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Found 6 results

  1. Continuation of my Phaser game that I've been working on for the last few months. Working on a menu system now and trying to polish up the buttons with a hover state. I based my button code off of the example from Phaser. My issue stems from it doesn't work as it should. Right now it doesn't do any hover over change unless you hold down the mouse button and then move your mouse off and on the button. So rather than being able to change between the over and out images and then on click images it currently only has a change for on click and if you hold down the mouse button on a button and move the cursor out and over the button it changes.I know it is super wordy but I don't know how else to explain it. Here is my code: var newgameButton; this.newgameButton =, 50, 'NewGame', this.newGameOnClick, this, 1, 0, 2); this.newgameButton.onInputOver.add(this.over, this); this.newgameButton.onInputOut.add(this.out, this); this.newgameButton.onInputUp.add(this.up, this); up: function() { console.log('button up', arguments); }, over: function() { console.log('button over'); }, out: function() { console.log('button out'); }, newGameOnClick: function() {'LevelTut'); },
  2. hello im just wondering if i can cover a sprite with a bitmap, think about a character and covering it with clothes(bitmaps) i tried adding them as a child sprite1.addChild(bitmap); keep in mind that the sprite will be moving around, is there a easiest way to do this?
  3. hi guys i want to know if there is a way in phaser to know if the mouse pointer is over a sprite/bitmap? i have a bitmapdata containing a sprite on it, it is rotating and moving in the screen this is the hardest part!! thanks in advance
  4. Hello guys, is there a easy way if is an sprite over another sprite? For example, in my game I can put 2 sprites in the world with random positions, but they must not cover up each other... I have a reference for both objects, so I was wondering if can I do something like this: Phaser.Sprite.over(sprite1, sprite2); // true or falseboth sprite1 and sprite2 is a reference for the created sprite. Thanks!
  5. My fps get over 60 (about 1k in a few seconds). What's wrong? It happens when window isn't active or if I open and close console all the time. What's wrong? I'm so confused… Is there vsync now that I need to turn on or something?
  6. Hey there, I've been playing with Phaser since yesterday, it looks great! My first experiment is going to be a simple Match-3 game and I need to know when the user is dragging a sprite over another one. If I register to the following event, my function gets called when I hover though the sprites. However, that doesn't happen when I'm dragging a sprite around., this);Any tips on how i could achieve that? I'd need that to give some feedback to the user - add an effect if the user can't release the tile there, e.g. Thanks in advance! Claudiovc