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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to visualize a simplex noise map by representing the values as shades of gray on a 2d image. While using Processing/p5js I used to be able to access the pixels array and then set the values and update the image. Is there any similar way of achieving this in pixi, or should I look elsewhere? If I had to build the image in p5, can I convert it to a pixi texture right away? (meaning, without intermediately saving it to disk or similar)
  2. Hello, I'm trying to load sprite sheets to build a tiling map in Pixi. I have my spritesheets defined in a custom data structure like so: { "image": "../aside/tileset_1bit.png", "spacing": 0, "tile_height": 16, "tile_width": 16 } Now, I add the json file to the loader, and hit loader.load(), calling an onComplete function: let loader = new PIXI.Loader(); let path = './data/spritesheets/dev_tileset.json'; loader.add(path); loader.onComplete.add((loader) => loadSpriteTextures(loader)); loader.load(); function loadSpriteTextures(loader) { for (let key in loader.resources) { if (loader.resources[key].extension == 'json') { let data = loader.resources[key].data; let { image, spacing, tile_height, tile_width, } = data; let sheet = new Spritesheet(image, spacing, tile_height, tile_width); spriteSheets.push(sheet); loader.add(sheet.image); } } } Except, when I call loader.add(sheet.image), I get an error: "resource-loader.esm.js:1992 Uncaught Error: Resource named "../aside/tileset_1bit.png" already exists." I know for a fact that the image "../aside/tileset_1bit.png" does *not* exist in the loader. If I don't call the add() and try looking, it's not there (as expected). I need the second load() step to actually load the images into the loader, which I'd later reference from my Spritesheet object, but this error is baffling me. Any ideas what cause this? Is it a bug?
  3. Hi, my game is supposed to have support for canvas, and so I added the pixijs-legacy when we upgraded to 5.0.4. However, it seems it won't recognize the fallback support and I still get this error. I can see the pixi-js legacy being loaded, though. I'm not too familiar with the whole workflow yet, so I'm finding it hard to figure out. Do you guys hav e any idea how to fix it? Thank you so much,