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Found 279 results

  1. Hi everyone, Our name is Cirta Games, we are a development team, we are focusing right now on developing Html5 mobile games using Phaser. Our games work in desktop, tablet and all mobile devices. In the last few months we have made many games, most of them are high-quality games, and sold many licences to many sponsors. In this period, we were active through our personal accounts in the Html5 Game Dev forums, but now we decided to put on feet the official account of our team here in this awesome and useful forums. We will be publishing our games here in this forum from now on and we will be pleased to hear your feedback, suggestions or anything that can help us make better games in the future. Here we go with our first game here in this forum: Twins Family The twins family is dispersed, help it to assemble again. Tap on the blank between twins to assemble them. Assemble the twins on the star to get it. Play Twins Family We hope you will enjoy playing our game and, as we said above, any feedback or suggestion is welcomed
  2. Cat vs Granny Small arcade game where cat eats as many tasty cakes as possible for 60 seconds. Instructions: Find two ore more cakes of one color and tap to eat them. When granny approaches you'll see big letters "RUN!" near you. tap them to escape. I made this game using Scirra Construct 2. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Most of my worries are about game performance on mobile and tablets: I was able only to test it on one device and it's relatively smooth but some lag is still notable... Also this is my first game that comes with ads and I hope that ad banners are placed well. Would be nice to hear your opinion about it too. Best regards, Tim
  3. Lost Fish – A fast puzzle game for touch devices (designed for iOS from ground up)
  4. Teun28


    Puzco is an addictive puzzle game where you have to think before doing something. The game starts easy and end up hard. You can play Puzco on your pc, and you can play it on mobile! Controls on desktop: WASD or the arrow buttons to move Shift to select a player. Music is from by mrDMan Download:
  5. Hello I did a real time game, it is a puzzle where you have to catch a flea giving special coordinates but you can challenge your friends to see who catch the flea first. Some feedback are appreciated.
  6. "TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I." HTML5 Video Game Click below URL link to play in Internet browser: PLAY NOW! Click below URL link to view source code: Enjoy! JeZ+Lee 16BitSoft Inc. Video Game Design Studio
  7. I finished my second Ludum Dare game, Dungeon Break! Link: Story: A deranged wizard has trapped you in his magical dungeon deep beneath the ground! To escape you need exploit the dungeon itself. Reach the stairs to get to the next level and finally -- to the surface and to freedom! Controls: Mouse/touch only. Click adjacent tiles to move left/right/up/down. Click and drag (e.g. swipe) tiles to push rows horizontally and columns vertically. NOTE: Rows/columns containing "X"-blocks cannot be pushed. Development tools:Coded in Haxe using the Flambe game engine. Graphics are doing using Pixelmator. Music is made using Autotracker + Audacity. Sound effects are made using Sfxr (procedurally).
  8. Play now (This game was developed for the competition , please play&rate if you like it!) Who would have ever thought chemistry would be so challenging?! Squeeze your mind in this brain teaser puzzle game and try to obtain all the chemicals. Description: Chemicals Obtained is a grid based puzzle game that mixes chemistry , engineering & brain teasing! Test your skills now and see if you can use the correct tools and obtain all the chemicals! Screenshots: -- - Playable on desktop , mobile or tablet!
