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Found 121 results

  1. Play it here: Build you own way till the end of the map! Instructions: Arrows: MovementSpace: Taking down a blockR button: Restarting the current levelThe aim of the game is to go trough the game using blocks as little as possible.
  2. yortuc

    Space Roll

    hi, this is my first game developed with Phaser. hope you enjoy. direct game link: detalis:
  3. Hi, UPDATE: web url: I would like to ask your help with a hobby project. It's packed with CocoonJS for Google Play. If you have some time and you have an android phone then please provide the following information: 1. FPS in the main menu 2. FPS in the game on level 1 3. Your phone brand ( if you know the memory,cpu,gpu ) and the android version. 4. Any tips or suggestions concerning the gameplay. The fps can be seen on the left side with white numbers. If you have really low fps try to turn off sounds,music and set graphics to Low from the settings. The game can be downloaded from goole play: Level Editor: Anybody who wants to create a level can download the template and if its good it will make it into the final game(along with the creator's name). Gameplay video: Web: http://cubimal.baldricksoft.comEditor: Thank You! Viktor
  4. Jump Drive is a tough as nails text based platformer. You and your friend, Eric, got trapped in a video game! Wall jump to collect coins, avoid spikes, and complete levels. Overload the system to defeat the evil computer AI named John, and get out of the game! Play Jump Drive! Check Out My Blog!
  5. Hello, I cannot find way to make slope in platformer that character can walk. It seems that Phaser can only check collision as a rectangle. Here is what I am trying to achieve: Thanks for all your help!
  6. here is the testcase: i made two versions of the checkOverlap() function.. in the second (commented out atm) i check in both ways but specially for the player velocity.. this leads to situations where the player velo is not enough anymore when "inside" the platform and bounces back really fast.. the first version somehow baffles me.. if the fist body is my player he always is moving UP.. therefore no further checks are needed.. i just let him through... BUT i honestly don't know the implications of that.. it's definitely not field tested the moving platforms would also work with a simple tween where i tween the velocity but with my custom function and some predefined attributes (bounds, velocity) that can also be configured in tiled so every platform already knows where to move, this is more precise.. @rich.. if this would be somehow suitable as an example feel free to copy/adapt/rewrite the code a small piece of the code: game.physics.p2.setPostBroadphaseCallback(checkOverlap1, this);function checkOverlap1(body1, body2) { if (body1.sprite.key === 'mario' && body2.sprite.key === 'platform'){ return false; } //for some reason if mario is body1 not body2 he is moving from below - thats all we need to find out to let him through return true;}function checkOverlap2(body1, body2) { if (body1.sprite.key === 'mario' && body1.velocity.y > 0 && body2.sprite.key === 'platform'|| body2.sprite.key === 'mario' && body2.velocity.y > 0 && body1.sprite.key === 'platform'){ return false; } // this checks if mario is jumping return true;}
  7. Hello, Our team is trying to create a camera behavior similar to Super Smash Bros. The camera zooms out when players are far with each other camera zooms in when they are near. Any idea on how I could have a similar camera effect with Phaser? Thank you
  8. Hi, I just want to mention my Flappy Bird inspired game Tubeyflaps ( I've made it using Phaser. It's far away from a master piece and mainly a proof of concept and proof of my grunt based phaserBoilerplate ( The whole game is MIT licensed and OpenSource. You can find it here: Cheers! Casarock
  9. Hi, I'm trying to create a plaformer which contains lifts and moving platform. I'm pretty new to building games so I was wondering what would be the best way to tackle a moving platform (the player has to be able to jump onto it)? I've currently created a seperate group which has a tween that has yoyo set to true. While this works, there are a couple of problems: Once the player is on the platform he doesn't move with the platform. What would I have to do to accomplish them moving together? When the player is moving he collides nicely with the moving platform but when he's idling the platform moves just behind him. What am I doing wrong?Hope someone here can give me some pointers what to look at Kind regards, Flurin
  10. So I just need some general advice and help on a game I'm making, first game I've made essentially been building on the same code through like 15 stages and since I'm new to html5 and javascript I've accrued a mass of errors and odd things in my code, but it "works". Here is my game thus far, it is called: Bellum Gerere My end goal is you the player have a healthbar (implies death, damage and survival) and you fight moving mesh objects, and after hitting them a couple times by shooting out a collision mesh on mouse click events the enemy dies and then you fight a boss. A larger mostly indestructible mesh with small vulnerable areas exposed in cycles. I want a very simplified version of Zone of The Enders 2 versus mode, or something like REZ, but more basic! simpler. I have some CSS errors, if someone could help with that... And sometimes some meshes aren't attached to the player as they should be. And yes, you're not supposed to be able to jump on all the meshes, but I'd like it so that you can't just go through them. SHORT TERM GOAL: setting a mesh to fire out out the player mesh and "hit" other meshes on mouse click. Let me know what you think, lag, glitches whatever, thanks.
  11. Hello, I will present two games made by Mugeen Games ( Mugeen Games consists of me ( (development) and my wife ( (with graphics), we design games for fun. Our first game is a Snake-Life named Snake Em All ( Our second game is a short platformer named Dreamless ( We are currently making a new game a little more consistent. Feel free to leave feedback on gameplay and art :-) Thank you, Cyrille
