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Found 281 results

  1. I'm excited to show you guys my first HTML5 phaser game! You can play here It's a minesweeper permadeath game, full inspired in runestone kepper and dungelot, you need to find the key and the door at each level, use tap to attack and hold tap to get enemy or item information. The game is still in development, but you can play the first 9 levels, the game is for mobile and web, for test reasons you can see the FPS counter at the corner Please feel free to give me your feedback You can get more information about the game in [spanish]
  2. Hello everyone! Laser Dreams is my first real game and it's getting really close to being done (EDIT: it's done!). It's a mobile puzzle game where you need to guide all of the laser beams to the target using various items you can drag and drop and rotate by tapping on them. Although the idea is not exactly novel, I think some of it's features really set it apart. Most notable is the level editor, that allows the players to create new levels themselves. These levels can then be reviewed by me and published in the Player submitted levels stage. DOWNLOAD HERE: iOS: Android: Any advice and feedback is very welcome. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  3. I have been working on a puzzle/platformer of sorts and I'm simply not sure whether to continue or not. Maybe with some feedback I can finally make up my mind. There is only 8 levels at the moment but that should be enough to get the point of the concept and overall direction of the game. There are virtual keys when you play on mobile. This is a desktop screenshot. PLAY
  4. Hello everyone, Tank is a puzzle game that my friend Ahmad and I have created in Phaser. The basic concept of the game is that you are a concrete tank in an arena which is surrounded by moving targets which you must shoot to lower the gates that block the portal. When you shoot a target it will stop moving and shoot back at you. This will make the arena much more difficult to navigate and force you to dodge the projectiles that are coming from the targets in order to get to the portal and progress to the next level. The game has 15 levels and a back end Rails API for keeping track of global statistics which I am then displaying on the website in a table using React. Have a play and let me know your thoughts! Richard
  5. Hi guys We've made a bunch of new games at BlackMoon - here are the links if you would like to check them out: (final touches needed for this one) Also - if you would like to share your feedback about the games with us - that would be awesome:)
  6. The game is built in Javascript and HTML. It can be downloaded Here It requires concentration and memory. It's easy to understand and gets very challenging as you play. Spot the new different piece in every turn all the way until you make the full picture. The game starts easy and gets harder as you play. The game features lots of picture puzzles to play and solve, with varying difficutly levels, making it playable by everyone. Also, You will earn special powers for completing and finishing puzzles - use them to help you when it gets tough!
  7. Introducing YAPP, yet another photo puzzle using Phaser. You can drag, rotate, invert pieces. Although game play still needs a bit more jazz, the main feature, a technical one, is the ability to maintain orientation.
  8. We just released our first game to "Google Play" , which was made with C2 and HTML5 and wrapped with Link: Google Play Gameplay: Video Kongregate: Newgrounds: "Wipo" is an addictive platform game which depends on reaction time , anticipation and of course "luck" ! Where once you move forward , you can't go back ... Move the square to the end of each level with the least number of deaths. Unlock all the "Achivements" and discover your "Ranking" among other players . Game Features : - Addictive gameplay & Simple Controls - Neat Graphics and Visual Effects - Achievements & Leaderboards - +20 Challenging Levels (More Coming Soon) - Smooth Real-Time Physics - Customizable Game Elements - Minimalistic UI - Player States Screenshots:
  9. Have you ever played 2048? This is the same game with a twist that doubles the fun URL:
  10. Tetro is a puzzle game with tetris pieces - there's a square grid which you have to fill with given pieces. The game is written using pixijs and is available for WEB and Android. Here's a video from the game:
  11. Hello, guys! Just finished making my first html5 game. It's endless bubble shooter game, designed special for smartphones. Enjoy! Link to play
  12. All you need to do is sort the tiles vertically, When you move a tile horizontally or vertically, all the neighboring tiles will move as well. Here's the link:
  13. Hi All, My name is Kousha Nejad and I'm a Software engineer designing software algorithms; Recently I have designed some logic puzzles but I don't have the experience and knowledge to make a nice UI and make it appealing to the users; Anyone interested to help me out? at this point I'm pretty flexible; I can pay you to develop it for me or we can do profit sharing; Here's a sample game I created: Looking forward to hearing back from you, -Kousha Nejad
  14. The link Description Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match. The game can be played on 4 different levels of difficulty: Normal - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 9. Medium - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 19. Hard - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 49. Insane - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 99. On each level there are 5 faulty math equations which must be corrected as fast as possible! All equations are procedurally generated so the levels are always different. To make the given equation true, tap on a match and move it to the right place. For each bad move you get a penatly of 10 seconds! The game can help you to improve your math skills. You can run it on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots
  15. Hello Folks, Global Game Jam 2016 happened last weekend and we'd like to show you our entry. It's a (very) short 'escape the room' game. We're proud of it because Phaser really increased our productivity, specially in jams, and we were able to finish the game in 26 hours. Here's the link: We hope you like it . We enjoyed it a lot while creating it! ... and before this question comes up: no, starving is not possible. You will get it when the time comes. Cheers, Vico
  16. Hi, Just finished my first Phaser game - PixToy (now available for free in Play store and App store). My 10 year old daughter contributed with the artwork ;-) It has 3 game modes of which the 'gamer' mode could be challenging even for grown-ups.. it's a universal app but best played on a tablet Phaser really rocks ! Link to game site : (has links to the app stores)
  17. [320x480] [480x720] Hi all. I'm a newbie here but boy am I glad I found with site. Finally a forum that clearly focuses on the challenges of producing and monetizing HTML5 content. I've really learned a lot about the issues and reality of the HTML5 marketplace by reading this forum BUT I've noticed a lack of GM:Studio content. In the comments a few (mostly True Valhalla) developers mention GM:Studio and its capabilities but most vastly underestimate what its capable of. I find that its and incredibly capable 2D tool. Its main weakness for HTML5 is the awkwardness of integrating SDK's into it. You can make extensions to bridge the gap but thats an area I'm not too familiar with so I cant speak to the ease/difficulty of it. This is a little project I completed this weekend (about 72 hours) for HTML5/Android that I've having a lot of fun with (I LOVE that GM:Studio can do multi-platform development so easily). I also have a few more of my GM:Studio projects that I'm giving the HTML5 treatment to show the power of the platform. I'll be posting them here to wave the GM:Studio flag but in the interim give Zoo Escape! a spin. Its good for a few minutes of your time. (Its also available for licensing. Its surprisingly sticky for such a simple game).
