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Found 37 results

  1. Hi all, i'm happy to tell you that my first game now available on Google Play. (Thanks Phaserjs and Ludei) Dash Runner 2 is classic yet crazy go-to-distance highscore game with a new TWIST. The game feature both single player and multiplayer on a single mobile screen. You must be control not one but TWO characters at the same time. JUMP your way out of all the holes on the ever SPINNING racing track, don't ever let gravity stop your runs. You can download here : Some screenshots Thanks!
  2. Hi There, Chicken Escape is a simple runner. Would love to hear your feedback. For licensing please contact: info (at) thanks!
  3. Hi HTML5 dev fellows, We at Monkey Wrench Games would like to show off our newest HTML5 game. The game is called "Bobo Jump" developed with impactjs framework. Bobo Jump is our first try to develop a game with HTML5 technology and it was a lot of fun. The idea behinds it is that we would like to create a game with jumping mechanic that is easy to play but take time to get good at it. You can play to compete score against your Facebook friends too. Looking forward to hear your feedback. Play it at Video Trailer: Description The unfortunate egg fail into canyon. The egg hatched and there the little BoBo saw the world for first time. Without the sight of Mama, BoBo started to cry. Bobo realized that the egg must falling from the nest. Then BoBo saw a spring. With this Bobo used it to climb back to Mama. Control Press left or right arrow key for climbing up
  4. Hi everyone, Game - I would like to show latest release from our team - Submarine Dash. This game is like Jetpack Joyride but underwater. You need to collect coins to upgrade your crappy sub to world class submarine P.S. In case if some publishers looking for content here. We are looking for non-exclusive licenses. If you are interested - or contact us here
  5. Game for GlitchJam You have double jump!!! In game four modes: normal, normal (head over heels), change gravity and flappy bird. Modes change when gather 8 points. Play
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently challenging myself to make a game(at least a playable prototype) within 40 hours. I managed to come to this (rough and probably buggy) demo, but there's room left for improvement. All the files are enclosed in the .zip archive attached to this post. So please, take 2 or 3 minutes to check it out, and tell me what you think of it. All remarks are welcomed. Thanks
  7. Just released my first game at It's an endless runner. Croaking, jumping and splashing. It's a bit rough around the edges and needs some fine tuning, too. Feedback appreciated. Updates: 1.1.0 Added 2 game modes (Time Attack, 30 Jumps). 3 in total now.Added Leaderboards (separate board for each game mode)Added a separate Score-Screen.Added smooth screen transition effect.
  8. Description Play the game !Horizon Rush is a fresh and colorful running platform game. The game hasn't been licensed yet. Features16 levels and 3 achievements1 finger, intuitive gameplayResponsive UI and streamed sound About usThe game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms. More about the gameWe are looking for feedback to improve the game, so don't hesitate to give us critiques here and/or on social networks ! Find us @ResonantCraft, Facebook, and Google plus Our website
  9. Finally, after weeks (I think around 3 weeks) of game design, refine, and coding, I finally able to put something decent up for showcase! The game, so far no named yet. The logic of the game is simple, don't get hit into the boxes! Just jump over or jump on the boxes to get scores. The game is at What left now is: 1. Music/sound 2. Better loading screen 3. Mobile management Please provide some feedbacks! Thanks!
  10. Bluesir9

    Infinite Runner

    So i wish to build a game like canabalt or as they call it an infinite runner. I am working on the Phaser framework. How can i create random platforms to be generated ahead of me as the screen scrolls. I am a beginner at this so i couldnt figure it out quite much. Also how can i handle the screen scrolling?
  11. DescriptionPenguin Run is a Christmas themed endless runner where you collect good presents for points and dodge ice blocks and bad presents to progress. ScreenShots ControlsTouch the left side of the screen to slide and touch the right side to jump. Game Link: Phones Tested on:Ipod Touch 4th Gen Any testing done on phones is much appreciated. Thank You
  12. Hi , Iv just finished the first version of my game Pixel Panic! In the game you play a pixel character and you goal is to either complete the levels with the least amount of jumps or try and get the highest score in the endless mode. Bug fixes for the game are made available within 24 hours . Comments are welcome . A Link to the game is just below the logo. The game is available to play on Kongregate .