  12. Hi! We just released our latest webgl game / demo. It's called "Kid Disco" and is a music driven platformer. It uses Three.js (webgl) for rendering and chipmunkJS for the physics. It runs best in Chrome but should also work in latest FF, IE11 and Safari. Have fun!
  13. The PBS KIDS Digital team has released a new HTML5 game and we're releasing the engine as well! Wild Kratts Monkey Mayhem is a platform puzzle game for kids (though we like playing it too). It was built using the Platypus 2D Platfomer Engine, which we've just released for anyone to use. The engine uses Tiled for level editing, and includes tons of standard game components so you can add your assets and start making levels right away. If you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think! The engine and Kratts game were built for us by Gopherwood Studio, who are HTML5 game ninjas!
  14. How to play: Touch the screen to jump. Take the crystals. Don't let the blocks falls on your head! Please. Give feedback! Test on your devices if possible! PLAY IT
  15. Nigo's Cave [WIP] This is the game I am working on for the js13kgames competition. I still have no story for this one, and I am still working out the mechanic. I only know that Nigo is a girl trapped/searching something/walking around a cave. Right now I am trying to kill some collision bugs. It's all done in javascript and it's not very optimized but it works on my machine. Right now I am not very focused on keeping it small, but when I get a solid game that could be compressed I'll start optimizing. First make it work and then make it work better. The controls are arrows to move and jump. Space to make an explosion which will destroy tiles in a radius around the character. Here you can play the game Version with music: Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Thanks! Felipe.
  16. Wreaking Independence is a small survival shooter I made for this weeks FiMaRu game jam with the theme independence. Its not completely done but mostly, I just need to add music/sounds, touch controls and hopefully another gun. Kill robots using guns, collect scrap metal, build a better gun or more ammo. Play: Screenshots(*Warning big*): Any feedback at all is appreciated!
  17. Hello, We're AtomicGame Dev and we're a new indie game studio in the Durham, NC area We're putting together a new 2d platform style fighting game called Nano Ninja's. We're not seasoned professionals but we're not exactly new either. We have team members who have 6-10 years of software engineering experience, has shipped 2 games on mobile, 2 flash games from back in the early millennial and we're looking at putting together an indie team to put together a 2d platformer fighter game much like street fighter with many in-app purchases, hidden characters, items, power-ups, weapons, items, new arena's, tournament types, and a new versus network mode that allows you to automatically connect to a tournament battle ground with ALL users who have the game on the phone who are in the facility of the game being played (using GPS from phone). We're targeting iOS, Android and Windows Mobile and we're using the new Unity 4.3 2D Toolbox that comes standard with the new 4.3 Unity release. We're planning on getting the first demo out in 2 month cycle, and having major 1 month agile releases until our 4-5 month development cycle is up for version 1.0 Because we're focusing on making it a social mobile network & social platform and we already have the engine completed for that we're really looking at putting together a strong graphic design team who can turn out high quality graphic art in a short period of time. We're looking at acquiring a team of graphic designers or one graphic designer and we're willing to pay them between 2-3k monthly for part-time to full-time work dependent on quality and time of your work. We're willing to pay either Hourly for 20-40 hours a week every 2 weeks get paid every 2 weeks. or per project milestone per 100 - 500 per set of sprites which would allow us to complete certain milestones in the game.
  18. Rolling while Rolling is what happens when I get really bored with no real ideas and I want to try and make something pretty and addictive, I honestly don't have any other description then that . Enjoy~! PLAY: Please give any feedback whatsoever! Made with Three.js(for webgl rendering) and Metrix.js(for entity systems, collisions and game stuff)
  19. Heya, I'm working on a Box2D platform engine with Pixi as the renderer. I'd like to have the stage follow the hero as he wanders around. My first thought was just repositioning the PIXI.Stage element, but that didn't seem to have an effect. I guess I could have an offset for every individual object, but seems like it would be cleaner to be able to move an entire viewport at once if that was possible. What's the Right Way to do it? Thanks! -Charlie
  20. I'm building a very simple platformer using tiles and I wonder which way would be the best to render the map when the target is obviously a mobile device. As far as I know there are 3 main strategies: Render game as it comes just simply checking which tiles should be in the screen in every single frame and draw the pertinent tiles. Straight forward, but the scene need to be recomposed every frame. Draw map chunks to invisible canvas layers and work with those chunks. This method seems to be flexible enough to offer good results but the question is how big should be those chunks, and how affects that in memory and performance terms. Draw the whole level in a single canvas layer and just scroll it. Is there any limit here with the size?
  21. Hey everyone! Just first want to say, when I heard about Phaser (being a big Flixel fan) I was STOKED and uber-excited and can't wait to get my hands dirty with it. One of the only issues I had with Flixel was using slopes in a platformer. Is this addressed at all in Phaser? At the risk of showing my game dev noobiness, does one have to use pixel detection collision or is there another way? Thanks!