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Found 282 results

  1. Hello fellow devs, Please check my js13k entry out: Element Puzzle. You will need to collect fire, earth, water and air tokens to change the element's form and solve some interesting puzzles. The js13k entry. You can also play the game here. I've made a short gameplay video too.
  2. I'm currently working on my second HTML5 game, Luminarium. It's a space-themed puzzle game with a lightweight physics engine, and should perform well on mobile: Play here. The aim of the game is to command the Lumin race to bring light back to dark planets. You have various directional commands at your disposal, as well as an orbit command introduced scene 3. You can move and size the various commands. Only Lumins the same colour as a planet will light it. Lumins change colour when they pass through a coloured gas cloud. Wormholes are introduced in scene 4. I'd appreciate any feedback you have, particularly with regards to gameplay and performance, in the game's current state. As this is a demo, I've made the locked levels playable also . There are currently 48 levels across 4 scenes, and I have another scene of 12 levels planned. There will eventually be different background graphics for each scene. Sound effects and music are on the TODO list, and the level selection menu needs a little work (as does my rather pedestrian description of the game ). I'm also aware of some current drawing and layout issues, particularly if the device is rotated (or window is resized). Thank you in advance, and hope you enjoy the game! Vince.
  3. Planet Rescue's a physics-based puzzle game. Can you help the Lumins rescue planets from eternal darkness? There's a demo version here, with all levels playable (despite showing the lock symbol). The game is a reworking of Luminarium, based on feedback. I've spent a couple of weeks refreshing the graphics, improving the menu system, making the control system (hopefully) clearer, and replacing tutorial text with pictures. I've also made improvements to the drawing code. Luminarium was previously posted here. I'd be grateful for any feedback, particularly with regards to the points I've mentioned above. Many thanks, and hope you enjoy the game! Vince.
  4. Nileegames is getting launch a game made in HTML5 and ported to Android and iOS through Cocoonjs. Brainy Dogs is a big competitor of leading puzzle games which are widely accepted by people. Dogs in Brainy dogs are extremely intelligent, strong, cute and hard to defeat. This game is a challenging tile based latest puzzle game where you need to use your brain to block dog’s way and stop him to reach bone. Overflowing with your favorite breeds, one touch control, vibrant various themed graphics and lucid power- ups which offers you a brainstorming and thrilling game experience. You can also say” it’s a brain battle between Human and Dog.” Initially we will release this game on Android and iOS, but as the technology is widely accepted by all major platform so later we will publish Brainy Dogs on Social Networking sties, web portals, mobile web, Tizen, Smart TV and other platforms. Please follow us on twitter for more update @nileegames Brainy Dogs official Facebook Page : for business : business at nileegames dot com
  5. WordBog is a cross platform word puzzle, supporting mobile web, native iOS+Android, desktop web, with Facebook integration. To play, make words by using letters in sequence, moving up, down, left, right or diagonally. Letters disappear when used, and letters above fall into the spaces. You can also turn the board clockwise or anticlockwise to switch things about. Words are scored by letter value multiplied by word length. When you've done your best, submit your score to see how you compare to your friends. A new free puzzle is released every day, where all players around the world compete on the same board. [Note you can login with email+passcode instead of Facebook if preferred] Please let me know what you think!
  6. Hey folks, long time no see. I made a little prototype. It's a connection / matching like puzzle game, like Dots. I'm working on it for around a week, here and there an hour or two. It still a long way to go and I've to add some real goals to the game. But it makes already a lot of fun, so I recorded a little gameplay video and want to share it with you. Feedback is very appreciated!
  7. Hi all, I am looking to work with a designer on creating a collection of puzzle/brain games for web/mobile. This would be a long term project so I am looking for someone who is serious about creating something substantial. I am a developer by day so my time coding would be in the evenings ( I am from UK). I am not able to offer a salary for your time, it would be profit share if we get to the point where it can be monetised but I am hoping to work with someone that isn't driven by that. Thanks, Ray.
  8. - Can you help this material shifting ball reach it's goal? Switch between materials , Get shot by a canon , Blown by a fan or Attracted by a magnet. It's an enjoyable journey! Preview on: Play now: This game is available for non-exclusive licensing.
