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Found 289 results

  1. Hello. I'm from tiny indie studio and today I'll show you our new project. Quady is a puzzle-game in minimalistic style. You take control under few squares at same time and the main task is to merge them together. Use walls or arrows but beware of spikes. More than 40 levels with various obstacles. Game running on html5, made with Phaser. Game available on Play Market for free All feedback welcome ^__^ Watch trailer:
  2. Hello Guys, We are Squid Squad Team and we would like to present our game developed during the past imagin challenge 2016 (24 hours challenge), Runes of Atlas. This is a puzzle game, you have to combine ancient runes to make the submerged temple rise again. All feedback are welcome. Thanks, and enjoy!
  3. "Bushed Bricks" it's simple and fun game on JavaScript. The rules of the game are simple. You need to combine blocks of the same color. When a block reaches x4 (default by desktop), you can move it to the line similar color. You'll get game points for that. To win, you need on hold 400 steps or earn 5000 points. To controls use navigation keys (← ↑↓→) for desktop or swipe for tablet/mobile Play it here: Source code: On desktop it looks like this: On mobile devices: I'll be glad to hear your opinion about my game.
  4. Hi , we put out some new games now. try yourself. Fruit Link: Jelly Jelly:
  5. Hi, This is a simple puzzle game with original gameplay where the monsters eat candy Ready for sitelocking or other type of licensing. Game is also available on flash, android , etc gameplay on youtube link on game Thx, Sergiy.
  6. Wish you a (late) Merry Christmas. I made a Touhou fangame for Christmas. Play an innovative, fun, hectic, and mind bending snowball fight. Play this local multiplayer (up to 4 players with a keyboard and 3 joysticks) with unorthodox snowball fight that is highly unpredictable. Touhou is properties of Team Shanghai Alice (and relatively open source materials). Here is the link : Scirra Kongregate Have fun, and Merry Christmas !
  7. 8 Gears "Connect Power Gear with the Star Gear within 8 turns! Can you connect them all by dragging the Gears around?" GAME LINK: A puzzle game we've made a while ago. It gets pretty difficult later on. Constructive criticism welcome!
  8. is a massive multiplayer version of minesweeper. It is similar to the classic Minesweeper. The goal is to clear all of the mines by placing a flag on it. Sweep those Mines! Android: iOS: coming soon. ----Tech---- UI game engine: Phaser.js 2.7 UI menu engine: 1990's style html/js hacking (think document.getElementByid) Server: node.js + Hosting: Azure Feedback is welcome
  9. Nellykey


    Hi! We completed our new HTML5 game, Monkeeper. It is the puzzle game where you should control 2 characters at the same time. It has 24 levels and about 1 hour of gameplay. Game controls adopted both for desktop keyboard and for mobile touches (also game tips customized for both of them). Here is the link for the game: I also have some troubles with finding a sponsor for this game. Could you tell with whom should I contact with such genre and setting?
  10. Salamu alaikum, I'm new to phaser, and i'm a parent of two children. So I want to know if it is possible to make this kind of puzzles for kids with Phaser ? Thank you very much! Since i'm not very good with phaser, i'm justing doing some educational videos for kids, here is an example:
  11. Hey, I just wanted to share this jigsaw game I've been working on. It uses a node.js server that scrapes quality art from Reddit. Game link: Source link: On Github
  12. Jochen

    Demon Drop

    Hi, I'd like to showcase my latest HTML5 Game (based on Dr. Mario) : Demon Drop [ Play Demon Drop ] Game is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing!
  13. Hi fellow game-devs, here's my latest game DUBIDUH. It's a 2d-puzzler, inspired by Snakebird and the panels on The Witness. Since I do this for fun in my spare-time, I like to keep the scope small, so it's a short game. It should run in any modern browser and works for touch and keyboard/mouse-input. I did all the Code and GFX myself (except for Phaser of course); the sounds I licensed from Made with Phaser and Webpack. Feedback is very appreciated, thanks for playing! -antonio
  14. Hello, I am new to HTML5 games and this is the first time I am posting my game for feedback. I tried to innovate a new type of gameplay by combining 2048 and 1010! Link to browser game Link to Android version All the feedback are welcomed, thanks
  15. Ray


