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Found 281 results

  1. Ray

    Treasure Combo

    Hi guy's! I show you my last game: Treasure Combo Description: Treasure Combo is a fun puzzle-arcade type game, where you must connect the same gems to earn points, with differents game modes and more than 50 level for play, discover all the secrets that will take you to get better treasure. Play Here Any Feedback is much appreciated Enjoy!
  2. Egor


    Hello! This is Minesweeper game written with Pixi.js library. It differs from classical Minesweeper with it's look and feel. If player copes with minefield successfully then next time he will have bigger field, otherwise - lesser. Actually this is my first game so I tried to make something simple enough:) Your feedback is highly appreciated. Play here: Project link: Screenshot:
  3. yrouban


    Triplex is a simple puzzle game written in HTML5. Solve every level by putting all colored 2- and 3-squared figures into one big gray quad. Some figures can be rotated.Remember, there is only one solution.There are 724 levels. The game can also be played in a browser on Android or PC.The first player who solved all 724 levels played for 100 days.The game is inspired by Tangram, Polyomino, Tetris and Block Puzzle. Play offline or online.Create your account on if you want to save your progress and/or play on several devices. You can play all together with one account (user: any-password, password: any)
  4. Hi all, I want to share with you my wip phaser game : Blockz. The concept of the game is simple, go to the goal, some screenshots can describe more text. (move with arrow keys or by moving your mouse/finger to the direction you want) Link to the game : Actually there are some bug and there are just some levels for testing, the game isn't finished yet, i just want your opinion and advices of this game And thank's for testing.
  5. Description Get all balls to their corresponding color destinations at the same time. Each ball can move with speed ranging from 1 to 10, 1 being the slowest speed, and 10 the fastest (chosen by the player after touching a ball). Controls Mouse / Touch Play Your comments and thoughts are appreciated and most welcomed.
  6. Hello everybody, here is my new and first game launched on Google Play, it's called "Da Box"! URL: It's a puzzle/platformer, using one finger to play. It's really easy to learn, but somehow hard to master! It was made using Construct 2 (for the most part, some coding was done for additionnal stuff) and it uses the Crosswalk Webview for the best compatibility. I hope you'll like it, and don't hesitate to comment, give me suggestions/feedback and share! Enjoy Here are some screenshots:
  7. Path Squared, my new 40 level path following puzzle game is now complete ! let me know what you think Here's the Link : Path Squared has been developed in Haxe, designed from the beginning to be native HTML5 (compiled to js), the HTML5 version uses soundjs to handle music and sound effects. It's also available as Android Native (compiled as cpp), and Flash (compiled as3) !
  8. Hi, I wanted to show my first game html5 game. It is written in angularJS and uses CSS for responsiveness. It looks like that: It has got: webpage: playstore page: and as I am posting it in Html5GameDev community, I made it available in the browser: on the page there is also twitter/facebook. I wanted to write a game for like two years, since I like a game. Nine months ago I have been discussing media and mathematics with my friend. We were talking about cutting a binary chain (array of binaries) into pieces and reconstructing it. What happens when you represent the chain as line or surface, what happens with size of elements, limits on cutting etc. I have done some experimenting and choose for the first game the most elementary from UX perspective - 2d blocks of binaries. I did not know how to program almost at all, I have been skipping through this forum, I have learned some basic html/css (by writing a very primitive blog engine) I knew how to write in python but I did not know how to run python, I knew set theory and boolean logic, but I did not know what a console in web browser is etc. I decided to go for AngularJS/CSS combo. Then I have added HammerJS/AngularHammer for touch control. The font is open font Teko from Indian Foundry. For sound I use synth in webaudio. Then, as I did not know about publishing games, I went for publishing it on Android. To publish it I used cordova with: cc.fovea.cordova.purchase 3.11.0 "Purchase" cordova-plugin-admobpro 2.8.3 "AdMob Plugin Pro" cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview 1.2.0 "Crosswalk WebView Engine" cordova-plugin-extension 1.1.4 "Cordova Plugin Extension" cordova-plugin-globalization 1.0.1 "Globalization" cordova-plugin-google-analytics 0.8.0 "Google Universal Analytics Plugin" cordova-plugin-splashscreen 2.1.0 "Splashscreen" cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.0.0 "Whitelist"/nl.x-services.plugins.socialsharing 4.3.19 "SocialSharing" Crosswalk is very nice, it works only for 4.0+ but it makes it work there. I think the game has got some problems which are hard to undo. For example control was previously meant for hoover. Hoover had been eliminated on mobile for long. After rewritting hoover mechanic in touch control it is not perfect on mobile and it is not perfect on desktop. Tutorial has some issues, including the fact that it is not working in game engine, it is more of a separate interactive animation. Combo system is too clever for its own good - almost nobody gets it. Bonus/overflow system also is overcomplicated. In the end one may say there are too many game mechanics/no visible progression. I like it anyway. The single biggest problems in development was lack of knowledge about the tools. I did not know that there is a console in the browser/which text editor to get, its role (I use Brackets)/basic commands and package system - npm / git usage, cmd for windows etc. I have learned a lot and I am thinking about making the last, final version by modifying my js13k entry, which was written for scratch and has got better controls, and rewriting it in panda. I want to keep the resizing from css by writing it myself and I want it to be my first linted code. Then I want to do some game jams using html5. js13k was a lot of fun. If you could tell what would you do to improve on the game / or maybe havegot some idea for distribution, I would be glad to listen.
  9. Hi to all, here my latest puzzle game "Cake connect" Demo here Engine: PixiJs + box2d js + SoundJS Screenshots:
  10. Hello friends! Here is my first Phaser game -- Minesweeper. Game: Source: (Because I am still learning Phaser and Google Play game service API, I was experimenting with a lot of things. As a result, the code base was a horrendous mess ) I chose to remake minesweeper because it is one of my favorite games, and it has simple logic. I used Google Play game service to enable persistent leaderboard and achievement. Some difficulties I had during development: I didn't have a good way to listen for simultaneous left and right mouse button click because onInputDown would only trigger one time when both buttons are clicked at the same time. My workaround was whenever onInputDown was triggered, game engine checked if the other button was clicked around the same time ( found out this doesn't work on all browsers. Looking for a more reliable way to solve this.I tried to add Google Play game service event tracking for the number of clicks, flags, wins, etc to show some interesting stats in the achievement page. The Google API did not allow sending event data once per game because each game window may be too short or too long to be a valid API request. So I wrote an event manager that sends new data every 60 seconds ( I welcome all feedback, and am looking forward to making more Phaser games! Francis
  11. Long time no hear! There is new game from Black Snowflake Games. Astro Chain is a puzzle HTML5 game with juicy colors, calming sound and 20 challenging levels. Play: Testing is highly appreciated Avaliable for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. For licensing questions please contact Regards, Filipp.
  12. Afternoon HTML5Game devvers, Latest Phaser game is just about ready to play. Apart from the inenviable task of creating more levels, what started as a physics proof of concept (arrows down, bubbles up), is now a fully playable casual game (for desktop only for now). Archer Click and drag to launch (or simply click) to unleash your arrow popping as many bubbles as you required. The more arrows and bonus time you have left at the end, the bigger the rewards. Fire single arrows, a salvo at once or use the fire arrows to set off a chain reaction of exploding bubbles. Pick up extras on the way from free arrows, extra time, lightning bolts or just extra points. Destroy barrels to unleash shrapnel destroying all the bubbles in it's path. Casual game.Physics based puzzler.Demo with 10 complete levels. Finished game will have 50 levels.Desktop only - for now.As always, feedback is always welcome... and needed.