  9. Howdy people! Check our new cross-platform game Darwinism 2048. It is a puzzle game with a 2048 mechanics gameplay. The game has 2 modes: normal mode and challenges. Your mission is to re-create the evolution link starting from primitive and ending with… well we won’t tell ‘cause it’s a secret Just swipe or use your arrow keys to combine same elements and as a result to discover the next link of evolution. here is a link hope you'll like it
  10. Hi again, (UPDATE: Jelly Slice is now available for non-exclusive HTML5 licensing, feel free to contact me for more information). Jelly Slice is my second HTML5 game. I plan to release it on Windows Phone Store first (freemium) and at the same time make a premium version available for mobile web licensing. There will be an iOS and Google Play version and I have also created an early build for Tizen that I will try to update with the current version before the challenge deadline next week. The game is based on one single rule: "Slice the jelly so that each slice contains only ONE star." The final version is expected to contain 7 packs of 30-40 levels each and I am currently working on the level generator to help me with the content. Here is a gameplay video: Screenshots: The screenshots are from the Windows Phone build which does not suffer from clipping aliasing noticeable in Chrome on polygons for the jelly - something that I was not able to solve so far (at lower resolution it becomes quite annoying). The demo version can be played here (feedback welcome)
  11. Hi, guys! I’ve just finished my latest game I Know Art 2. I tried to make a small puzzle game which is accessible for everyone, not just art lovers. You don't have to know paintings’ titles, artists’ born dates and other boring stuff. This game is a puzzle and you can solve it even if you know nothing about art. The game includes artworks from artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and others. I personally like modern artists (XX century) like Rene Magritte, but his paintings are not in public domain yet My other goal was to learn Phaser engine while making the game. I have to say that this engine is awesome (thanks, Rich!), and I’ll definitely use it in my future projects. You can try the game here. Hope you’ll enjoy it Feedback, bug reports, comments are more than welcome!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm from Belgium and making games in my free time(with a full time job and 2 kids). This is one of the first official game I made. It's available on android/PC/Mac(links below). It's totally free and will be updated with new "servers". In short, you work for The Agency and they provided you with a hacking device, you must learn to use it (user manual included) and connect to servers to discover the truth behind the disappearance of scientists from a powerful organization. The game is easy to pick up but decoding all messages will take time. There are achievements and leaderboards on Google play games services. This game has been made mainly with construct 2 and cocoonjs. If you have any question about the development, I'm available. Please enjoy and send me your feedback. Fabrice from Studio Nonante. Welcome to the Agency, You have been chosen to be a part of one of our most important investigation. Several scientists at Venntech disappeared these past few weeks, they were working on top-secret experiments and we don't know what happened to them or what they were working on. For this purpose, we've sent you a brand new hacking device: the SD90. Use it to decode messages they were exchanging before they vanished. As this task is crucial for the Agency, you and other agents will be competiting for the position of worldwide best agent. Good luck! - Innovative MATH PUZZLE, very ADDICTIVE with a lot of replay value. - DECODE the messages and discover the MYSTERIES around the Venntech company and its borderline scientific experiments. - The SD90 is a brand new DEVICE in your hands, complete with his user's manual. Learn to use it and to master it! - Decode messages by using operators on DECIMAL and HEXADECIMAL numbers. Hexadecimal numbers is an exclusivity in the world of mathematical games on mobile, this game will allow you to think differently and to learn how to do calculations more easily in that numeric system. - Worldwide LEADERBOARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS with the Google Play Games service. - MORE servers will be available soon. The perfect game for brainiacs, easy to play but still a great challenge. Here are the links: Android: Linux 32:!79lwWJpI!xUut80suJ ... HHH_65GP-4 Linux 64:!Tply0QZK!_MDZlCOYh ... MbAqDWWBoQ MacOSX:!7s8yRYqb!4owiYHyUs ... eMrzY7jR0w Windows:!XodlHbaa!GtqFkQbKa ... Zatbn5fdE4
  13. Cube Fall A remastered version of Cube Fall with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points! Clear the board and place cubes in power bars to score massive points! For the best experience play Cube Fall on your mobile device! Play Cube Fall Please post any feedback bellow! It's highly appreciated.