  9. NEON iOS App Store Android Play Store Greetings Friends! I am happy to announce the release of Neon for iOS and Android. It is a drop puzzle like tetris, but with a mechanic similar to the classic Kirby's Avalanche, or Puyo Puyo. The goal is to get as many points as possible by matching colours. Groups of four adjacent matching colours will eliminate and any pieces above them fall in their place. If they fall into a match, then you have a combo. The combo is directly linked to a point multiplier, and every time you get a combo or single match, the speed increases. So stack your combos tall, then knock 'em down and get as many points as you can before the screen fills up. There are 30 achievements, leaderboards, wifi multiplayer, and some facebook integration. Controls: Swipe Left, Right and Down to Move. Swipe Up or Tap to Rotate. Thanks for playing! ~KeithK
  10. Hi all, I'd like to show my android game made using HTML5. This game is for football lovers to test your knowledge about World Cup 2014 and football. you have to guess the word based on given clue. You will get a score each level based on how fast you guess the word, how many times you made a mistake, and in what level you are.The game is created using HTML5 and wrapped in phonegap. (plain javascript and DOM. no canvas). If you have any feedback or comment, please Let us know what you think :-) Google play url : Screenshots: Thank you
  11. Hi! today my last game became "playable" You can find it here : To play use the arrow keys And the source code: Currently its using Phaser 2.0.2 It is an attempt to improve my JS and AI skills, the objective is to get the right order of the numbers, I used A* algorithm to find the answer, at the moment you can see the progression opening the console and hiting the arrow button. I will really appreciate if someone could tell me any feedback on my JS or AI skills based on the code or any feedback actually When I implement the solving animation will update this
  12. Greetings all. Play Neon Now! I would like to share Neon with you, my second entry. It has a mechanic similar to Kirby’s Avalanche or Puyo Puyo, and on iOS and Android will have wifi multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements through Game Center and Play Services, as well as facebook integration and leaderboards. You can find it and my other games at GameJolt. Also check out my website. Thanks for playing! ~KeithK
  13. I made a little HTML5 game. It's a randomly generated turn-based puzzle game about surviving the attack of killer robots. There's a randomly gneerated board where you'll see a man and some robots. You can move the man to any of the squares near him. Clicking on the man will dangerously teleport him to a random location. Teleporting may cause instant dead, so be careful with that. You can't attack the robots directly, but you can make the robots crash into each other. You win by making all the robots die. You lose if a robot gets to the square the man is in. Once you clean a level you move to a next level, where you'll fight one more robot than before. Eventually you will die. Note: Sometimes the game doesn't fully load the first time. Reloading the page usually works.
  14. Gridlock was the first title in our “Game a Week” series. It was originally released on January 6th, 2014. This game will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the first HTML5 game that I ever created. As we mentioned in our February Reflection, we’re going back and updating some of our January games to reflect our new quality standards. I’m very proud to announce the new version of this game in particular. It turned out better than I ever dreamed that it would! What do you think of the new version? Please let us know in the comments section below. We have another graphic update planned for next month, and your feedback is how we improve! Click Here to Play Gridlock
  15. Hello Comrades! I've just finished my new little puzzle game Amazing Elements Please check it out on my site orrr FGL It's my second GameMaker match-3 game. It was inspired by "Adventure Match" game. Few words about development process It's my third game on GameMaker engine All the graphics were made in Photoshop. I used Matthew's Mobility engine to support mobile devices with different resolutions. All the music and sound I got from Hope you will enjoy it, Good luck Contact me here or by e-mail if you want to buy this awesome game for your site!
  16. Hi all, today y manage to make my little AI exercise to work, it's a classical path finding exercise using A* to solve, this is my first JS medium/heavy project and it can be improved A LOT mainly because I did the A star thing myself from scratch which was fun but hard. It needs some cool animations and player control improvements but if you run it and open the console you can see all the steps to solve it when I'm finished it will be on my website but for the time being here is the source code. If any one could check it out and tel me if something could get improved i will appreciate it a lot I have being studding JS and checking other people code and I think I did good practices but I'm not sure. (I'ts SLOW so if you run it it may look like it will crash but hang on and it will solve the puzzle , I think this is because my heuristic isn't the best but i will try different one soon) If someone is interested o could do a tutorial for this so let me know.
  17. Hi there, just want to share my HTML5 games, Louie's Dog. Although this is my first time posting here, this is not my first HTML5 games. Maybe I can share the other games here later. Louie's Dog is a grid sliding puzzle games where you must reunite Louie and his missing white dog. Beware though, there are other special tile to consider, and Angry Dog & Animal Control Officer to avoid. You can also find hidden gold bones under the ground to increase your completion rating. There are no timer or score here, so just sit back, relax, and solve all the level with all the time in the world Link: Alternate Link: If you have problem playing the games, do let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated!
