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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I need your help to understand advanced behaviors in Phaser. We're developing a big game with Phaser, we have many sprites, many layers and many animations. We have texts, and transparency too. Everything we need to make the game slow and with poor FPS We want to optimize the game one step after another, and we want to understand, too, what is the most consuming task. The game is currently running at 40 to 50 FPS on a desktop, with some minor slowdowns, but that is ok for us. On a mobile phone, even with big hardware (iPhone 5s, Xperia Z1, HTC One M8), it runs at 2 to 10 FPS, unplayable. The strange thing is that we tried to run the game on the iOS simulator, to profil it, and the result was exactly the same as on mobile. In fact, on mobile and iOS simulator, the CPU usage is 120%. On desktop browser, the usage is 30%. We are totally sure that the problem is CPU usage because memory use and access are ok. Do you have any idea, why this happens? Why the same code runs great on desktop, and not on mobile browser, even in a simulator? Any help would be appreciated, cause we are lost Thank you guys!
  2. Hi everyone, Just begining with Phaser, i love the phylosophy and how it works For my game, I'm drawing a big tilemap (100 x 100), adding static objects with no problems. Then I want to add moving objects, so I create a group and add sprites to the group, with a simple velocity. And... it doesn't work very well. It seems like each time a new sprite is attached to the group, the animation stops, then restart, so it's not smooth at all Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so (i'm properly destroying objects). I tried with Tweens too, but the result is the same. You can check it here : Thank you for your help guys!