  18. The story began when my very old game got Greenlit 3 years after submission and I've decided to make a HQ remake. «Fly, Glowfly!» is an unusual logic game – a combination of the level editor, arcade game and labyrinth. Your goal is to help Glowfly to collect all bonuses on the level and reach the finish by placing different blocks on its way. In the beginning this game will resemble some puzzle, but next levels are almost hardcore - you need good reaction to win! Lots of different mechanisms, work of which is required for completing levels, makes the game addictive, different and sometimes even hardcore! Right now there are demos for Windows, Android and WebGL (the last one is not optimizet for mobiles yet!): WebGL Windows Android Video: Screens: Any feedback is highly apperciated P.S.: Although this is HTML5 games forum and I have HTML5 fully functional (beside some GFX) demo, for best experience check out Windows one.
  19. Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my new HTML5 game: Tile Collapse 2! It includes a level editor so everyone can design their own puzzles! Check it out on
  20. I'm new around here but not to games or coding - Click here to play my newest game which was developed using three.js (and therefore webGL) - it works well on Chrome and Firefox on a PC; any other context may give you varying performance and results. If you are interested in my process (and the other 9 games I've written this year) I blog about this game dev stuff here. I would love some comments on what you think of it - what you liked, what you didn't, what you thought of the sounds and music, rendering style etc. this is what it looks like inside:
  21. Hi guys, After several months and tens of hours of work I released the v2 of my first game PAWs! Some of the new key features I’ve added: - Ten new cool characters that can be unlocked for FREE. Each character that you unlock comes with one or more extra lives. - I've replaced the numbers and signs with shapes for a better visibility and also because some people don't like numbers. - I’ve changed the rewards system to just hearts (that fill the health bar) and stars (which give x2 bonus for a limited time). I think it's less confusing this way. - I’ve replaced most of the sounds with cooler ones. - Full menu makeover. - Lots of optimizations. - Made game much more intuitive. Website: Google Play: App Store:!-live-to-purr/id989570749 Any feedback will be highly appreciated! Thank you!
  22. This is probably not very showcase-y from the point of view of the HTML5 "mastery" needed to implement it. In fact, it doesn't even use WebGL. However, ClusterMaze is my first HTML5 game and it's a puzzle game that should test the player's ability to see patterns at a glance, and their patience and endurance. Select k disks out of n, with a single constraints. Want to know what constraint? Visit Your criticism/opinions are very welcome, and you can destroy the game, I won't be offended. However, please clarify if you are not keen on the genre at all.
  23. The link Description What Is The Most Terrible Cover is an HTML5 one-button puzzle/skill game where your goal is to go through 10 rounds guessing which of two book covers is more terrible regarding the upvotes (karma) from the TerribleCover subreddit. For each correct choice you are scoring a number of points proportionally to the remaining time for playing that round. Be aware that each wrong choice will be scored with negative penalty points! This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots Source code The game is made in HTML5 using Phaser framework. If you are interested how it is done you can read these tutorials and find there free source code of the prototypes: Part 1: How to create an HTML5 Reddit's Image Scraper using Phaser Part 2: How to create an HTML5 game in Phaser using image data scraped from Reddit JSON
  24. Afternoon fellow Phaser Devs, My latest Phaser incarnation is a Match 3 game with a slight twist. Instead of continuous play, you have to get the required fruits in the time limit to progress. The direction the fruit shuffles is determined by the direction you swipe.As usual, there's bonuses for 4 & 5 in a row, and a time bonus if you get both vertical and horizontal in the move, and if you cannot move, then you can mix the board up.Each level gets progressively harder, and the numbers required and the types of fruit goes up every time. It's flagged as WIP, as there are some small "features" to add... and 1 to fix, but otherwise, it's all there. Enjoy.
  25. Hi all, Just want to share our latest collaboration games for IN.Game Jam Festival, Tiled Quest. IN.Game Jam is a two days game jam event being held last month in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It's a tile puzzle games about the Knight that need to get the cursed sword to kill the dragon and save the princess (you know, the standard fantasy tropes ). It also got featured on the frontpage of Gamejolt right now. You can play the games for free here: Mobile port are also in progress. We planning on using Cocoon.IO for it Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have any problem/feedback. Thanks. PS: This games also open for non-exclusive licensing