    Hi guys, I'd like to show my new match-3 game: Emergency. Yo can see the game info and play here: Play Game available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing. If you are interested, feel free to write via:
  16. In the game you can rotate 3D cube and view it from different sides. So if you like puzzle games such as 2048, you will definitely like this game too. Game is using webGL / ThreeJS and converted to android app via cocoonJS from ludei. You can download it from for your android device Or play online here - Thx for your attention, I hope, you'll like it
  17. This is my first attempt at Phaser. The game needs some polishing and still work in progress. I would like to get some feedback or rather suggestions on further improvement. Appreciate your time and feedback. I plan to release Android version soon. Web Link:
  18. So, just released, my new game Exit Isol8. It's an iso puzzler with a retro theme. Player here Game design & code by me, art by 0Hayes
  19. You should unfreeze shapes in the correct order, so they fall and fit into holes on the ground. There is no only correct way to play: As it is a logical game, you can think several steps ahead and solve all puzzles in an unhurried manner. Otherwise, combine your savvy, intuition and skill to find even more inventive solutions. Play: Kongregate Download: Google Play P.S. I will appreciate any feedback.
  20. I'd like to showcase my latest HTML5 game to you. Bots Boom Bang Play it here: Available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing! I will appreciate any feedback.
  21. Meteroic is puzzle game in which you merge asteroids to form planets, planets to form suns and suns to perform explosion. From time to time some fields are blocked with UFOs, ISS or satelites. For several consecutive matches you can get black hole bonus. Game is controlled with arrow keys. You can play it here:
  22. Hello guys! This is a minesweeper-like rpg. It is more difficult and also more interesting than the original minesweeper. Your hero starts from level 1 when you enter every floor. You gain experience and level up from sweeping the weakest monsters. The mark on the cell show total levels of monsters around that cell. You have to find out which monster is the weakest - this is a bit more difficult than the minesweeper - and kill it for experience. You attack is the same with your level. As for the monster, both its attack and its hit points are the same with its level. When you open a cell, the fight begins and you will attack first. As you can see, you can kill the same or lower level monsters in one strike safely. Although you can also kill higher level monsters, you will lose some hit points. This game is currently almost the same with MamonoSweeper on Android and TowerSweeper on iOS. Actually I want to make it closer to a rogue-like rpg game where you can sometimes find items from defeated monsters ( such as potions and scrolls ) and get quests from NPCs in deeper floors ( like Dungelot ). But this is a WIP game so I havent finished these features yet and you wont see these in the current link. You can play here: This game is coded with Actually I want to make it a mobile game with phonegap after it is completed. So dont be unpleased with the small screen size... Sorry for my poor English. Thanks!
  23. Gameplay video (Youtube): Game description Give me Cherry is a puzzle game, where player has to build tower from blocks to reach cherry. As soon as the block is reaching cherry and not moving, the player unlocks access to the next level. There are obstacles, monsters and different types of blocks to make the game more challenging! The game is created by me for fun and has no monetisation in mind. Has no ads. It was built via HTML5 and box2d physics engine. Screenshots Thank you Google Play:
  24. Hack the system. For money, ideas, of just for lulz - it's up to you. BYTE is a top-down cyberpunk stealth-puzzle game about hackers, networks, and cyber-worms for PC, macOS and Linux, being made on Construct 2 by Dividebyzer0 - tiny team of lunatics who seeks for self expression. Player (as a too curious script kid) controls a sneaky cyber-worm and performs malicious deeds in the web. The nonlinear narrative takes place in the not distant, internet-dependent future, so the career opportunities are brighter than ever. Core gameplay may kinda remind of “Snake” from your old Nokia phone: every time you steal data, your cyber-worm is getting longer, which makes it harder to control and evade anti-viruses. Current state (v0.5.7) Right now the game is in the alpha state. We’ve prepared a little demo for you to try out what we are making and to hear your opinions! Demo showing off the game core mechanics, art/sound style, as well as the bit of a story, which takes part in full version of the game’s plot. You can grab the demo from the following resources: Our web-site Gamejolt IndieDB Desperately waiting for your feedback, guys Have a happy hacking! --- Stay tuned with us via:RSS feed and mail subscription on the studio’s website: Dividebyzer0.comFacebook page: page: Presskit: press.dividebyzer0.comPrivate questions? Shoot’em at