  13. Hello everyone, RPtriS is a fun new game that brings two great game concepts together. It’s like the Russian themed game with falling blocks and Rock, Paper, Scissors to be Exact. In this game, the falling blocks receive one of six symbols : rock, paper, scissors, greater, less, equal. To play you beat the adjoining blocks using the rules of Rock Paper Scissors. Gameplay: Web Link
  14. We just released the first early version of Word Climber. Word Climber is a unique word puzzle game that’s designed to be both challenging and fun. Think of it as a cross between a word puzzle and an infinate climber with a touch of Flappy Bird rolled into one. Except Word Climber isn’t actually infinate in that the towers that you climb actually have a top but most will never actually make it there. The fun is in trying to get as high up as possible. There are multiple towers to chose from. Most of which you will need to earn gold to unlock. Certain towers feature foreign languages such as Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish among others.Please check the game out and provide feedback. The Leaderboards are not enabled at the moment but we’ll do so in a couple of weeks. Play Now Gameplay Video Screens Features Multiple Languages Mutiple towers to choose from Unlockable Characters
  15. Hello All, I finished my last HTML5 yesterday, here it is: URL: Title: ADDIcTION! Description: A puzzle game in wich you drag numbered tiles and try to create the highest number, while cumulating points for each move. Minimalist style for a game with a "Zen" attitude. Feel free to give me your feedback guys! Works fine in-browser on PCs, MACs, Tabs/Pads and Smart Phones. My site: (you can discover my other HTML5 game there)
  16. Hello, I started out building a "number pattern hunt" game, ended up building a math puzzle game that involves modular arithmetic and prime numbers. It's deceptively simple, and plays like Minesweeper meets 2048. URL:
  17. Hey folks, Infectors is a sokoban-like game where you have to solve puzzles pushing cryogenic capsules toward viruses to capture them and save the earth from the invasion. This version is a Phaser port from the original version developed in Pygame in December 2007. At the moment it count with 21 levels and records for time and movement, what adds a little bit of addiction to the gameplay. It's a very simple game and I would love to read your feedback about it. Here you can play the game online: I'll leave you a couple more of screenshot
  18. There are lots of types of mazes in video games. This seemingly simple maze - is tricky. A logic maze It is driven by the BJS action manager - and the code involved is my hack of code and a process that I found in Temechon's "Plane" game. TY Temechon for that tutorial - now if I can just get my head around prototypes This maze is a BJS version of a little game I created in Unity a while back. The gates are just simply either red or blue boxes - I could have made them all the same colour, but that would make the puzzle more difficult. Move with the arrow keys/mouse, the "m" key to toggle the map. The map will show you where you start and where you end - and where all the gates are. It can be done by just using 8 or 10 gates. And just a thought about the puzzle itself - it always reminds me of trying to drive in a large city with lots of no right/left turns and one way streets. In addition in my own city in the summertime all the detours and roads closed as the city does road/sewer repairs etc If you want to try the Unity version : Unity logic maze Not sure what browsers still support the Unity Web Player plugin - it does still work in the latest version of FF. cheers, gryff
  19. Hi all! I'm currently working on an activity for children. - They have a set of puzzle pieces (more a Tangram really). One of those pieces is fixed, the other they can drag around. Each piece will feature an image, randomly selected, that is a pair with another image placed on a fixed piece; So far I have the image sorting done (it's an array of words, that correspond to an image and sound that have the exact same naming convention. Whenever you pick an even number, you'll get the even number plus one - pairs ) I have the general event.onInputDown sorted from a previous activity I tackled (just needs a few tweaks). My issue at the moment is with the puzzle pieces + image: I think I should make them as groups: one for the fixed pieces, one for the moving pieces; I will create a new element/child(?) of each group, at position x, y). Issue: scale the puzzle pieces... I tried setAll(0.5, 0.5); tried anchor... then read groups don't really have anchors so ... Whatever I tried I only got, as a result, that the puzzle pieces seemed to stretch and move outside the game area... I need to add the randomly selected images on top of the moving pieces of puzzle and be able to drag the entire thing on one go... I have established on my script the variables for the groups and image. I tried the code below (trying/testing with just one element each at the time): fixedGrp =;puzzleGrp =; for(var i = 0; i < 3; i++){ if(i == 0){ fixedGrp.create(68, 68, 'piece1'); }else if(i == 1){ fixedGrp.create(68, 318, 'piece1'); }else if(i == 2){ fixedGrp.create(68, 568, 'piece1'); } } // should use a for as above puzzleGrp.enableBody = true; puzzleGrp.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE; puzzleGrp.create(900, 68, 'piece2'); //puzzleGrp.scale.setTo(0.5, 0.5); image =, 170, 'randomImg', puzzleGrp); image.width = puzzleGrp.width; image.height = puzzleGrp.height; image.inputEnabled = true; image.input.enableDrag(false, true);My idea is that the image will be part of the group and when I drag it, it will bring the group over with it. However... again my scaling attempts fail and I can only drag the image. Any pointers would be appreciated. Cheers! edit: Mistake on post name
  20. Play Game Android Version Pop the Bubble takes the familiar concept of gridlock to a whole new level: Numerous targets , teleporters , lasers , and more interesting puzzle aspects! I've published this game on Android previously and It's been getting some nice feedback , so I figured it should probably do well in html5. Screenshots: Feedback is appreciated!
