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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to visualize a simplex noise map by representing the values as shades of gray on a 2d image. While using Processing/p5js I used to be able to access the pixels array and then set the values and update the image. Is there any similar way of achieving this in pixi, or should I look elsewhere? If I had to build the image in p5, can I convert it to a pixi texture right away? (meaning, without intermediately saving it to disk or similar)
  2. Hello, I'm trying to load sprite sheets to build a tiling map in Pixi. I have my spritesheets defined in a custom data structure like so: { "image": "../aside/tileset_1bit.png", "spacing": 0, "tile_height": 16, "tile_width": 16 } Now, I add the json file to the loader, and hit loader.load(), calling an onComplete function: let loader = new PIXI.Loader(); let path = './data/spritesheets/dev_tileset.json'; loader.add(path); loader.onComplete.add((loader) => loadSpriteTextures(loader)); loader.load(); function loadSpriteTextures(loader) { for (let key in l
  3. Hi, my game is supposed to have support for canvas, and so I added the pixijs-legacy when we upgraded to 5.0.4. However, it seems it won't recognize the fallback support and I still get this error. I can see the pixi-js legacy being loaded, though. I'm not too familiar with the whole workflow yet, so I'm finding it hard to figure out. Do you guys hav e any idea how to fix it? Thank you so much,
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