  14. Vampirizer - HTML5 game about party vampires. Everyone knows that vampires live for thousands of years. And of course they get bored sometimes. Well what bored vampires can do? Exactly! They have parties! But there are only three of them in the castle. So they decided to recruit more vampires in the town for their big crazy party. Vampirizer is a physics puzzle game and the task is to meet vampires and ordinary people by removing blocks and cutting ropes. We used adapted Box2d and our framework "Squire". The game supports most screen resolutions. Here's a link
  15. Hi, i recently uploaded the first version of one of my side projects, p(ape)rball. play p(ape)rball The game is a variant of Puzzle-Bobble. It currently includes one randomized endless mode with a local highscore and a dancing monkey. Not to be totally unoriginal, I also included bombs and bricks. Bricks can only be removed by clearing the surrounding items. Bombs explode if you connect them with three items of the same color. The current Version of the game automatically scales to various display sizes (on startup). The last screenshot shows the iPhone 4 version of the game. Please let me know what you think about the current gameplay. Cheers, David
  16. Hi, I just released my first HTML5/Javascript game! I' Check out the homepage at: Check it out online at: Currently, it's for Android, iOS, and Chrome Web Store. Screenshots:
  17. Sup guys, Here's another our game - "Haunted Halloween" It's a physics puzzle game. We used Box2d and our own framework. The old scatterbrain skeleton has lost his head and the player's task is to return the head to its owner. You can move platforms, make things explode and also change the sizes of some objects. And overcome some obstacles like dead hands. Here's a link If you have any questions please feel free to ask
  18. We want to show you one of our recent games called “Cyclop Physics”. It’s a physics-based puzzle game. The idea of the game is to place evil red and retarded green objects on the platforms of matching colors. You can change the form of the object (a ball into a box or vice versa) by taping on it. Due to the game’s nice and comic art and animation we suppose the “Cyclop Physics” will be a fun to play not only for adults but especially for kids. The game has 24 levels + the “sprint level”. In the “sprint” you are given all levels in a random order and the limited amount of time to pass them. It's a cross-platform game and it supports most screen resolutions. You can check it here. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Hope you’ll like it!
  19. Hi all! This week we want to share our special project in collaboration with Lazcht, Dog n' Doge! Dog n' Doge (loosely related to Doge meme fyi) is a symmetrical puzzle games where player need to move two dog brothers to eat all the food in the field. The catch is, you can only move one dog at a time, and the other brothers is always move in reverse. Nothing more fun than to feed two reverse dog while avoiding spike on the road, right? Just for the info, you can get all three star ratings on all level. Can you get all of them? Link: Feedback is always appreciated. Have fun playing it! PS: Check Lazcht thread on I can't recommend him enough. Check it out!
  20. Hello, guys! Just finished new game. It's very fun match5 puzzle. Enjoy!
  21. PLAY Just wanted to show my latest HTML5 game here. It’s a level based puzzle game. Lines are tangled confusingly on each level. Wreck your brain and untangle the lines in order to progress. I wanted to create a puzzle game with simple mechanics, clear design, easy-to-tough levels and mobile-friendly controls. Hope you’ll like it Feedback and mobile tests are very welcome!
  22. Hello, I'd like to present my game AtomWorks, It's my first game and I've been working on it for quite a while, it's built using Construct 2. This is the desktop web version of the game (only playable version for now), it has a solid 20-30 minutes of gameplay. I'm currently testing it and trying to get some momentum before releasing it on mobile. Here's a gameplay video Game can be played on: - Itch.Io - Clay.Io - AtomWorks website Thanks for viewing, any feedback is appreciated.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm working in a new HTML5 game using the pixi.js framework. Bomberbot is about solving puzzles ordering a robot how to reach a star or destroy a crystal, it has a campaign mode and players can create their own levels. Also, we are going to implement more minigames to use the robots in different scenarios. Page: Create levels: Could you guys take a look and give me some feedback? Thank you!
  24. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on our game, specifically how much do you think we can ask for an exclusive license and a non exclusive license?. This is a puzzle game, where you have to use magnets to guide a particle to its goal. As you advance in levels, you will find new obstacles and objects to use. Here is the url to it http://www.chrisibar...ificatmagchall/ thanks!