  18. I'm making a puzzle game with tetris-like blocks. You get a limited amount of different blocks and you have to cover a square-shaped board. I defined polygons for every block-type in an array of objects: var blocksLibrary = [ {slug: '1', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,120, 0,120]}, {slug: 'dash', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'dot', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'i', polygon: [0,0, 160,0, 160,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'j', polygon: [40,0, 80,0, 80,120, 0,120, 0,80, 40,80]}, {slug: 'l', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,80, 80,80, 80,120, 0,120]}, {slug: 'o', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,80, 0,80]}, {slug: 'r', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 40,40, 40,80, 0,80]}, {slug: 's', polygon: [40,0, 120,0, 120,40, 80,40, 80,80, 0,80, 0,40, 40,40]}, {slug: 't', polygon: [0,0, 120,0, 120,40, 80,40, 80,80, 40,80, 40,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'z', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 120,40, 120,80, 40,80, 40,40, 0,40]},];And then I generate them with such settings: // loop over all blocks for current stage// and create draggable and droppable blockscurrentStage.blocks.forEach(function (item) { // increment the left position left += leftInterval; // create block in group var block = blocks.create(left, 639, item); = item; // change collision body to definded polygon block.body.setPolygon(blocksLibraryLookup[item].polygon); // make it draggable with enableDrag // and parameters: lockCenter, bringToTop, pixelPerfect, alphaTreshold block.inputEnabled = true; block.input.enableDrag(false, true, true, 255); // make it snappable with enableSnap // and parameters: x, y, onDrag, onRelease block.input.enableSnap(40, 40, false, true); block.input.snapOffsetX = 352 + 2; block.input.snapOffsetY = 200 + 2;});Then I make a square for every board square, to check if all of them are covered // create all squares for current boardfor (var a = 1; a <= boardHeight; a++) { for (var b = 1; b <= boardWidth; b++) { // create square sprite var square = boardSquares.create(boardLeft + 40 * (b - 1), boardTop + 40 * (a - 1), 'blank-40'); = 'square-' + b + '-' + a; // change collision body to small rectangle square.body.setRectangle(8, 8, 16, 16); }}In the update function for game I trigger the overlap: game.physics.overlap(blocks, boardSquares, blocksOverlapHandler, null, this);But the problem is that the overlap is triggered for the whole sprite rectangle and not for the polygon. In the situation below, the overlap shouldn't be triggered, but it does: I don't know why it's not working as I think it should :/ And maybe there is a better way to do this?
  19. This is my first Html5 game, I am using Phaser 1.00TS0.83 and I had a real fun making it. The basis of the game is simple: you need to connect all blocks, either by moving them or rotating them, there are 3 types of them and a total of 60 levels. You can play the game HERE Any feedback is welcome... Edit: I updated the game and added a music and sound effects.
  20. SWAMP'S ADVENTURES Hi there! We just finished up a brand new game and would love you to have fun with it. Join Swamp in over 100 levels of fun family themed puzzles. It starts off easy enough, but soon you will be introduced to challenges such as alligators, snakes, lock/gates, and even the crazy ragin' cajin himself! Take Swamp on over 100 levels of super fun swampy adventures. The puzzles start off easy, but quickly become more challenging as new challenges, friends and foes join the fun! Can you conquer them all? Easy gameplay, just slide your finger!126 Hand designed levelsDifficulty increases as player progressesWorks on all major mobile devicesPlay Swamp's Adventures Right here! Play Swamp's Adventures Right here!
  21. Hi, we recently released one of our side projects on the iOS App Store. UDDER IN THE DARK is a puzzle game featuring our blind cow Udder. Guided by the player, she has to navigate through a maze, in complete darkness. The game was build with EaselJS and CocoonJS. It features 31 mazes with different game mechanics. We purposely avoided tutorial levels and menu screens to keep the player invested in the world. UDDER IN THE DARK is optimized to run on iPads, but will also run on iPhones up from 4s. You can download the game for free from: All of the graphics were done by Olaf Albers ( If you are into it you can check out concept drawings of the game, on his website. Please let me know what you think of it. Cheers, David
  22. This is my latest attempt of a board-puzzle game. It's called Potion Mastermind, the game leverages the classic "mastermind" board game with a new twist. You can play around here: Screenshots: Let me know what you think, any improvements or bugs. Thanks!
  23. Hi there, I've created a puzzle game. The basics are very simple, just drag and drop pieces around to complete the puzzle. I'm just stuck on making this more 'like a real game', the obvious thing to do is add a scoreboard and do stuff with progress and achievements but I'm not sure I want that. I usually hate those aspects in other games myself. Anyway here is my work so far, any feedback is appreciated:
  24. Hi, I started looking for sponsors for our first html5 game. Previously I did a couple of sponsored flash games: "zombie home run" and "twtichpack". This one is called "Sidetracks", its about a train that needs to deliver cargo to many cities in a level in order to win. You have to click on the red rails in order to set their direction. It's an action game in the sense that you have to be quick to decide where you want your train to go. If you deliver enough cargo to a city, you will gain a new wagon. If you grow too much you will need to think more carefully about what paths to take, because you can crash with yourself and loose the level. I hope you enjoy it, and if you are sponsor you can contact me at cibarra223 at