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Found 289 results

  1. Hello Comrades! I've just finished my new little puzzle game Amazing Elements Please check it out on my site orrr FGL It's my second GameMaker match-3 game. It was inspired by "Adventure Match" game. Few words about development process It's my third game on GameMaker engine All the graphics were made in Photoshop. I used Matthew's Mobility engine to support mobile devices with different resolutions. All the music and sound I got from Hope you will enjoy it, Good luck Contact me here or by e-mail if you want to buy this awesome game for your site!
  2. Hi all, today y manage to make my little AI exercise to work, it's a classical path finding exercise using A* to solve, this is my first JS medium/heavy project and it can be improved A LOT mainly because I did the A star thing myself from scratch which was fun but hard. It needs some cool animations and player control improvements but if you run it and open the console you can see all the steps to solve it when I'm finished it will be on my website but for the time being here is the source code. If any one could check it out and tel me if something could get improved i will appreciate it a lot I have being studding JS and checking other people code and I think I did good practices but I'm not sure. (I'ts SLOW so if you run it it may look like it will crash but hang on and it will solve the puzzle , I think this is because my heuristic isn't the best but i will try different one soon) If someone is interested o could do a tutorial for this so let me know.
  3. Hi there, just want to share my HTML5 games, Louie's Dog. Although this is my first time posting here, this is not my first HTML5 games. Maybe I can share the other games here later. Louie's Dog is a grid sliding puzzle games where you must reunite Louie and his missing white dog. Beware though, there are other special tile to consider, and Angry Dog & Animal Control Officer to avoid. You can also find hidden gold bones under the ground to increase your completion rating. There are no timer or score here, so just sit back, relax, and solve all the level with all the time in the world Link: Alternate Link: If you have problem playing the games, do let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated!
  4. I'm making a puzzle game with tetris-like blocks. You get a limited amount of different blocks and you have to cover a square-shaped board. I defined polygons for every block-type in an array of objects: var blocksLibrary = [ {slug: '1', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,120, 0,120]}, {slug: 'dash', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'dot', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'i', polygon: [0,0, 160,0, 160,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'j', polygon: [40,0, 80,0, 80,120, 0,120, 0,80, 40,80]}, {slug: 'l', polygon: [0,0, 40,0, 40,80, 80,80, 80,120, 0,120]}, {slug: 'o', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,80, 0,80]}, {slug: 'r', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 40,40, 40,80, 0,80]}, {slug: 's', polygon: [40,0, 120,0, 120,40, 80,40, 80,80, 0,80, 0,40, 40,40]}, {slug: 't', polygon: [0,0, 120,0, 120,40, 80,40, 80,80, 40,80, 40,40, 0,40]}, {slug: 'z', polygon: [0,0, 80,0, 80,40, 120,40, 120,80, 40,80, 40,40, 0,40]},];And then I generate them with such settings: // loop over all blocks for current stage// and create draggable and droppable blockscurrentStage.blocks.forEach(function (item) { // increment the left position left += leftInterval; // create block in group var block = blocks.create(left, 639, item); = item; // change collision body to definded polygon block.body.setPolygon(blocksLibraryLookup[item].polygon); // make it draggable with enableDrag // and parameters: lockCenter, bringToTop, pixelPerfect, alphaTreshold block.inputEnabled = true; block.input.enableDrag(false, true, true, 255); // make it snappable with enableSnap // and parameters: x, y, onDrag, onRelease block.input.enableSnap(40, 40, false, true); block.input.snapOffsetX = 352 + 2; block.input.snapOffsetY = 200 + 2;});Then I make a square for every board square, to check if all of them are covered // create all squares for current boardfor (var a = 1; a <= boardHeight; a++) { for (var b = 1; b <= boardWidth; b++) { // create square sprite var square = boardSquares.create(boardLeft + 40 * (b - 1), boardTop + 40 * (a - 1), 'blank-40'); = 'square-' + b + '-' + a; // change collision body to small rectangle square.body.setRectangle(8, 8, 16, 16); }}In the update function for game I trigger the overlap: game.physics.overlap(blocks, boardSquares, blocksOverlapHandler, null, this);But the problem is that the overlap is triggered for the whole sprite rectangle and not for the polygon. In the situation below, the overlap shouldn't be triggered, but it does: I don't know why it's not working as I think it should :/ And maybe there is a better way to do this?
