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Found 281 results

  1. Play online now no-one has to die. is a game about decisions. You will choose who lives and who dies, and your choices will change the events of the game completely. A fire has trapped four people in the Fenix Corp. headquarters, a building full of secrets. You arrive in the building to find the security guards murdered. Now it’s up to you help everyone escape. If only it were so easy. People will die, and it will be your fault. How you choose to contain the fire will lead to people burning to death. So, who lives? It’s your choice. Lionel is the CEO of Fenix Corporation. Arrogant and selfish, he only cares about his own chances of survival. But he’s the only one that knows what Fenix Corporation truly does... Christina is a young woman who has been working at Fenix Corporation for a few years. She is strong in the face of danger, but can’t stand to think of the lives the fire has consumed. If Steve hadn’t been working overtime when the fire began, he could have avoided the whole thing. Always one for a joke, he and Christina don’t always get along, but deep down they care about each other. And then there’s Troy. A murderer and an arsonist, Troy is behind everything that is happening in the Fenix Corporation. What sick game is he playing? So, who will you save? Who will die? Their lives are in your hands. Play online now Designed by Stuart Madafiglio. Art by Cindy Xu. Music by Jesse Valentine.
  2. Hi, some fellow students and I developed the game iKuh, which is freely playable online at and we are currently looking for feedback. The goal is to lead the cow to the trophy by dragging arrows from the inventory (right) to the field (left). Every animal that steps on an arrow will change its direction according to the arrow. That's the gist of it. It is intended for desktop-PCs and tablets. We used the impactJS-framework. The game was developed as part of the "Got Game?"-competition. What we already plan to change: - we have a set of new items implemented, that are not currently used in the levels (teleporter and arrows, that rotate when an animal steps on them) - we want to change the theme of the game (rather, we want to introduce a theme that makes a little bit more sense than a cow running towards a trophy) - we got ourselves a graphic designer to redo the graphics We would be most interested in feedback concerning: - gameplay, i.e. Are there situations that confuse you or that you find unintuitive? Are you happy with the introduction/tutorial or was there some point at the beginning where you did not know what to do? - level design, i.e. Which level do you like and which level suck? Thanks and best regards, Martin
  3. Germiz is inspired by Go and Hex games, with some additions to make it unique You incarnate a micro-organism (a germ) and have to survive by duplicating and infecting other cells. antibodies are your ennemies and they'll try to eliminate you . One notable variant (from level 10 and above) is the fact that cells have life points, each germ will lose one life point per turn if it doesnt move or don't get infected. there are also some mutations you can aqcuire while playing that will give you new capabilities or give you more life points. this beta version is stable and fully playable, it feature 15 levels and we will soon add 30 more levels. first 10 levels are very easy to familiarise players with the gameplay and variants, the real challenge start at level 11. level 15 is a boss level, and that will be the case for level 30, level 45 ...etc new levels are in preparation and will be available soon with new mutations and cell types... comments and suggestions are welcome You can play germiz here :
  4. Play ONLINE now! Stranger than Fiction is a word-puzzle game in which you will decipher the stories of the people who once lived on a now-desolate planet. Uncover the secrets of a once great alien people through their scriptures! Solve word puzzles to translate foreign passages into English! Learn of a staggering tower and the passions that built it! Credits:Music by wandshrank ( )Nova Square font by wmk69 ( )Inconsolata font by Raph Levien ( )Testing by Ursula Huxtable ( ) Play now!
  5. IvanK


    Hello, I have just finished a puzzle game called Connection . What do you think about it? I decided, that instead of having lots of levels, I will gradually add 20 levels each week. Screen 1 , Screen 2
  6. Here's a game I made with ImpactJS. It's a single level version of Klax, where the aim is to score as many points as possible: Klax - Score Attack