter type games designed for mobile. On PC, you could both move the craft and aim the craft's guns (e.g. using mouse for aim and arrows for movement). You can't really do that on mobile. One gimmick I've seen in a few places is to have a bar at the bottom of the screen where you drag a tile left and right to position your ship, but I've found the problem with this is that when you play it on desktop, the mouse too easily leaves the bar when you're dodging, and so you lose control for a few seconds and get destroyed. If I really needed aim and movement, I might try multi-touch (one finger aims, the other centers the ship) but I think it would be clunky. - For larger tablets, you could make something like a gamepad in the lower part of the screen and have the player use it like they would use a handheld console. Anyhow, are there other mobile interface models that you like to use in your games, things you think could be improved on, etc?
  4. Ydt

    A Snails Tale!

    Our first release titled "A Snails Tale" is an endless snail adventure game using Kenneys platformer pack as the graphics. Check it out here: (mobile web version) (desktop version) Available in the Google play store today! And coming to iOS and other platforms soon!
  5. Would love your feedback on this developer resource: [temporarily removed]
  6. Do you have any good bulletproof universal way to hide those bars on your mobile HTML5 games on different devices? There was scrollTo approach, but it's old, not always work and it's buggy. Any ideas or working resources on the topic? I'm using Canvas CSS3 Transforms in Captain Rogers to scale it up to have 100% of the height, but the problem with the bars forces the game to be still quite small.
  7. Pier is a path drawing game. Touch the boat and draw a path to the pier of the same color. PLAY
  8. hi friends here's Broadside, my latest html5 game targeted at mobile browsers. The gameplay actually works better on touch than on desktop, which is kind of what i was going for.
  9. Black N' White is a strategy game which is inspired by the game of go. The goal is to surround your rival.
  10. I'm building a very simple platformer using tiles and I wonder which way would be the best to render the map when the target is obviously a mobile device. As far as I know there are 3 main strategies: Render game as it comes just simply checking which tiles should be in the screen in every single frame and draw the pertinent tiles. Straight forward, but the scene need to be recomposed every frame. Draw map chunks to invisible canvas layers and work with those chunks. This method seems to be flexible enough to offer good results but the question is how big should be those chunks, and how affects that in memory and performance terms. Draw the whole level in a single canvas layer and just scroll it. Is there any limit here with the size?
  11. using the fantastic howler.js - all works dandy on desktop and iOS 6 but plays like a dog on android (tab 2 android 4.1.1 chrome) using the sound sprite approach, performance is woeful - it's seemingly random if it will even play a sound and there is a noticeable lag when a sound is triggered regardless of whether it plays it or not! looks like there are plenty of reported issues with android and html5 audio around - but wondered if any of you had found a better solution/library/approach to playing sounds on android specifically when making a game.
  12. The question we get asked more than any other is “does the Turbulenz Engine work on mobile?” Specifically how to use the open source Turbulenz Engine on Android and iOS. The current answer ultimately reflects the limitations of the mobile operating systems and their associated browsers. A game created with the Turbulenz Engine depends on the web application platform for execution. The application platform must contains all the parts that the game requires, most importantly a JavaScript engine and implementations of all the JavaScript APIs used (often called HTML5 APIs.) The Turbulenz Engine is designed and implemented with a modular architecture. Hence it is the game that defines which modules from the engine are required and used.
  13. In a scenario where you have a mobile game designed for landscape but the user is holding the phone in portrait (or vice versa), i'd be interested in opinions on whether it's preferable to... A) pause/hide the game and display a message requesting user rotate device to correct orientation resize + reposition game regardless of orientation (allowing game to appear pretty tiny in the wrong orientation) C) something else (rotate all game assets 90 degrees to fake an orientation lock?)
  14. EDIT: NOTE - The performance issue does not seem to be a problem with Pixi.js. It more seems to be a browser/hardware related problem. Hi, today I finally wanted to give Pixi.js a try. Since I am most concerned about mobile devices I started with example 01 to see how it performs on mobiles. Unfortunately the performance seems not smooth at all. Is there anything wrong with my modified example ? Working example: I tested it on my Nexus4 (chrome) and I got around ~28fps. Any help appreciated. Best, benny!
  15. Casual shooter made with impactjs: Play Works on desktop, mobile and tablets. Enjoy!
  16. Hi all, I'm currently building a reusable framework in GameMaker Studio that deals with scaling and orientation on mobile and tablet devices, that I can build all of my future html5 games on. All of my games will be made at either 320x480 or 480x320, and I plan to offer them to sponsors and portals. When dealing with devices with a screen resolution of 320x480, such as iPhones, displaying the game at 1:1 ratio will mean that a portion of the game at the bottom will not be visible under the browser bar, and so would be filled with a logo or filler graphics perhaps. The issue is that because GameMaker studio makes it so easy to export to other formats I also plan to release the same games as iOS and Android native apps. Designing this way would mean that I have to design two versions of the game; a native version taking up the entire screen and an html5 version that fits within the iOS bars. (I've hidden the top browser bar but you can't remove the bottom browser bar or top iOS bar). The scaling solution I've come up with takes the entire 320x480 canvas and scales it up or down to fill whatever space it can, whilst still respecting aspect ratio. However on iPhone this leaves scrollable spaces at either side, as shown below: This solution is the easiest for me as I only need to design each game to fit 320x480 and then scale it up or down to suit, but would sponsors (booster media for example) be happy with this or could it hinder my chances? Thanks in advance. Edit: I wasn't sure whether to put this in the coding or sponsor section so feel free to move it if necessary!
  17. Hey guys, Game number 2! Is there anywhere we can improve, things to fix and translations to change. Looking forward to the feedback! Hope you enjoy the game! Link -
  18. Hey Guys, Is the first of 3 games am posting today, but these are 3 of our new releases and just wanted to see what you all thought and if there is anywhere we can improve, bugs you might find (as we don't have tons of devices) that we could fix and also the translations if we need to change things there, as our french, german and so on isn't great between us here lol, just about got there Hope you enjoy the game anyway! Link -
  19. benny!