  5. This is my first Html5 game, I am using Phaser 1.00TS0.83 and I had a real fun making it. The basis of the game is simple: you need to connect all blocks, either by moving them or rotating them, there are 3 types of them and a total of 60 levels. You can play the game HERE Any feedback is welcome... Edit: I updated the game and added a music and sound effects.
  6. SWAMP'S ADVENTURES Hi there! We just finished up a brand new game and would love you to have fun with it. Join Swamp in over 100 levels of fun family themed puzzles. It starts off easy enough, but soon you will be introduced to challenges such as alligators, snakes, lock/gates, and even the crazy ragin' cajin himself! Take Swamp on over 100 levels of super fun swampy adventures. The puzzles start off easy, but quickly become more challenging as new challenges, friends and foes join the fun! Can you conquer them all? Easy gameplay, just slide your finger!126 Hand designed levelsDifficulty increases as player progressesWorks on all major mobile devicesPlay Swamp's Adventures Right here! Play Swamp's Adventures Right here!
  7. Hi, we recently released one of our side projects on the iOS App Store. UDDER IN THE DARK is a puzzle game featuring our blind cow Udder. Guided by the player, she has to navigate through a maze, in complete darkness. The game was build with EaselJS and CocoonJS. It features 31 mazes with different game mechanics. We purposely avoided tutorial levels and menu screens to keep the player invested in the world. UDDER IN THE DARK is optimized to run on iPads, but will also run on iPhones up from 4s. You can download the game for free from: All of the graphics were done by Olaf Albers ( If you are into it you can check out concept drawings of the game, on his website. Please let me know what you think of it. Cheers, David
  8. This is my latest attempt of a board-puzzle game. It's called Potion Mastermind, the game leverages the classic "mastermind" board game with a new twist. You can play around here: Screenshots: Let me know what you think, any improvements or bugs. Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I've created a puzzle game. The basics are very simple, just drag and drop pieces around to complete the puzzle. I'm just stuck on making this more 'like a real game', the obvious thing to do is add a scoreboard and do stuff with progress and achievements but I'm not sure I want that. I usually hate those aspects in other games myself. Anyway here is my work so far, any feedback is appreciated:
  10. Hi, I started looking for sponsors for our first html5 game. Previously I did a couple of sponsored flash games: "zombie home run" and "twtichpack". This one is called "Sidetracks", its about a train that needs to deliver cargo to many cities in a level in order to win. You have to click on the red rails in order to set their direction. It's an action game in the sense that you have to be quick to decide where you want your train to go. If you deliver enough cargo to a city, you will gain a new wagon. If you grow too much you will need to think more carefully about what paths to take, because you can crash with yourself and loose the level. I hope you enjoy it, and if you are sponsor you can contact me at cibarra223 at
  11. I wrote this game a long time ago in visual basic and have recently ported it over HTML5 / javascript (using SVG for graphics). Just written for fun so no ads, or signup. It is the old pencil and paper classic. Try to capture more boxes than the computer. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve so please let me know what you think, especially whether the user interface is clear and if it's playable on android devices (only tested on iPhone).
  12. Hey guys, made myself a game. It's old though, but I'd love to share it for you. The game is about connecting the stars as fast as you can, as accurate as you can based on shown lines in the game. There will be a countdown time before the game is over. It's for iPad/iPhone only. Feedback and criticism are welcome. Enjoy! =)
  13. The game is available here. You can also see a gameplay video here. This game is a multiplayer experimental real-time strategy game. There are three opposite camps, you start off in one of them. You have to explore, occupy and conquer territory in order to win. When one camp is completely destroyed, the camp with the largest population wins. Furthermore, I made a video series about the development of the game. The game is done, but there are many more things to add to it, so I will update it very regularly. There will be more treasures spawned throughout the map, etc. What is most experimental in the game is that you actually have many other players on your side, and they can all do exactly what you can do. It's hard to tell how well this will work with many people; give me feedback!
