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Found 4 results

  1. sout7


    Goal Cliclock challenges your sense of time by having you click 10 times at 1 second intervals. While clicking, you get feedback on how off the target you are. Positive values mean you were too slow, negative mean you were too fast. You can change the number of times to click, as well as the interval. In the options menu, you can even set the measurement as beats per minute. How accurate are you? Links Web: Google Play: Note: The game is available on Google Play, but it is an HTML5 game! It simply has a Cordova version.
  2. HTML5 Game: Welcome to Square Jump City, the endless run and jump arcade game. Tap on color buttons to change color of the Square shape hero that matches landing platform color. You can double jump from platform or even jump in the air when falling. It is also possible to change the color while jumping if you change your mind, but you can not jump more than twice until you land on any platform. Just remember that you need to land with appropriate color. Available also free on Google Play: ** Features ** Endless jumping Colors matching Relaxing music Casual and fun Challenging and addictive gameplay Clear design Achievements Global Leaderboard Free to play No ads after a donation ** Stars and Lives ** You collect stars on colored platforms that increase your score and speed up the game a little when every 10th star is collected. If you land on a platform with different color (grey is neutral) you lose one life and slow down the game. On some long platforms you can collect bonus lives. Make a strategy to stay alive as long as you can and submit your score into global leaderboard. ** Matching colors ** Platforms are generated randomly, so you need to focus your mind while speed is increased and tap on correct color buttons. There are four colors used (blue, red, green, yellow), grey is neutral and is set on the very first platform or on a hero when you die.
  3. This is a simple memory game, where you have to remember the pattern and click the tiles to reveal it again. easy mode is easy, while hard is really hard, because you have to remember the pattern with the order. You can also create random generated levels. This is my first game - i have only once made a truly small math python game (only text version). Any feedback is appreciated I was going to make a responsive version of this game so i can export it to ios and google play, but i'm wondering if is it worth it or not, because as the game creator you can not judge your game objectively ? Direct game link:
  4. Hello HTML5 Game Devs! First time post here and I would like to announce a Work In Progress with the working title of Adventure Quest Game. Pretty much the working title sums it all up: Adventure - explore a world of awe and mystery. Quest - you get stuff to do, to get more things! Game - it is fun to play! What is the best part? You can play it at work, because it is all text based - it will just sound like you are working anyways (and lets face it, who really is?). Who are we kidding? There is so much more to this game! This game was made as a showcase of my web technology skills; however, it turned out to become so much more! It has become a part of my "making fun for the fun of it" initiative. But, how can I find out if it is fun? Well, with your help in checking the game out and giving some brutal feedback of course! I am really excited to share this game with you, so enough of the introductions, and more about the game's driving force: You are an adventurer, on the ultimate quest within the world of Phynomen - to become the ruler of the world by ascending to greatness. It will be a long and arduous journey. It will be rife with excitement, death, and despair. It will force you to make uncomfortable decisions and meet even more disturbing individuals. But, to be ruler, is to be wise, and experiencing the world is what gets you there. But you are not alone in this adventure, there are others like, wandering this world, embarking upon the same quest. You must act with fast decisions and speed to compete. Only you have the power to become the ruler of the world of Phynomen. On top of this awesome objective, there are many parts of the site itself that help you out. There is a game manual (something not seen often) to help you get started. There is also a limited graphical UI for your inventory and stats, to help you out in the heat of combat. Finally, there is a ranking system so you can see how you fare in the quest to rule Phynomen. So, what are you waiting for? Go to sign up and play! I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback! Want to know what it looks like? Check it out below (Screen capture from the manual, the colored boxes are not present in the game):