    3D on mobile

    Hey guys, I just released a small HTML5 game for mobile devices which uses some 3D objects. It uses Three.js rev.55. I started thinking about using 3D since I followed this thread by mrdoob on Well, I was wondering if anyone here in this forum used 3D in one of his games? If so, which technique/library have you used and what is your experience? Concerning the techniques I think Canvas2D/CSS3 are the only options for now. It might take at least one year until WebGl is widely supported on mobile (maybe even longer). Best,benny!
  20. We've been working on a 3D HTML5 game targeting the new WebGL enabled mobile browsers. We've just released the first version: You can read a little bit about it here: Or go straight to the game here:
  21. "One of the biggest developments in communications and technology in recent months is the rise of HTML5. This new programming language has serious potential to destabilize a variety of different computing environments as we know them, and yield impact to the field that can only be barely conceived of today. But what in particular is likely to hit? There's been plenty of analysis of the field, and many conclusions that can be reached as a result. One of the biggest impacts HTML5 is likely to generate in 2013 is in the field of mobile platforms. Already, HTML5 is looking to destabilize the mobile environment, with Web-based apps that can be run via browser potentially looking to encroach on app stores in their current form. Several publications like Bright Ideas are already using HTML5 as a way to bring out its magazine to mobile devices—it can be found in the iPad App Store—and that's just one key point. More and more mobile applications will come available using HTML5, and that's going to mean a huge difference in the way these mobile applications are developed."
  22. benny!

    Picshift 3D

    Hi all, released today a casual brain teasing puzzle called Picshift 3D. How to play Memorize and recreate the image by sliding the tiles vertically or horizontally. Screenshots I am currenlty looking for sponsorships. You can test it live on Market.js. Best, benny! @rich: If you do not want such "implicit looking for sponsorships" posts, please drop me a not, and I will remove this of course.
  23. Hey all, I am wondering what you guys think about the fullscreen support on mobile browsers? The support of this API in desktop versions of modern browsers seems to increase. Wondering what you guys think about this topic ? Are you also waiting for this ? Do you currently use workarounds to simulate fullscreen (like adding 60px to the body content & window.scrollTo)Maybe you have some insider information - when we can expect support of the FullScreenAPI in mobile browser (esp. iOS Safari)? Best,benny!