  21. Hey folks, This was supposed to be a simple project to learn HTML5, but spiraled way out of control and took months to finish. It seems to run for everybody (might require a browser refresh for some), so I'm calling it finished! Place blocks, blow up dirt, and DIG! QuadraDigger is (obviously) inspired by Tetris for the Game Boy. You can rotate and place blocks, but beyond that, it's a whole new game. Fill holes with blocks and use explosions to pull blocks down before they scroll of the screen. Set up huge combos for maximum points! The game runs fine on my iPad, and has been reported to work well in some models of iPhone and Android. HTML5 being what it is, I can't test every playform with every browser, so I'm finding it difficult to debug. Sometimes it's the same browser, same version, and same platform as me. (If you're reading this and the game totally bombs for you, I'd appreciate a bug report ) I spent a while learning how the Twitter and Facebook API works so you can send out screenshots from in-game. The driving force behind that was a shameless desire to help players with advertising to spread the game a little bit I'm not sure if it will work or not, but it's a fun experiment nonetheless. Getting the touch-screen working was a challenge. The controls feel good enough for me, but without the sensory feedback of actual buttons, I'm often going diagonally by accident. Nevertheless, still easier to control the game with two thumbs, imo, rather than tapping all over the screen. That could just be because I'm an old dinosaur game developer who refuses to adapt to our brave, new world of tablets. The game has an online scoreboard stored in an SQL database. There are PHP scripts to manage the list, submit scores, and report back to the Javascript client. Because it's stored in SQL, it's super easy to get rankings in a variety of ways, so there are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time score boards. Think that's it! So far, my top score has been just over 500k, back when the well was at 2/3 its current depth. I have yet to reach the bottom after the change! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers, -- Simon
  22. I've always enjoyed the "adventure game" which means solving puzzles and following story lines. Here is a puzzle I first encountered in the 1990s - three versions : 1. Easy - can be done with 3 clicks minimum 2. Harder - can be done with 5 clicks minimum 3. Hardest - can be done with 7 clicks minimum Aim of the puzzle is to get all buttons green. You can click on a red button to turn it green - however, doing so changes other non-clicked buttons. All the data necessary to control the behaviour of the buttons comes from the names of objects in the babylon file - exported from Blender - hence the string parsing you see in the javascript code. The code took me longer than geometry building in Blender Anyone recognize the puzzle - and what game did it appear in ? cheers, gryff
  23. Hello All, This is my latest game called "Mind the Gap". The player needs to throw the disk and reach the end of the game area while avoiding the moving blocks. Here are some screens: And the live game: I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!
  24. Hi, We making this Puzzle game - Block Dash Journey. It has pretty original concept so I am confused, how to make a tutorial for it so it will be clear to general public. The problem with me that I am very used to logic/puzzle games so something that may seems clear to be wont be clear to others. In the game you summon the cubes from the sides by tapping near the available cube on field. It marked with +. When the cube touches it takes the color. Your goal to complete the pattern of the marks on the field. You should summon the cubes the way so there would not be a blocked pass to summon the cubes. Please play 5 levels demo of the game and tell how the tutorial might be so it will be very clear to general public. Block Dash Journey
  25. Play - Salazar The Alchemist is our latest html5 game. It is a mix between 2048 and match-3 genres. Combine 3 or more elements of the same type to get new advanced element. Continue until you will discover the final MYSTERIOUS ARTIFACT! Feedback is very welcome. Please mention best element which you have reached. Game built with Phaser 2.3.0.