  14. Hi, everyone. Please look at my first html5 game: You can play here Thank you.
  15. Hi! Check it out - my first html5 game. Match 3 puzzle about gems and fun)) Feedback and advices will be very appreciated! Fun fact - first buyer comes from, despite many posts on this forum about "fgl not for html5" Some tech specs: - written with Haxe ( - used Flambe engine ( - inspired by NME's match3 example - Pirate Pig ( -- Available for non-exclusive licensing -
  16. Introducing Super Delivery! This is a new game by Grim Panda Games where you must plan carefully a delivery route to connect all houses. It's deceptively simple to finish, but extremely difficult to master. Can you earn 3 stars on each level? Starting in your warehouse, find the shortest path to deliver all of your goods and then return to the warehouse. Efficiency counts! TO PLAY: Simply click or tap the house you would like to travel to next. If you make a mistake, press the X button at the top of the game screen to retrace your path. Good luck! Enjoy! You can play the game by clicking any of the images above, or by visiting the URL below
  17. Introducing Fip! This is a new game by Grim Panda Games that is an HTML5 take on one of our earlier flash games. It's a fun puzzle/arcade game that unlocks new capabilities as you go along using our star system. Each time you play, you progress further to unlock new modes etc. It's a new game each time you play, and it only gets better with replay TO PLAY: You begin with the ability to connect 3 Fips! of the same color. You can make any shape, so don't limit yourself! As you progress you will unlock the ability to select more and earn shape bonuses. Enjoy! You can play the game by clicking any of the images above, or by visiting the URL below
  18. Hello! I finished my game today and want to show it to people. (Sorry my english is not good.) The game title is "Mine Rescue". A mine has collapsed. Many miners trapped in the mine. You are a demolition expert, you are the only one can rescue them. You can beat a path to the trapped miner with your bomb. This is kind of puzzle game and inspired by many other games. PLAY => As an indie developer, I want to make a living with HTML5 game and this is my first try. Any feedback about this game will be appreciated(bug, difficulty,... anything) Thank you! EDIT: If you play the game with keyboard, you can use arrow key to move the hero rather than virtual key. In that case, click mouse left button around the hero to lay down a bomb.
  19. Darwinism is a puzzle game with a Match3 mechanics gameplay. We used our framework Squire in order to optimize the game for mobile devices. The players task is to create more complex organisms starting from the single-celled, by combining them into groups of 3 or more. In this game a human is not the last link of the evolution.
  20. Send Watermelon Home Update -20 levels added -removed the possibility to pick up and move the watermelon in a box!(now you can not cheat ) -Now if you fell a stone box that level can not go any further! -enhanced game difficulty! -added Walkthrough Description Be smart, show what you can do! Complete 30 levels and send home a watermelon! ScreenShots Controls "how to play" is on the first level. Game Link: Walkthrough
  21. Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at releasing a game (outside of a few game jams) and I'd love to hear any feedback on it. It's a puzzle game where you have to connect the colours while connecting the numbers in order and using every square. I've put it up on Google Play (packaged up using cocoonjs) and would appreciate any downloads / ratings, and of course it's also playable in your browser. Please let me know if there are any issues with it. Thanks!
  22. qqgp


    Oasis farming - logical - puzzle - mobile html5 game Build your own oasis in the desert! You will have a limited amount of water, so you have to work hard. Contact for license:
  23. Hi, thought you guys might like to know about a game I've fiddled with. This game is a retro maze-puzzle thing, build on a Boulderdash frame, but with other rules, graphics, and sounds. It has its own instructions about the new objects too. It is distributed under the MIT License ( ), so if you like, you can use my messy code and any other files like graphics and sounds for your own projects - just remember to put me and anyone relevant on the credit list in your game. Link to game source code download: Play the game:
  24. Screenshots: Play it Here Please play it on a mobile device , and tell me which device it was , Whether it runs well and if the loading bar displays correctly. Feedback is really appreciated , even harsh criticism. Please test this game on your devices , and tell me which you've tested on. 4th generation iPod [•] 3rd generation iPhone [ ] 5th generation iPhone/iPod [ ] 1st generation iPad [•] Android phone [•] Android tablet [ ] Windows phone [ ] Thanks a lot for passing by!
  25. Gemollection Collect the gems into the chests of the same color by cutting chains and using punch boxes. Collect coins for extra points.Tap on chain to cut it and figure out how to get the gems into the treasure chests of the matching colors. And finally get rich! We used adapted box2d engine and our framework "Squire". The game supports most screen resolutions. Hope you'll like it yours truly, True Token